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While it is true that most of the costumes that are submitted by our readers may be placed in a category that we have previously created, there are several unique assortments that belong in our other costumes category.

Many of these miscellaneous costumes are highly unique – such as the “Alabama Redneck Costume”, the “Lacoste Costume”, the “Minecraft Creeper Costume”, and the “Lego Man Costume”. Here, you will find stories, pictures, and many different links that will direct you to information on some of the unique costumes that have been created, along with instructions on how to create those costumes and other relevant information – such as stories that our readers wanted to share about the costume that they created. By exploring these links and pictures, you will not only learn how to create the costume that is being discussed, but you will learn how they came up with the idea, where the costume was worn, and other types of entertaining information.


Costume Submitted By:
Matt - Diamondhead, MS
Bama Fan - Miscellaneous Costumes
Alabama Redneck Costume

alabama redneck costume

I live in SEC country, and a great tradition here is hating on the University of Alabama. I decided to go to a costume party a few years ago as a Bama fan, using traditional redneck stereotypes, plus the Bama-specific "Roll Tide" on a stick. (My costume included a wig and Bubba teeth but you can eliminate them as the costume works just fine without them).

To be a Bama fan, I used a camo cap, overalls, a ratty white T-shirt, flip-flops, and overalls. The roll of toilet paper and box of Tide symbolize the battle cry of "Roll Tide" and are used by some real-life Bammers at football games. These items are the ones you're most likely to have lying around the house, so you can build a Bama Fan costume from them without having to buy anything (except maybe the Tide, but you're going to need laundry detergent at some point anyway).

This is a great costume for LSU, Ole Miss, Auburn, or Tennessee fans.


Costumes Submitted By:
BJ - Nashville, TN
Miscellaneous Costumes - Go Big Blue!

pirate costume ideas

In a contest at work (in a bank call center), each of the team managers was given a specific prop and a sport and instructed to create a motivational team activity or game based on the sport and use the prop in a different way each of the 5 days during the week. The goal of this little adventure was to improve team morale and provide something a little different and a little fun to encourage better performance. So, none of the 8 of us were very thrilled with this little concept, but we made do. It actually turned out to be a lot of fun.

So, I was gifted with the sport of football which is, by the way, my least favorite sport in the universe and was given the metallic blue tinsel wig. This picturesque cheerleader was part of the Day 1 - Kickoff. I added a navy blue football jersey, borrowed my daughter's play pom-poms, and even though the picture doesn't show it, found my husband's old cleats, stuffed them with a couple of extra socks & stomped around in them all day long!

The team thought I was a hoot and my children thought I was an embarrasment when I picked them up from school. The wig made appearances as part of a futuristic game announcer with a plastic microphone doing interviews from the floor, and as a frantic tail pinned to my behind as our team mascot. It's amazing the things that can be done when you're forced to get creative!


Costume Submitted By:
Michael - Bethesda, MD
Miscellaneous Costumes
Cobra Commander Costume

cobra commander costume

Based off of the popular villian from the 80's television hit, G.I. Joe, a Cobra Commander costume proved to be a big hit among friends who grew up with the show. The essential elements were a set of blue pajamas, the mask, the gloves, and the belt.

To begin, I purchased a set of button-down blue pajamas from a thrift store. I then moved the buttons to the far side of the shirt, giving the costume a 'uniform' look. Using felt and markers, I traced the COBRA logo, and sewed it to the chest of the shirt. Additional chest and shoulder decorations would add to the effect.

For the mask, I cut an old blue pair of pants, gathering the excess fabric at the top, and sewing it into the mask. A bit of tailoring was required for the bottom, and eyeholes were cut to see. Finally, a smaller cobra logo was added to the forehead of the costume.

At last, accessories to be added to the costume included a cheap pair of long, black kitchen gloves, a large black belt, and a cheap plastic ray gun. For breathability's sake, I cut out the palms of the gloves.


Costume Submitted By:
Simantha - Coconut Creek, HL
Miscellaneous Costumes
Sexy Goth Kitty Cat

ninja turtle costume

I'm into goth/punk music and I shop at Hot Topic quite often. They had a Halloween section in their store and I saw a costume stickers set of a glittery cat nose and whiskers. The whole idea evolved from there. I bought the stickers then thought about how I wanted the whole outfit to look. I knew I wanted something gothic, but cute and sassy, not scary.

After debating on whether to go with a "real" cat-type outfit (like black leggings and a top or a black bodysuit), I decided it would be cuter to wear a babydoll dress. After all, I was going for cute and fun, not realistic! So I went to and I found the perfect dress, all black, with black lace and a sexy neckline. I explored the Halloween section of the website and found these adorable black and white striped leggings. I was thinking of putting on fake claws but then I saw these arm-warmers on the same site and decided that would be a good interpretation of furry cat paws.

Now I just needed ears and a tail. My mom and I went to Wal-Mart to buy candy for the trick-or-treaters. I checked out their costume section and found the perfect thing: a set of cat ears and tail! Good price too, at only $4.99. I also bought a set of glow-in-the-dark lipstick and nail polish (it doesn?t show in the picture). I put the whole outfit together and voila! A sexy goth kitty cat!


Costume Submitted By:
Winetou Anaidas - Cartaya, Spain
Miscellaneous Costumes - Lacoste Costume

lacoste costume

I always liked the "Lacoste" clothes... and especially their logo (the one with the alligator). That`s why I decided to create a costume that looks like their logo, but costs almost nothing. I used a few cardboard boxes, some scotch tape, some glue, and some regular paper for the teeth…. and this is what you get for under $5. Cardboard you can get from almost any store, and they are giving it for free. Of course I could have painted it, but I tried to keep the budget as low as possible. I really loved the idea of being able to look through the alligator’s mouth.


Costumes Submitted By:
Andrew - Rochester, MN
Miscellaneous Costumes - He's The Lego Man!
Lego Man Costume

lego man costume

I was interested in making a costume that no one else had done, at least that I had seen. So I decided to create a large cardboard LEGO brick for me to wear. It was difficult without the proper color of Duct Tape, but I utilized some old wrapping paper I had as well as some paper bowls and packing tape. In the end, it ended up costing me less than $10 to make, and everyone seemed to love it!

Caution though, a costume like this does not easily stand up to alot of physical roughness, so if you are planning on making one and wearing it to a dance party, it may get ruined. To avoid that, I created 6 small red LEGO "buttons" to wear underneath the cardboard, which I attached to a red shirt that I wore. This way, when I took off the box portion, I still had my LEGO costume on.


Costumes Submitted By:
Siddle - United States
Various Miscellaneous Costumes

miscellaneous costumes

I turned my son into a pirate. I created the costume by using one of his dad's white shirts and tied it in the middle. I added some gold chains around his neck, an eye patch, and a red hankerchief tied around his head. I then made him a little more menacing by adding a sword and some razor stubble.

My other son was a fireman. He wore a black sweatshirt and pants. We added silver duct tape and yellow reflective tape on the shirt. We also used reflective letters from the hardware store on the back to spell out his name. The sweatshirt was cut down the front to make it into a jacket and held together with Velcro covered with electrical tape.

The butterfly was a lime green t-shirt over a purple sweatshirt and pants. The headband was thickly twisted pipe cleaners and large sparkly pompoms. The wings were 2 layers of heavy tag board with 2 layers of tissue paper sandwiched between them.


Costumes Submitted By:
Dana - Westminster, CA
Miscellaneous Costumes
Twister Sister

twister costume

I went to the store in search of a costume and went past the board games. There it was! Twister. I got the board home, cut out the circles on the mat and glued them to white linen pajamas. I walked around with the spinner all night and I was the hit of the party. People were playing "ON" me all night!


Have you created a miscellaneous costume? Perhaps, you organized a large, group costume? Maybe you created a combination superhero costume such as a half Spiderman, half Incredible Hulk costume? Maybe you transformed your child into a fish aquarium or the solar system? You could have combined two types of animals to create a fantastic beast, or any number of other ideas. If you created it and feel that it would mesh perfectly in our other costumes category, please use our submission form to submit images, instructions, and any stories about the costume so that we may then display your knack for creativity with our many subscribers.

If you plan on creating any miscellaneous costumes that would meet the criteria for this page, be certain to take pictures that are clear and include a lot of detail. Most of our subscribers utilize the pictures in order to develop their own ideas. It only takes a couple of minutes to post a picture and a small explanation of your creation, but your ideas will continue to be used for many years to come!

Share Your Fun & Fabulous Miscellaneous Costumes

I can't wait to see a photo of your homemade miscellaneous costumes, along with reading the story behind your masterpiece. Thank you sharing!

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