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Out of all of the categories available throughout this website, this is the most intriguing. This is because of the fact that the other cakes listed in this miscellaneous cake section show a high level of innovation and uniqueness. They are unusual in that they are not typical when it comes to cake making and cake design.

If you like to think “outside the box”, have an appreciation for the unusual, or are in demand for a product that is low in supply for your next celebration, this is the place to uncover inspiration! You will be able to see images of unusual and exotic creations and will be able to read information on how to create those fantastic cakes that are most appealing to you.


Cake Submitted By:
Jennifer Erdmann - Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Miscellaneous Cakes
Birthday Present Cake

birthday present cake

This is a simple square cake using fondant as the cake 'frosting'. I cut dots out with a cutter used for cutting fondant. Remember to use a thin layer of frosting when using fondant because your cake will weigh a ton if you use too much frosting. I used regular cake frosting to 'glue' the dots and ribbons to the cake.


Cake Submitted By:
Tiffany, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Miscellaneous Cakes
Circles Galore Birthday Cake Ideas

circles galore birthday cake

This cake was made for a set of twins ( a boy and a girl ) for their birthday. That is why it is pink and teal. The bottom layer of the cake is chocolate and vanilla with a thin layer of strawberry filling in between. And the top layer is the same chocolate and vanilla cake with butter cream in between. The cake is covered with butter cream and in tinted fondant. It is also decorated with fondant circles and pink flowers.

You need to make 4 circle cakes - 2 chocolate and 2 vanilla. So you will need 4 circle cake pans. You will also need to make fondant that is made with marshmallows and powdered sugar (the recipe can easily be found online).

Once you have four cakes made, put one chocolate cake on a cake plate and slice the top off so it is flat and even. Spread some of your choice of filling on top of this layer. Next, place the second cake on top and this will be your first layer of cake and spread your butter cream frosting.

You should have your fondant at room temperature. Now you need to put some color in your fondant, so separate the fondant into two pieces and choose your colors. Roll your fondant out and lay on top of the cake and smooth out with your hands. The second layer is next so take one vanilla cake and put on a cake plate and frost only top with butter cream. Now take you chocolate cake and lay on top. Now you need to cut the cake to a smaller size circle, so go around the whole thing with a sharp knife and cut about 1 inch off the edges. Now frost the whole thing with butter cream and lay the different color fondant over this layer and smooth out. Put on top of the bottom layer and insert a dowel into the center.

Now roll out a little of both colors of fondant and cut out circles with different size cups ( shot glasses, cocktail cups, wine glasses.) When you have a good amount of circles in both colors add them to the cake by using a dab of butter cream on the back of the circle and then sticking it to the cake. Once you have the circles all on the cake, roll out 2 long strings of fondant in each color. Twist 2 together (one of each color) and put along the edge of the bottom of the cake. Do the same and add on the edge of the middle of the cake. Now make some pink flowers by rolling some fondant into a ball and pinching together until you get a flower shape. Add the to the top of the cake with a dab of butter cream and you're done.


Cake Submitted By:
Siddle - U.S.
Miscellaneous Cakes
Fun Make Believe Cake

miscellaneous cakes

At my church when the children have a birthday we give them all a little something. Several years ago I saw someone use a fake birthday cake at their church. In January, I decided to try to recreate it.

Because the children range from ages 3 to 12, I bought a variety of pens, pencils and crayons to use as candles on the cake. The children enjoy deciding which "candle" they want for their birthday present. By far the sword pens have been the biggest hit. I ordered the pens, crayons, and pencils through Oriental Trading to keep the cost down.

The cake consisted of 3 round layers of Styrofoam, which are glued together. I used 3 different sizes with the smallest one going on the top. I then glued a white scalloped-edge piece of border trim all the way around each layer. Then I added various colored adhesive dots on the trim. Lastly, I wrote "Happy Birthday" with a black marker on the "cake." This layered Styrofoam birthday cake could be used by school teachers, church groups, or anyone.


Cake Submitted By:
Ally Peterson - U.S.
Miscellaneous Cakes - Birthday

birthday cake

I made a large square cake and three smaller square cakes. I frosted the first layer with green frosting, the next two square layers with pink frosting, and the top square I trimmed as shown in the picture and frosted it too with pink frosting. I added a cloud of white frosting on top of the pink frosting. For the decorations I used white fondant circles and cut out a picket fence shape that I placed around the perimeter of the cake. I used a skinny tip to create the lines around the fence. I used various colored fondant to create the flowers and the topper, which is hung off of coat hanger wire.


Cake Submitted By:
Martha - Vermont
Motherboard Cake - Miscellaneous Cakes

motherboard cake

I made a rectangle cake and frosted it with green frosting. I piped on the lines using a cake decorating bag. I added vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate wafer cookies , chocolate mints, chocolate chips, Rollo candies, and bubble gum to create the components.


Miscellaneous Cakes Conclusion

If you have created any type of cake that will fit into the miscellaneous cakes and more section, we would love to hear from you! For example, you may have created a cake cakes that resembles or reflects certain types of products such as toys and clothing. Or perhaps you have created a cake that ties into an unusual hobby such as beekeeping.

Simply upload your pictures, the directions that another may use to create the same type of cake, and any stories that you have pertaining to your creation on this page, or in any category listed here that you deem appropriate. We will then share your information with others that visit the website. For many, this website serves as a resource and a trusted source of information on caking making and decorating. In sharing your knowledge and expertise, you will assist others in creating other cakes that cannot be found in any other area on birthday-party-ideas-101.com.

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