Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas
To Help You Create Special 1st Birthday Success!

If you have a special little girl who is about to celebrate her 1st birthday, you might want to consider a Minnie Mouse party. This theme is perfect as it conjures up images of sweetness, femininity, innocence, and lots of pink or red bows and polka dots.

To help you create a darling Disney adventure, here are some Minnie Mouse party ideas to consider, which are sure to spark a glimmer of a Minnie smile from each of your guests. Add some mouse-inspired games and activities, Minnie-ature munchies, and everyone is sure to have a Mouse-Velous time!


MINNIE MOUSE PURSE INVITES - Cut a purse shape out of polka-dot scrapbook paper and card stock. Glue the two together. Write the party details on the reverse side. Decorate the purse with mini pearl strands, ribbons, and a touch of feather boa.

MINNIE MOUSE HEAD INVITES - Download a Minnie head onto card stock. Write all the party particulars on the reverse side and glue a ribbon bow onto Minnie's head.

EMBELLISH READY-MADE INVITES - Assess the ready-made invite to see how you can make it special. For example, you could add a bow to Minnie's head and perhaps a little bit of glitter around the edges.

MINNIE EARS INVITES - Cut out the shape of the infamous ears from black card stock and add a pink and white or red and white polka dot bow between the ears. Also cut a big number "1" out of white card stock and glue it underneath the bow. On the reverse side, put all the party details; write them out in silver gel pen.


Invite parents to dress their little ones in full Minnie or Mickey attire. This will surely make for an adorable photo. Another option would be to have them all come dressed in black and red or pink and black. In the alternative, as guests arrive, give them each a pair of the infamous ears and a t-shirt that has a picture of Minnie on it. When it's time for pictures, you could also give everyone little white gloves.

You could also set-up a table and have some teens available to paint on a little Minnie face by adding some whiskers and a little mouse nose.


The main colors for a Minnie Mouse party could be pink and black or red and black.

  • Attach a large polka dot bow to the mailbox, along with a bouquet of balloons.

  • Have mom and dad or a couple of teens dress up like Minnie and Mickey to greet the guests. You can create an area to take everyone's photo with the famous Disney duo.

  • Cover your front door with wrapping paper and a large polka dot bow.

  • Hang lots of streamers around the party room. Accent window and door frames, the ceiling, and any shelves or mantels.

  • Bouquets of balloons with a Minnie Mylar interspersed is sure to add a festive touch to the room corners.

  • Hang some Minnie Mouse posters on the walls, along with some cut-outs to liven them up and draw little eyes of interest.

  • Hang Minnie and other Disney cut-outs on the walls and over the cake and/or gift tables for added eye appeal.

  • If your child has any Minnie Mouse toys, bring them out and use them as decorations. You can also add a few Mickey items, but not too many as you don't want to lose your theme.

  • Cover the table with a Minnie printed table cover or go with a solid cover and Minnie printed party ware.

  • Create a simple centerpiece by attaching a bouquet of balloons with curling ribbons streaming off of them to a Minnie stuffed toy.

  • Tie Minnie balloons to the chairs and a special Mylar to the birthday girl's chair.

  • Hang a Minnie banner over the cake or gift table or perhaps on one of the main party room walls.

  • Create ceiling danglers in the shape of hair bows and mouse ears. Hang from fishing line at various lengths.

  • Tie big fabric bows to the back of each chair.


Assuming most guests are around 1-year-old, the games will need to be super simple and interactive with mom and/or dad. Here are a few ideas that little ones are sure to enjoy.

MUSICAL CHAIRS - You can have everyone play musical chairs while Disney music plays in the background. Have someone walk around the chairs with each child to ensure they go in the right direction.

PIN THE BOW ON MINNIE - Hang a poster of Minnie on the wall that has a big bow on her head. Make little bows out of construction paper and have the kids try to pin the bow on Minnie's head. No blindfold, no spinning, and perhaps a little help hitting the target.

MINNIE MOUSE BOOK - Have some teens read a fun Minnie Mouse book to the children in a very animated fashion, so as to hold their attention.

MINNIE PULL STRING PINATA - A Minnie pinata can do double duty as a party decoration and serve as a fun activity when game time arrives.

RING AROUND THE ROSIE - Have all your guests, with the help of older kids or adults holds hands and walk around in a circle while singing "Ring around the rosie, pocketful of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down." Everyone then falls down to the floor. Repeat as many times as is appropriate for your crowd.

BEAN BAG TOSS - Set up some baskets of various sizes and have the little ones try to toss Minnie bean bags into the baskets. You can make the bean bags by gluing the edges of Minnie printed fabric filled with beans.


Here are a few party food ideas that would be perfect for your little mouse crowd:
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches cut into fourths
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Mini cheeseburgers
  • Turkey and cheese sandwiches cut into Minnie shapes using cookie cutters
  • Cut up fruit
  • Chocolate milk
  • Pink lemonade


If you're thinking of making a Minnie Mouse birthday party cake, here are a few simple ideas to consider:

MINNIE SHEET CAKE - Make or buy a sheet cake and decorate it with plastic Minnie toys. Add a birthday message.

MINNIE CAKE TOPPER - Make or buy a cake and add a fun Minnie cake topper. You can also decorate the top and/or sides of the cake with fondant polka dots or polka dot sprinkles.

MINNIE HEAD CAKE - Make 1 large round cake and two small round cakes. Lay them out to look like Minnie's head. Decorate the cake using a photo of Minnie as a guide. Add a big fondant polka dot bow.

MINNIE CUPCAKES - Make or buy cupcakes and pipe on a white frosting top. Add black fondant ears and a red fondant bow with white polka dots.


Fill a Minnie printed cellophane bag or put some Minnie stickers on red party bags with any of the following:
  • Stuffed Minnie Mouse
  • Minnie ears
  • T-shirt with Minnie on the front
  • Hair bows or Minnie headband
  • Bottle of bubbles decorated with Minnie stickers
  • Create a fun CD of Disney music, preferably related to Minnie and/or Mickey.
  • Minnie bath toy
  • Minnie tattoos
  • Framed picture that was taken at the beginning of the party with Minnie and/or Mickey Mouse.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas, Costumes & Cakes For 1st Birthday

Do you have some favorite Minnie Mouse Birthday Party ideas for a 1st birthday? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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