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A Miniature Golf Birthday Party is sure to please any sports lover in your life. Whether you opt to transform your backyard into a miniature golf course or host the party at a course, be sure to plan some other golf-related games and activities to "fore" fun and to keep things interesting.

If it is par-tee time, then you will want to be sure to get your party into full swing by planning your golf party games accordingly. When it comes to playing games you will want to be sure to get your guests in the zone. After all, you don't want them to be a bunch of duffers or hackers; get them in the game so they can have fun. Here are some fun party games with a miniature golf flavor for you to check out.


MINIATURE GOLF - Either meet at the miniature golf course or depart from the house to the designated course. Then play a round and afterwards, conclude your party at your home or rent a party room at the golf course.

OPPOSITE HAND GOLF - Have everyone golf opposite from their natural stance. Right-handed golfers will assume a left-handed golf stance and vice versa. This will make it more difficult for everyone which may perhaps level the playing field for any regular golfers.

NAME THAT GOLFER - Prior to the party download pictures of famous golfers and keep their identities concealed. When it's time to play the game, show everyone a picture and see who can name that golfer first. You can also play this game where people write down their answers and whoever has the most correct responses will be the winner

GOLF TEE GUESS - Fill a jar with golf tees and have your guests all register a guess as they arrive. The guest who is the closest to the actual number of tees, is the winner and will receive a prize.

GOLF BOWLING - You will need golf clubs, a tennis ball, and bowling pins made from empty plastic soda bottles filled with sand. Set your "pins" up like you would for bowling and then have your guests putt the ball and try to knock down as many "pins" as possible.

PUTTING PRACTICE - Set up a small putting green and have a hole-in-one contest.

MAKE IT OR BE PENALIZED - Set up a small putting green and have your guests try to get their ball in to the hole in 1, 2, or 3 shots. If they fail to do so, they must draw a penalty card and do whatever it instructs. Create a stack of "penalties on index cards, by writing one "penalty" on each card. The penalties could be things like sing a song, do a jig, do a cartwheel, recite a poem, make a funny face, etc.

PRINTABLE GAMES - Here's a great site for some fun Print & Play Birthday Party Games that would be a perfect party game add-on: Printable Birthday Games

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