Miniature Golf Birthday Party Ideas + Kids = A Perfect Match!

Fun And Fabulous Miniature Golf Birthday Party Ideas
The Perfect Birthday Choice For Your Young Golf Enthusiasts!

Get ready to tee off for a great party! Gather together your golf-lovin' kids and head to your local miniature golf course. Then swing into action and have a great day!

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To help get you started planning a great miniature golf party, I have put together lots of ideas for invites, decor, party food, cakes and favors to help you create a hole in one party!

miniature golf party
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GOLF SCORECARD INVITATIONS – Head to a local golf course and get some golf scorecards, or you can look for them online. Add some golf stickers or other embellishments around the edges of the invitations to make them a bit prettier. At the top of the scorecard, write “You are Invited to a Fun, Par-Tee!” When you are adding all the party information to the invitations, make sure that you use plenty of fun golf terminology, including words and phrases like “Water Hazards,” “Course,” “Tee Time,” “Event Sponsor,” and “Course Length.” These invitations are sure to be a hit with all of your guests.

GOLF BALL INVITES - Cut out large circles from golf ball scrapbook paper and white cardstock. Glue the scrapbook paper to the cardstock. On the front write, "You're Invited To My Miniature Golf Birthday Par-tee!" On the reverse side put all the party details.

MINIATURE GOLF COURSE INVITES - Make invitations out of green cardstock to look like a putting green. Affix golf stickers to the green to place the hole, flag, and ball in the middle. At the top put, "Time To Par-Tee." Put all the party details on the back.

MINIATURE GOLF BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITES - Cut 8 1/2" x 11" light blue card stock (sky) into 4 pieces. Glue a piece of Astro turf to the front. Create a sand trap by gluing some sand to the invite. Glue a small white pom-pom (golf ball) and a flag, which you can create using a toothpick and construction paper to the Astro turf. Put "Don't Miss The Tee-Off!" in the sky area. On the back, either type or hand write in calligraphy the party details and decorate the edges with golf stickers.


As the kids arrive, give them each a golf visor, sunglasses, and a small canteen of water to hang around their necks or wear around their waists. You can also invite the kids to dress in their craziest, wackiest golf attire and hold a "costume" contest.


Set the tone for your miniature golf birthday party by using some of the following ideas for decorations:
  • Post a fun personalized golf yard sign to let everyone know the location of the party.

  • Make or buy a golf banner for the front door or cover the door with butcher paper and have it say something like, "Welcome To (Name's) Miniature Golf Birthday PAR-TEE!" If you'd rather purchase a banner, there are lots of fun options from which to pick.

  • Create golf flags using wood dowels and various colored fabrics or felt cut into the shape of flags. Line your walkway with the golf flags or place them throughout your yard.

  • Hang golf posters on the walls that depict various golf courses and players.

  • Set-up golf bags around the party area to help create the golf atmosphere.

  • Add a golf themed centerpiece to your tables for a splash of color and golf pizaazz.

  • Attach green, yellow, and white balloons to each chair and Mylar golf themed balloons on the birthday child's chair.

  • Add a colorful tablecover to instantly add your golf theme to your party table.

  • Twist green, yellow, and white streamers throughout the party room.

  • Add clusters of green, yellow, and white balloons with curling ribbons hanging down throughout the party room.

  • Make signs to hang on the walls or from the ceiling that use golf terms. Examples: Birdie, Eagle, Hole-In-One, Bogey, Water Hazard, Mulligan, etc.

  • Make some golf balls out of golf ball printed scrapbook paper and white cardstock. Cut circles from both that are the same size and glue the decorative scrapbook paper to the cardstock. Then hang the golf balls from the ceiling using fishing line.

  • Put a sign over the favor table that says "Registration Desk."

Here's some miniature golf birthday party ideas for your table area:
  • Hang a sign over your buffet table or dining room table that says "Club House."

  • Cover your tables with green tablecloths or Astroturf.

  • Sprinkle golf tees on the tabletops.

  • Make golf straws. Make small flags from construction paper and tape them near the top of the straw, leaving sufficient room for everyone to drink.

  • Place a bucket of chocolate golf balls with a few flags coming out of the bucket in the center of the tables. Tie some green, yellow, and white balloons to the bucket. When the party is over, distribute the balls to your guests.

  • Use indoor/outdoor grass carpet to create placemat "putting greens." Shape each one differently to add variety.


PRINTABLE GAMES - Here's a great site for some fun Print & Play Birthday Party Games that would be a perfect party game add-on: Printable Birthday Games

Here's an entire page with nothing but Miniature Golf Party Games and Activities, such as:
  • Miniature Golf
  • Golf Tee Guess
  • Golf Bowling
  • Putting Practice
  • Make It or Be Penalized


Food options for a golf party are endless. A buffet style table, which would allow everyone to pick and choose what they would like to have is a perfect choice or you can opt to just provide simple munchies.

PAR-FAIT CUPS – Everyone wants to make at least par when they are shooting a round of golf. Create your own food that goes along with the word, “PAR,” making “Par-Fait Cups for guests to nibble on during the party. In small plastic, clear cups, start with yogurt on the bottom, then layer in some fruit, add more yogurt, then more fruit and then top with a dollop of whipped cream. Use bright fruits like blueberries or strawberries to really make the parfaits look pretty on your serving tables.

HOLE IN ONE DONUT POPS – This fun food is so easy to create and it goes wonderfully with your golf theme. You’ll need a couple bags or boxes of donut holes along with some lollipop or cake pop sticks. Take each donut hole and stick a stick into the hole until it is secure. You can even dip the donut holes in chocolate, sprinkles or other toppings. Make sure you display the pops with a sign that calls them “Hole in One Donut Pops.”

Miniature Golf Birthday Party Food Ideas

BUCKET OF GOLF BALLS – Create your own bucket of balls using watermelon, cantaloupe and honey dew melon. Use a melon baller to create balls from the melons and place them in a metal or plastic bucket. Be sure to put out a sign with them saying “Bucket of Golf Balls.” You can even place toothpicks beside the bucket so guests can get a few pieces out with toothpicks, turning the fruit into a finger food.

HAMBURGERS & HOTDOGS - A BBQ is always a perfect add-on after a day at the golf course.

PIZZA – Allow guests to make their own pizza, or make it easy by ordering some pizzas. For a pizza bar, have bowls of BBQ chicken, mushrooms, pepperoni, pineapple, shredded cheeses, sliced olives, sausage, ham, onions, pizza sauce and other pizza ingredients. Allow guests to create their own pizza on a small individual pizza crust.

TACO BAR – Set out soft and crunch taco shells. Offer ingredients to add to the tacos, such as cooked hamburger, shredded chicken, lettuce, chopped tomato, sour cream, salsa, shredded cheese and other delicious taco additions.

NACHO BAR – Allow guests to make their own nachos. Have plenty of tortilla chips, along with nacho ingredients like salsa, ground beef (cooked), sour cream, tomatoes, lettuce, refried beans, jalapeno peppers, olives and anything else you like on nachos.

GOLF GREEN COOKIES - Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe. shape the cookies into golf greens. After they have cooled, cover them with golf green icing. Pipe on a small dot of white icing for the ball. Pipe on a brown pole with a red flag attached to it.

DRINKS - Bottled water, soda, juice, etc.

golf cake images
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MINIATURE GOLF COURSE CUPCAKES #1 - Make or buy cupcakes and frost them green. Hot glue a whiffle ball to a golf tee and insert the tee into the center of the cupcake. Add a toothpick with a flag made from construction paper.

MINIATURE GOLF COURSE CUPCAKES #2 - Make or buy cupcakes. If they aren't flat, remove the tops and then frost them green. Using a fine decorating tip, create "grass" around the perimeter of the cupcakes. Place a white ball of fondant in the center of the cupcake to represent a golf ball. Roll a golf ball across your fondant ball to give it a dimpled look. Add a toothpick with a flag made from construction paper.

GOLF COURSE CAKE #1 - Make or buy a round cake. Create the golf green on one area of the cake using green-colored sugar, a piece of green fondant, green frosting or gel. Make a flag using colored paper and a toothpick. Glue a pendant-shaped flag to the toothpick. Use a tiny drop of white frosting to create the ball. Write various golf phrases like "Hole In One", "Birdie", "fore", "Eagle", etc. on the side of the cake.

GOLF COURSE CAKE #2 - - Make or buy a sheet cake. Airbrush it green or frost it with green frosting. Crush graham cracker crumbs to use for creating a sand trap. A water hazard may be created by using blue gel icing. Make the hole by placing a sucker stick, that has a flag-shaped piece of construction paper on the top, in an area of the cake. Then place plastic golf figurines on the cake. Use a tiny drop of white frosting to create the ball.


For your miniature golf birthday party favors fill a golf themed cellophane bag with any combination of the following items: golf visors, sunglasses, golf balls and tees, golf towel, divot tool, golf stickers, chocolate golf balls or any other golf themed candy.

Miniature Golf Birthday Party Ideas

Do you have some favorite miniature golf birthday party ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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