Miller Beer Can Cake

by Mae-Lan Mejia
(Santa Clarita, CA)

It's Miller Time -- Cake Style

It's Miller Time -- Cake Style

The can is a fondant covered cake that is hand painted.

Not planning on serving alcohol--no problem. This can be a substitute of a redneck's dream come true.

This redneck cake is hilarious. You can recreate a cake of your own using this idea, but you do not have to use the same colors. If you have some cans of Miller around or you can find some pictures, you will find that Miller cans come in a variety of different styles, depending on the specific type of beer. This can give you some great redneck party ideas for your own cake. Try using some of the different color schemes found on cans for your own cake.

Once you decide on a color scheme for your redneck cake, then you can use those same colors to decorate for the party. You will notice that yellow, red and green are used for this cake, so you could use these three colors to play up the fun Miller beer can cake.

Another of the fun redneck party ideas you can try that is inspired by this redneck cake is making your own beer can party invitations. If you have some old beer cans or you can get some from a friend, cover them with construction paper. Before covering them, create labels for the cans on the construction paper that include all the party information, such as the date, time and location. Cut out the labels and apply to the cans. Then you can hand deliver them to guests. Of course, you can use soda cans as well if you do not have any beer cans around.

If you do not want to use actual beer or soda cans, you can also cut out invitations from cardstock in the shape of a beer can. Instead of the name of a beer, decorate the cardstock to look like a can but use the party information on the front of the “beer can” invitation.

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