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You can approach parties for milestone birthdays in a humorous fashion with a focus on, "That poor ole' thang hitting the Big 3-0", or whatever the milestone age might be, or you may opt for the kind and respectable acknowledgement of milestone birthdays with a wonderfully, tasteful approach to the party. You know the recipient, it's up to you to pick their poison!


Milestone birthdays should be extra special since they signify special passage of age. After 21, every milestone birthday ends with a "0". Planning a milestone party may require a little extra effort, a little extra planning, and some extra-special and unique party supplies. Here are a few things to consider when creating your milestone event!


  • Home: You have a couple of options depending upon the time of the year and where you live. The good news is that you can decorate the inside or outside of your home little by little, all at once, or whatever floats your boat. The bad news is if the party is to be a surprise for someone who lives in your house, decorating at your leisure ain't gonna happen!

  • Vacation Rental: Everyone will feel like they are getting away, venturing off for a fun celebration, and this might be the perfect option for creating a surprise party.

  • Park: If the weather permits and you have access to a great park equipped with BBQ's, picnic tables, gazebo, etc. this might be the perfect location for a 90th birthday celebration.

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  • Public Halls: Something like a Vet's Hall or a Community Room through the city could be rented if your budget allows. This is always a great option, as you can easily decorate the hall without the birthday recipient accidently walking in on you. Also, no need to worry about any of your nice things getting damaged during the party.

  • Restaurant Party Room: This is a wonderful option for a birthday, as you will have instant food--no preparation involved, which is a great timesaver. As long as you have access to the room ahead of time in order to decorate it up, the location of the room provides sufficient privacy away from the other restaurant patrons, and your budget says, "Yes!" then I would give this option serious thought.

  • Progressive Party: Enlist the help of others and have your friends assist in creating your milestone party extraordinaire! For example, go to one friend's home and have party appetizers, go to the birthday person's favorite restaurant and have dinner, go to another's friend's home and have dessert, etc.


    You can focus on creating a party to emphasis the milestone age of 30, 40, 50, etc. or you can emphasis the birthday person's likes and/or interests and opt to throw a birthday theme party. Here's several Adult Birthday Party Ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

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