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Fun And Fabulous Mickey Mouse Games
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Invite guests to enter the Clubhouse by throwing a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party that is centered around America's favorite little mouse. Then be sure to plan some games that will provide all your little mouse guests with a fun-tastic good time!

To help you create the best birthday bash Mickey style, I decided to make up a page of fun games for you to consider. They are sure to provide your little guests with a Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouseketeer of a good time! These games will delight your guests and help to make your Mickey Mouse Party memorable and full of magical celebration!


MICKEY MOUSE TOILET PAPER BOWLING GAME – For this game, you’ll need a couple of small Mickey Mouse rubber balls (easy to find at stores like Walmart for $1) and 11 rolls of cheap toilet paper. Before the party, tape a black letter to each roll of toilet paper, spelling out the words, “MICKEY MOUSE.” To play the game, stick the rolls of toilet paper up into a pyramid with five rolls on the bottom, then three rolls, then two rolls and then one roll on top. Have a bowling line about 10 feet from the toilet paper rolls. Give each child a chance to walk up to the line and roll two balls as the toilet paper rolls to see how many they can knock down. Score it just like bowling. Kids will have tons of fun and it’s simple to prepare for and easy to play.

MICKEY MOUSE SCAVENGER HUNT – This is one of the Mickey Mouse games that will take just a little preparation before the party. You’ll want to print off some pictures of Mickey Mouse, which are easy to find on the internet. Then, hide them all around the party area before your guests show up. Tell guests that you have hidden Mickey Mouse pictures all over the area and they have to head on a scavenger hunt to find Mickey Mouse pictures. Have them collect the pictures when they find them. Give them about 10 minutes to hunt. See which child is able to find the most Mickey Mouse pictures and give them a prize.

Mickey Mouse Games

MICKEY MOUSE WHISPERING GAME – This game will bring lots of giggles to your Mickey Mouse party and it’s easy to play as well. Start by having all your guests sit down in a circle. Before the game, come up with some fun sentences about Mickey Mouse and write them on slips of paper. They can say things like “Mickey mouse loves to do the hotdog dance” or “Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are best of friends.” The child that picks a slip of paper has to whisper the phrase on the paper to the next person in the circle. Then, everyone whispers it to the next person. Have the last child say the sentence and then have the first child read the original sentence. It will be funny to see how the sentence changed. Continue playing the game until all the kids have a chance to go first.

MICKEY MOUSE EARS TOSSING GAME – Another fun game idea for your Mickey Mouse birthday party is the Mickey Mouse Ears tossing game. For this game, blow up a big picture of Mickey Mouse and attach it to a piece of cardboard. Then, cut out Mickey Mouse’s ears. You will also need some black bean bags for the game. Set a tossing line about 5-10 feet away from Mickey and give each guest a chance to throw five bean bags at Mickey’s ears. See who can get the most bean bags through the ears. If you have a tie, do a tie breaker round and give the winner a prize.

Mickey Mouse Games

MICKEY MOUSE TAG – Make sure you have a pair of Mickey Mouse ears for each guest if you’re going to add this game to your list of Mickey Mouse games. Start the game by having one child be “IT” and that child has to wear a pair of Mickey Mouse ears. Have the rest of the children try to avoid the person who is “IT,” but if he/she tags another player, that person has to don Mickey Mouse ears and is also “IT” along with the other person. Continue playing the game until finally everyone ends up wearing the Mickey Mouse ears, which you can send home with guests as favors.

FOLLOW MICKEY - This is played like Follow the Leader. Birthday child starts the play and should wear special Mickey Mouse Ears. All the other kids line up behind the leader. The leader moves around and all the children have to mimic the leader's actions. Anyone who doesn't do what the leader does is out. The last person standing other than the leader is now the new leader. Play until everyone has a chance to be leader.

Mickey Mouse Games

MICKEY'S GOOEY FISHING - This game is adapted from Donald's Gooey fishing game on the Playhouse Disney website.

Make 2 starfish and numerous blue, green, red, orange, yellow, and pink fish from construction paper. Hot glue 1 large paperclip to back of each fish. Place fish into bucket.

Make a fishing pole by attaching a piece of string to a wood dowel and a magnet at the end of the string.

Make a "scorecard" using a piece of poster board so everyone can easily see how they are doing. On the left side list the names of all the participants. Across the top, list all the colors except for pink (blue, green, red, orange, and yellow). Then draw lines down each column and across each line to create a grid.

Make numerous blue, green, red, orange, and yellow fish from construction paper that will fit into the grid boxes.

The game's object is to "catch" 1 fish in each color except for the starfish and pink fish. For example, Sue catches a blue fish, you would put tape a small blue fish in that box across from her name and throw her fish back into the bucket.

Each child takes a turn to fish with the dowel fishing pole into the bucket from an age-appropriate distance. Whatever color of fish they pull out, a smaller fish of that same color should be taped into the box with their name under that particular color. If they fish out a starfish, they are granted another turn. If they fish out a pink fish, then they have to remove 1 of their smaller fish from the poster board. whoever catches all the colors first wins.

MUSICAL CHAIRS - Set chairs in 2 rows, back to back using 1 less chair than there are children. Turn Disney music on, have everyone walk around chairs. When music stops, have kids sit down. The child left standing is out of the game. Repeat until only 1 child remains and he/she is the winner.

PIN THE NOSE ON MICKEY/MINNIE MOUSE - Hang a Mickey or Minnie Mouse head poster on the wall. Make enough black noses out of construction paper as there are players. Blindfold each child, spin them around, and see if they can successfully pin the nose on the face. Use double stick tape. The child who gets the nose closest to the poster's nose wins.

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