Mickey Mouse Club House Cake

by Mae-Lan Mejia
(Santa Clarita, CA)

Coolest Mickey Mouse Cake Ever!

Coolest Mickey Mouse Cake Ever!

The cake is butter cream iced. Mickey's Club House is made from rice crispy treats and then fondant covered. All the Mickey characters are store bought.

Mickey Mouse cakes are not so easy to make, so I was stunned to see this fabulous cake that obviously took a lot of work. You could try recreating this cake or if you want to make something a bit simpler for your child’s Mickey Mouse birthday party, you could invest in a Mickey cake pan that will allow you to quickly and easily create a nice Mickey cake.

If you don’t want to use a cake pan, I have another idea that may help you to create your own Mickey Mouse cake for your child’s first birthday. One easy idea is to make two round cakes. The first cake should be left whole. Take a large glass or other round object and cut out two round shapes from the second round cake. Add the small rounds you cut out to the top of the large round cake, turning the small cutouts into Mickey’s ears. Decorate the round cake as Mickey’s face.

Of course, making a Mickey Mouse cake may seem a bit daunting to some people, which is why cupcakes might be a perfect idea for your little one’s Mickey Mouse birthday party. Bake enough cupcakes so all your guests may have at least one. The face of the cupcake will be Mickey’s face and then you can add Oreo cookies to the cupcake as the ears. Make sure you use a pretty stiff buttercream for the icing so you can get the cookies anchored into the icing to ensure they don’t fall off. This is a simple way to create some delicious Mickey cupcakes without putting in a lot of work and it’s perfect for those of us who may not be as artistic with icing and fondant.

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