Mickey Mouse Cake

by Sandy

Lifelike Mickey Ears -- Makes Me Want To Put 'Em On!

Lifelike Mickey Ears -- Makes Me Want To Put 'Em On!

This cake was actually fun and simple to make. I used an 8” round cake for the bottom tier and a Wilton half round ball cake for the top tier.

First I dressed the cake board using white fondant and I marked it by using a Mouse cookie cutter.

Then I used red fondant for the 8” tier. I used black fondant for the 2nd tier. I stacked both tiers using dowels for support.

With a clay gun I gave the mouse cap a brim. Days before the cake I used a round cookie cutter to cut out the two ears (make an extra pair just in case) and I used two Popsicle type sticks to hold them up.

Note: I glued the sticks on with melted chocolate. Eyeball where the ears should go and insert them into place. Next, cut a white circle and the numbers using cookie cutters and glue that into place (using fondant glue or just plain dap of water).

Again using a clay gun I gave the circle a yellow trim. Using the same yellow fondant I made the streamers by wrapping 3” strips around wooden skewers and letting them dry out a day or two in advance.

I used the stars from the Wilton 101 cookie cutter set for the base of the letters in the name. Using butter cream I set the stars in place on the board and my cake was done!

Simple, right? If you like my Mickey cake, then click here http://www.flickr.com/photos/creativeandtasty/ to find some of my other cake creations. Enjoy!

Sandy did a great job on this cake. I’m sure all your little Muskateer guests will want to be a part of Mickey’s gang if it means they’ll get a piece of this wonderful Mickey cake.

The cake is so darling and it inspires me to picture a party room. Using traditional Mickey colors, create balloon bouquets of various sizes to place in the corners of the room, tie to chairs and accent furniture. Be sure to hang lots of streamers throughout the party room to give it instant festivity. Cut out several pairs of Mickey ears and hang them on the walls. You can also hang them from fishing line from the ceiling.

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