Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas
To Help You Make Your Little One's 1st Birthday Extra Special!

A Mickey Mouse theme party for a first birthday is just one of the greatest ideas there is. I mean come on, who doesn’t like that lovable little mouse with his cute high-pitched voice.

Created by Disney, Mickey is one of the most recognized symbols there is in pop culture. Therefore, a Mickey Mouse party has to capture the essence and the "fun-ness" of this symbol.

The key to this type of party is to set the tone with Mickey decor and Mickey decor only. You won't want to mix in Donald or Daffy Duck or worse yet, Winnie the Pooh. Then all you have to do is have fun with all your little ones. It will probably bring back a nostalgic memory or two from your own childhood.


First Birthdays are always special and it is very natural for you to want to have some Mickey Mouse invitations that are creative, memorable and significant for your little one's 1st birthday.

So, put on your thinking cap and get creative you may end up making beautiful invitations that are even better than the ready-made ones being sold. However, just remember you will want to start making your Mickey Mouse invitations well in advance in order to finish them on time and plan the rest of the birthday party.

MICKEY MOUSE INVITATIONS #1 - If you happen to have the time and the talent you could draw a Mickey Mouse face on some poster board and paint it. Then you could print out your written invite and paste it on the reverse side. This would certainly be a unique and most novel invite.

MICKEY MOUSE INVITATIONS #2 - With the help of your computer you could print out Mickey Mouse Invitations and then embellish them by adding some various colored glitters to make them look really attractive and nice. For example, add black glitter around the edge of the ears, add red glitter around the edge of the pants, yellow glitter around the shoes, etc.

Make up some nice rhyming words like “Come friends and have fun while (name) turns one" and put them on the invite. If you are unable to manage rhyming words just look up some rhymes on the net. Make sure you mention the date time and the venue on the invitation.

MICKEY MOUSE INVITATIONS #3 - Alternatively, you could make your very own Mickey Mouse invitations by using Mickey Mouse stickers, colored pens and some glitter. Use one Mickey Mouse sticker at one of the bottom corners and decorate the border of your invite with pictures, or stickers of balloons, Mickey Mouse gloves, the figure “one” or the #1, a birthday cake, stars, hearts etc.

MICKEY MOUSE INVITATIONS #4 - If you have limited time, you could just pick up some Mickey Mouse invitations from the store and enhance the invites and envelopes with stickers, glitter, sequins, etc.


You can opt to dress the birthday child in a full-on Mickey Mouse costume, along with inviting all the little guests to come donning their own Mickey Mouse costumes, or you can go for a revised version as noted below.

As your little guests arrive, you could have a couple of teenagers available to transform them all into a little Mickey Mouse.

Using makeup or face paint, have your teen artists start by painting on a little black circle on the tip of the child's nose. To create Mickey's "widow peak", they could also have add an upside down black triangle in the middle of the forehead area at the hair line.

Although Mickey doesn't have whiskers, you could embellish the mouse look a bit and add a few. We both know they will certainly make them all look adorable.

Last but certainly not least, the simple Mickey Mouse costume option would be to give all the little ones Mickey Mouse ears to wear. Granted they won't keep them on for long, but you can probably get them to wear them long enough periodically for pictures.


It is very exciting to decorate a place based on the Mickey Mouse theme. Your Mickey Mouse decorations could be a colorful combination of red, blue and yellow. The following ideas will help you to transform your party room into a land of instant Mickey Mouse Decor:

Mickey Mouse Birthday Ideas For Mickey Mouse Decorations

  • You could hang a banner painted with Mickey Mouse and appropriate words welcoming all your guests.

  • Hang clusters of balloons and streamers in red, blue and yellow as these are Mickey’s clubhouse colors throughout the party room.

  • Set your table using a Mickey Mouse print tablecloth, along with Mickey Mouse plates, cups and napkins to match. If you didn't opt for Mickey ears, you could add the traditional Mickey cone-style birthday hats.

  • You could use your artistic skills and make a centerpiece for your table by attaching some balloons to the hand of a stuffed Mickey Mouse Toy.

  • Alternatively, you could use Mickey Clubhouse molded candles as a centerpiece.

  • If you happen to have a few stuffed Mickey Mouse toys you could use a display table and set the toys in a very artistic manner around a dummy cake that has the words Mickey Mouse Birthday printed on it.

  • Hang Mickey Mouse danglers from the ceiling.

  • It would also be a good idea to hang Mickey Mouse cut-outs and posters on your walls.

  • If the party is in your garden, hang Mickey Mouse cutouts on your shrubs by tying a wire across the shrubs and hanging the cutouts from the wire.

  • Use your computer to have the words “Mickey Mouse Birthday”, printed out on a paper banner and suspend it where it will be visible.

  • If you are a Mickey Mouse fan and have a lot of theme toys this is the time to use them, as they will make perfect Mickey Mouse decorations. With the help of red, yellow or blue ribbons, all you need to do is tie them neatly to shrubs, place them on shelves around your room, to hang them from the ceiling, etc.

  • You could tie a Mickey balloon or a small cluster of ordinary balloons to the back of each chair.

  • You could also add a jumbo Mickey Mouse airwalker, which could be strategically placed as afocal point. It could also serve as a great piece to use for photos of each child standing next to Mickey.

  • Give the place a festive look by using multi-colored lights around your room or in your garden.

  • Bring the party to life by hanging a pull-string pinata as a decoration and then when the party is in progress use it as an exciting activity.


BABY RELAY - For all your little ones, a baby relay is a great choice. This is a game that will require the help of older kids or mom and dad. Divide your little guests into teams. Place a pile of toys, preferably Mickey Mouse theme toys, in the middle of the floor. The first player from each team needs to pick up a toy and walk, crawl, or run to the basket on the opposite side of the room. Upon arrival, drop the toy into the basket and return to their teammates. Once all the teammates on one team have completed the relay the game is over and that team wins. The game continues until everyone on one team has performed the relay.

MICKEY BEAN BAG THROW - Cut a large Mickey head out of cardboard. Hollow out the mouth and ears. Paint it black. Make bean bags by sewing Mickey printed fabrics filled with beans. To play this Mickey Mouse game, have someone hold the Mickey head in place and let the little ones try to toss and/or throw bean bags through the openings.

MICKEY MOUSE GAMES - MUSICAL BAND - Under close supervision, give little ones a wooden spoon and small pan to bang, a mini tambourine, bell, mini cymbals, etc. and let the little ones make music.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Ideas For Mickey Mouse Games

MICKEY MOUSE GAMES - FINGER PLAY - Have each baby sit in a circle with an older child or adult. Then play finger games like Open, Shut Them; This Little Piggy, Trot A Little Horsey, Itsy-Bitsy Spider, etc.

MICKEY MOUSE VIDEO - At the end of the party, try to have all the little ones settle down and watch a short Mickey Mouse video.

MICKEY MOUSE STORY - Read a story to the little ones that is fully animated to hold their interest. Be sure to make up lots of fun voices, faces, and movements to entertain your little troops.

MICKEY MOUSE GAMES - EXPLORATION - Set up an exploration area for little ones to crawl through. For example, sheets over chairs, large cardboard boxes to crawl through, portable play tunnel, etc.


There are many party foods that you can create that are fun for both kids and adults. Remember to have fun with food, and fill the table with things your mother never let you have, such as gummy bears and chocolate. Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

MICKEY MOUSE SANDWICHES - Make turkey and Swiss cheese, cream cheese and jelly, or grilled cheese sandwiches and cut them into Mickey shapes using cookie cutters.

PASTA DISHES - Macaroni and cheese is always a favorite for little ones. Other options might be selecting mini seashell shaped noodles and seasoning them with butter and Parmesan cheese. You could also make your own rendition of Spaghetti-O's, but this will be a little messier. Instead, you might consider a white sauce like Alfredo.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Ideas For Party Food

MICKEY KABOBS WITHOUT THE KABOB - Lay out on each child's plate the bite-size pieces of food as if they were on a skewer. You can use things like chunks of cheese or meat, strawberries, raspberries, cut-up banana slices, etc.

MICKEY MUNCHIES - Teddy Graham, Animal or Goldfish crackers, Cheerios, graham crackers, etc. are all favorites of little ones.


MICKEY MOUSE SHAPED CAKE - Bake one 9" round cake for the face and two 6" round cakes for the ears. Cut the ends off slightly at an angle so the circles will hug the head. Lay the cakes out into the mouse head shape and frost. The skin should be white or cream in color and the ears black or chocolate. Pipe on a face.

MICKEY MOUSE SHEET CAKE - Make or buy a sheet cake. Either frost it white or cover it with white fondant. Download a picture of Mickey from the Internet to use as your pattern and cut Mickey's parts out of various colored fondant and piece together to cover the entire cake. For example, black ears, legs, tail, and arms. Yellow shoes, red shorts, and white hands. Pipe on Happy Birthday (Name) on the side. Add a fondant #1 on top.

MICKEY MOUSE CUPCAKES - Make or buy your cupcakes and frost them white. Sprinkle with dots. Add a black fondant Mickey head on top of each cupcake.


Party favors aren't really necessary for one year olds, however, we are generally compelled in this direction. Therefore, you might consider giving the little ones a bath toy and if it is a Mickey toy all the better. Other ideas might be a small stuffed toy or a rattle.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Ideas, Costumes & Cakes For 1st Birthday

Do you have some favorite Mickey Mouse Birthdy ideas for a 1st birthday? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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