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Mexican Tissue Paper Flowers

Fun And Fabulous Mexican Tissue Paper Flowers
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Tissue paper flowers have many uses. They are a great inexpensive party decoration, and can be either a great alternative to streamers or a great addition to streamers. They are very versatile in that they adapt well to baby and bridal showers, kids parties, tea parties, fiestas, etc.

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Tissue paper flowers have a way of instantly brightening up a room. Their cheery colors make us all want to smile. They are perfect for not only indoor parties, but work well as table accents for a backyard BBQ or outdoor buffets. Of course they are a perfect compliment to a Cinco de Mayo celebration or any Mexican theme party. These flowers are relatively easy to make and you can expand their versatility by letting your creativity flow. For example, use more than one color of tissue paper to give your flower a multi-color appearance. If you want the center to be a contrasting color, then have the top two layers of tissue be a different color.

You can easily make them small or large, the size is totally dependant upon the size of the tissue paper that you use when you start making the flower. For example, use a full sheet of tissue paper for extra-large flowers or cut a piece of tissue paper into four pieces for smaller flower accents.

Also, you can easily make them fuller, which ultimately gives the appearance of having more petals, just by adding more layers of tissue paper. Just be careful to not overdo, otherwise the thickness will make it hard to open up the middle of the flower.


  • Tissue paper
  • Pipe cleaner, floral wire, or twisties
  • Scissors
  • Perfume (optional)

To create a little contrast and interest, use two colors of tissue that compliment one another. For example a light and dark pink, blue, green, yellow, etc.

  • Cut 4 to 8 pieces of tissue paper to 6" x 12" each.

  • Stack 4 to 8 pieces of tissue together.

  • Starting at the bottom, fold the tissue 1/2" to 1" in an accordion style like a fan.

  • Round off the corners by cutting the edges.

  • Tie the middle together using pipe cleaners, floral wire, or twisties. I prefer pipe cleaners if the "stem" is going to show, as it adds a decorative-looking stem to the flower. If you are just setting them on tables, the wire or twistee will work just fine.

  • Carefully open the flower so you don't tear the paper. Start with the top layer of tissue and fan it out on both sides. Then move on to the second layer, and so on.

  • You can give them a little spray of perfume, just for fun!

For those of you who like a little visual example, here's a great how to make Mexican tissue paper flowers video from Family. Although a couple of additional supplies are needed, they certainly make for a beautiful tissue paper flower.

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