Mexican Theme Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Mexican Theme Party Ideas
To Help You Celebrate In South Of The Border Style!

All things Mexican, from rugs to crafts and clothing, are known for being colorful and beautiful. This makes a Mexican theme such a wonderful choice for an adult birthday party. With a Mexican birthday party, you can incorporate all those rich, warm colors throughout the entire party, making it beautiful and memorable.

Planning out a party with a Mexican theme can take a bit of work, but its worth all the time invested in planning when you get to enjoy the end result. If you are having a hard time coming up with Mexican party ideas, here are some great tips and ideas that will help you use the Mexican theme throughout every part of your party, from invitations to the party favors.


Start planning for your Mexican theme party by coming up with your guest list. Then, decide on some great invitations that go along with the chosen theme. You can purchase Mexican themed invites that are premade with Mexican décor, such as sombreros and bright Mexican colors. Premade invitations make a great choice if you need the them quickly, but it is far more fun to make the invitations yourself if time permits.

MEXICAN SOMBRERO INVITATIONS - One great idea for DIY Mexican theme invitations is invitations that are in the shape of a Mexican sombrero. Sombreros are instantly associated with Mexico and it is easy to make your own invitations using this traditional symbol as your foundation. Use brightly colored cardstock and cut out a sombrero shape. To really make your invite come alive, add some jewel, sequin, and glitter embellishments to the hat if you choose. Then write in the party information on the back of the sombrero.

MARACAS INVITATIONS - Another great DIY Mexican party ideas for invitations is to make a maracas invitation. Start with a piece of white or ecru cardstock. From other cardstock or construction paper, cut out a pair of maracas. In the alternative you could print out a picture of a pair of maracas to use. Then attach the maracas to the front of the cardstock. On the inside of the invitation, add in the details for the party.

MEXICAN FLAG INVITATIONS - It’s fun to make an invitation that looks like a Mexican flag, which will definitely communicate the theme of your party to guests.

POSTCARD INVITES - Another great invitation idea is to use pictures of Mexico to create Mexican postcards that can be sent out as invitations for your party.

Here's some suggested wording for your invites:

-- No time to take a siesta as it's time to fiesta!

-- Time to go south of the border

-- There's no time like fiesta time

-- Come join us for a hot time!

-- Keep this under your sombrero...

-- Na-cho Ordinary Par-Tay!


To carry on your theme, it’s nice to have guests dress up in traditional Mexican costumes for your Mexican theme party. When most people think about traditional Mexican dress, they usually think about clothing that became popular as a result of the Spanish colonization in the area.

For women, this includes a loose blouse or dress with short sleeves and a square-cut neck. Usually the neckline is embroidered or includes braiding on the bodice of the dress and is generally very colorful. The skirts that women wear are usually very long, multi-tiered and full, allowing them to flare out when dancing.

For the men, the traditional costume usually includes a sombrero along with long black or brown trousers, a white shirt, short jacket in a bright color and a bolero tie. Often a sash is worn around the waist. It is usually easy to find these costumes or guests can have fun making their own for the party. Just make sure you mention the costumes within your invitations so guests know ahead of time.


You're sure to enjoy decorating for your party as there are so many wonderful Mexican party ideas that you can incorporate into your decorations which will instantly transform your home into a Mexican casa. Bright, bold colors are very popular within this culture, so consider using lots of colors for your décor like green, red, blue, hot pink, black, orange and yellow to make things come alive with a Mexican flare.

  • Start by greeting guests with a Mexican taking a siesta on the porch. You can either enlist the help of a friend to play this part and rise up at just the right time to scare your friends a bit or make one out of clothing stuffed with newspaper and plastic bags. If you go the pretend route, just be sure to put the legs into boots and have him in a seated position with a sombrero to mask the missing head.

  • Your party colors can be used for napkins, tablecloths, plates and other paper products. On your food tables, consider using black tablecloths to add a nice background for all the festive colors you will be using for your food and partyware.

  • For guest tables, you might consider going with green tablecloths. Then you can add to the table décor with mini Mexican flags, sombreros, loose flowers and maracas.

  • You can also decorate your party area with festive banners. A Happy Birthday banner in bright colors will definitely fit in with the rest of the décor. You can hang it on one of your main party room walls, over the cake table, or perhaps an extra-large banner to hang on the garage door.

  • Hang decorative Mexican-themed lights around window and door frames, banisters, mantels, the perimeter of the room, and wherever else you might want to add a little light with the added bonus of it also providing a touch of Mexican decor. Things like chili pepper-shaped lights or perhaps lights that are shaped like cactus or cowboy boots would be a great add-on. When all else fails, opt for a string of colorful Christmas lights.

  • Cutouts of Mexican-themed pictures can add to the overall décor too. You can hang the on walls, hang them from the ceiling using fishing line, or you can even decorate the toilet seat lid with one.

  • With a Mexican theme party you can never hang too many multi-colored streamers and balloon bouquets throughout the room.

  • Create some Mexican flags out of red, white and green poster board and hang them on the walls. While you're making flags, you might want to make a few extras and use them as placemats under your serving dishes.

  • To bring ho-hum dull and boring walls to life, hang sombreros on the walls for a quick dash of color and theme.

  • New terra cotta planters can be used as serving dishes. They can be accented with a colorful piece of ribbon tied around the center.

  • These planters can also be used in your decor. For example, you could put a small faux or real cacti in them and decorate various tabletops and surfaces.

  • Consider using plenty of large Mexican sombreros and Mexican flags to give your party area a nice Mexican flare as well.

  • Be sure to add some Mexican music and everyone will feel like they’ve gone “South of the border.”

Your Mexican theme party should also include some fun games and activities for guests. Of course, piñatas are a traditional game found at Mexican gatherings, so be sure you have a nice piñata for guests to break. Stuff it full of treats before the party.

FOOTBALL AND/OR SOCCER - Football or soccer are the most popular Mexican sports, so consider having a nice game of either for those that want to participate. It will get everyone’s blood moving and definitely help to make sure you have a hungry crowd.

CRAFTS - For those who don’t want to play football or soccer, consider having some fun Mexican-themed crafts that your guests can engage in, such as macramé wall hangings or basket weaving.

TRADITIONAL GAMES - If you have a younger crowd that you must entertain, some of the traditional games that children in Mexico enjoy are hide n' seek, London Bridges, hopscotch, jumping rope, tag, and marbles.

TABLE GAMES - Set up several tables with dominoes, jacks, and checkers so people can mingle, set a spell, and play a little one-on-one game with a friend.

DANCE CONTEST - Create a dance floor and invite guests to throw down their sombreros, kick up their heels, and do their best Mexican hat dance. Another fun dance contest option would be to do flamingo dancing.


If you need some easy Mexican party ideas for food, start investigating some traditional Mexican dishes that you can serve at the party. Of course, you can always order in Mexican takeout for your guests, but it can be fun to make up the menu and prepare the authentic Mexican dishes yourself.

MAIN DISH IDEAS - Some great main dishes to consider include fajitas, Mexican nachos, Mexican chili, tacos, burritos, tamales, or enchiladas. You can also provide all the fixins' and let guests create their own taco salads.

MEXICAN PARTY FOOD SIDE DISHES - Mexican cornbread, Mexican beans and rice, guacamole, salsa and chips all make great side dishes. Corn chips with different types of salsa make great sides or appetizers that you can serve up as well.

MEXICAN DESSERTS - You may want to serve up some sweet dishes at your party as well. Dulce de leche or Mexican flan are delightful options to serve as a dessert. Mexican fried ice cream is always delicious, as are Mexican sopapillas. You may also want to try making Mexican churros, which are tasty with cinnamon and sugar. Cookies can also be made in the shapes of sombreros or other Mexican shapes or you may want to make cupcakes decorated to look like Mexican hats as well. Serve up one or more of these desserts, which are sure to please your guests.

Of course you'll want to decide on a fun birthday cake that will go with the Mexican theme party that you have planned. Here are a few ideas to help take your brain from the siesta-zone to the fun-filled fiesta-zone.

SOMBRERO CAKE - A cake in the shape of a sombrero is a wonderful idea that is sure to look amazing when displayed on your food table.

MEXICAN FLAG CAKE - For a simpler cake, a sheet cake decorated to look like the Mexican flag is another great idea

THEMED SHEET CAKE - A sheet cake decorated with maracas or other Mexican themed scenes will provide great options to consider too.

End your Mexican theme party on a high note by sending guests home with great party favors. Some wonderful Mexican party ideas for favors include tasty Mexican candy or Mexican cookies in bags tied off with ribbon. Jars of Mexican salsa are sure to be appreciated, especially if they are given with a nice bag of tasty tortilla chips. Personalized jars of hot sauce will make wonderful favors, as well sombreros or a nice pair of maracas to take home.

YOUR Favorite Mexican Theme Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite Mexican theme party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your Mexican party cakes and costumes.

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