Mexican Jumping Beans For Cinco De Mayo!

by Jenny
(Denver, Colorado)

Cinco de Mayo Party Game Idea

Cinco de Mayo Party Game Idea

Have races against each other at your Cinco De Mayo party! Seriously, have Mexican jumping bean races!

Yes, the real, authentic Mexican jumping beans. You can give them out to everyone at the party, have races with them, see who's bean jumps the highest, or who's jumps the farthest. Everyone will be laughing hysterically!

And they are inexpensive. HAVE FUN!

This idea from Jenny, the Mexican jumping bean for Cinco de Mayo, looks so fun! It also brought to mind some other cool ideas for Cinco de Mayo games.

If you can’t find the actual Mexican jumping beans, why not have a jumping contest among your party guests. Call it the jumping bean game. Have all your guests begin at a starting line and then jump as far as they can. The one that is able to jump the furthest gets to be the Mexican jumping bean for the rest of the party.

Another fun idea is to have a Mexican jumping bean sack race. Use old sacks and decorate them to look like jumping beans. Make all the contestants line up at the starting line. When you say, “Go!” they should race their way to the finish line. See who can make it there the fastest in the jumping bean sacks. It’s sure to be lots of fun and bring plenty of laughter to the party.

Speaking of jumping beans, maybe your guests have never actually seen real jumping beans. As long as your party guests are above age four, consider handing out packets of jumping beans as a party favor at the end of the party. Put them in pretty little packages to make them look nice or add them to favor packs that include other fun gifts too. If you don’t want to use the jumping beans as favors, you could use them as prizes for your Cinco de Mayo games instead.

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