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A Medieval Birthday Party is a great choice for anyone who has an interest in the Renaissance or medieval era. Once you have turned your home into a venue fit for the knights at the round table with that old world feel, then you are ready to turn your attention to planning some medieval party games to keep everyone entertained, interacting and having a good time.

If you think your guests to be would like to party all "knight", a medieval birthday party is a wonderful theme choice. This is a theme that makes it possible to bring the Middle Ages back to life and create a festival-like atmosphere. One thing that you will want to dedicate a bit of time to is coming up with some activities to keep your guests engaged in the fun and in the renaissance mood. I have put together the following great medieval party games--check them out and see if any might suit your Excalibur crew.


BOARD GAMES - Have tables set up with chess boards, wood tic-tac-toe boards, etc. so guests may play at will.

BOCCE BALL MEDIEVAL STYLE - This game may be played with two people or two teams of two or four individuals. Flip a coin to determine who starts the game. That person will throw a small ball, known as the "Jack" from one end of the bocce lanes towards the far end. That same person takes his or her bocce ball and rolls it toward the "Jack". The goal is to try and get the bocce ball the closest to the "Jack". Everyone takes turns trying to get their ball closest to the "Jack". After all the balls have been thrown, points are awarded to the ball that got the closest.

Medieval Games For A Medieval Birthday Party

MAGIC POTION RELAY - Start by dividing up your guests into teams and giving each of your teams a goblet and a bucket of water. Place an empty bucket at your finish line. When the game begins, the 1st person from each of the team shall dip their goblet into the container and fill it up with water. He/she then proceeds to walk/run to the finish line and empty the goblet into the container. He/she then walks/runs back to their teammates and hands off the goblet. The game continues in like fashion until all of your guests have had an opportunity to take a turn. Whichever team successfully gets through their teammates 1st wins the game.

In case your mind hasn't ventured here yet, the women may be at a slight disadvantage depending upon their costume selection. For example, high heels aren't the easiest thing to run in. They might have to tossed aside, along with scooping up one's long, flowing dress in order to hit it!

JESTER GAME - Have someone dress up like a court jester and stroll through the party performing. When it's time to play a game, line everyone up and have your court jester commence performing. His or her job is to get your guests to laugh. If your jester succeeds in so doing, that person or persons are out of the game. At the end of the allotted time, if you have guests who did not laugh, crack a smile, snicker, or the like, they are the winners. If your jester was able to take everyone out, your jester is the winner.

ARRIVALS - As guests arrive have a guard or jester at the door announce the arrival of your guests by saying something like, "The Duke and Duchess Jamison have arrived."

Medieval Games For A Medieval Birthday Party

MUSICIANS - An inexpensive way to get some live music to your party and support your community is to hire a high school band and have them preferably play period instruments like harps, mandolin, bowed psaltery, flutes, penny whistle, violins, and other wind and string instruments.

JUGGLERS - Have jugglers strolling and performing throughout your party rooms. Look into securing high school "class clowns" for the job.

SINGERS - Specializing in renaissance music from the Celtic lands. Another great opportunity to support your local high school singers.

CONTORTIONISTS & ACROBATICS - Although you might not be able to find true contortionists in your area, perhaps some of the local ballet and gymnastic studios might have some rather flexible young men and ladies who could put together some interesting contortionist-type moves.

Medieval Games For A Medieval Birthday Party

STORYTELLING - Have some high school students tell the tale of Robin Hood invoking some audience participation of cheering and hissing, etc.

MAGICIANS - Hire a magician to stroll through the party and perform tricks and/or put on a show.

RENAISSANCE DANCING - Hire someone to teach your guests renaissance dancing and let the good times roll.

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