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Fun And Fabulous Medieval Birthday Party
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A medieval party gives you the opportunity to plan a fun and exciting party in the tradition of a renaissance faire. Everyone has the opportunity to kick up their heels, dress like a king or queen or a ragtag peasant, and let loose.

So, step back in time and create a fun and exciting old world atmosphere for your medieval party. Go room by room and transform your modern home into a castle-like atmosphere fit for the knights and maidens in your life. Keep reading to snag some great ideas that will take you from the invite through to the thank you.


Knight Invitations

MEDIEVAL FAIRY TALE PARTY INVITATION – If you are looking for invitation ideas for your medieval birthday party, one fabulous idea is to create your own medieval fairy tale party invitation. Start out by folding a piece of white cardstock in half, so you’ll have a front, two inside pages, and a back to use for your fairy tale.

On the front of the party invitation place a picture of the birthday person in a medieval costume and write “Once upon a time…” On the first inside page of the invitation, place a picture of medieval scene, such as a family crest, and write “…there was a noble (man/woman) named Lady/Sir (person's name) who turned (age).

On the second page of the inside, place a picture of a medieval castle and write, “A medieval celebration has been declared on (date) for the enchanted kingdom at (time). The merry celebration will be held at the (last name) castle.” Add RSVP information at the bottom. On the very back of the invitation, add a couple pictures of knights and write, “And all guests lived happily ever after.”

MEDIEVAL KNIGHT INVITATIONS – Another fun invitation idea for a medieval birthday party is to create your own medieval knight invitations. Go online and find a picture of a favorite knight, such as Merlin, King Arthur or even Sir Lancelot. Print out the picture and add it to the front of an invitation. Write, “Join the Knights of the Round Table for a Medieval Birthday Celebration.” Inside, be sure to add important details for your medieval celebration, using formal wording to go along with your theme.

Medieval Birthday Party Invitations

MEDIEVAL SCROLL INVITATIONS - Use parchment paper or scroll-TYPE scrapbook paper. Write party details in calligraphy or use Old English font. Roll invitations into scrolls, tie with a ribbon or seal with sealing wax and a seal, hand-deliver or mail in mailing tube. Invitation could read:

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Noble knights and fair ladies,
The honor of your presence is requested
at the royal birthday gathering for
Queen Penelope's 45th birthday.

Please arrive on the 3rd day of June, in the year of our
Lord 1609, at the hour of four, at King Johnson's Court
and join us for great feasting and entertainment.
Medieval attire required.

MEDIEVAL CREST INVITATIONS - Cut shield shapes out of cardstock. Embellish one side with glitter, stick-on jewels, sequins, stars, dragon image, etc. On the reverse side, put your party details as noted above.


Clothing resonated a person's social status during the Renaissance era. Encourage guests to dress as who their inner self longs to be. There are a lot of fun and creative themes from which to select. The following are a few medieval birthday party costume suggestions to help get you started:

  • Bar Maid
  • Court Jester
  • Dragon
  • Executioner
  • Fair Maiden
  • Farmer
  • Gothic Princess
  • Gypsy
  • King
  • Knight
  • Lady
  • Lady in Waiting
  • Lord
  • Maid Marian
  • Merchant
  • Monk
  • Noble Lady
  • Peasant
  • Queen
  • Robin Hood
  • Tavern Wench
  • Town Crier
  • Warrior
  • Washer Woman
  • Wench
  • Wizard


medieval party decorations image
Photo courtesy of: Apo Lakay

As you commence the preparation of transforming your humble abode into a royal castle or a renaissance banquet hall, your first consideration will be the royal colors that you plan on incorporating. The best choices for your medieval birthday party are any combination of red, blue, purple, green, yellow, and silver. Here are some ideas to ponder for your medieval party decorations:

Medieval Birthday Party Ideas For Decorations

  • Have some high school students dress up in armored knight costumes and position them at various doors and doorways to greet your guests and/or keep them out!

  • Create a draw bridge at the entrance to your party door using plywood. Attach chains to the plywood and door frame area, in an open draw bridge fashion.

  • Line the walkway with torches and place a few throughout the party rooms.

  • For a festive entrance, line your walkway with colorful flags. You can create them from construction paper, card stock, or felt. Attach them to skinny wood dowels and push the dowels into the ground.

  • Hang a wood sign -- "Welcome to Penelope's Castle" on the front door.

  • Make a royal throne for your birthday honoree by attaching a tall piece of plywood to a chair. Cover with purple velvet or satin fabric. Decorate chair with jewels, sequins, glitter, etc.

  • Hang cobblestone gossamer on your party room walls to instantly transform the room into a castle-like atmosphere. You can also use it on the floors or ceiling.

  • Hang fabric on the walls that resembles a stone wall like those of the renaissance era.

  • Treasure chest overflowing with booty.

  • Hang art prints on the walls from the art giants of this time period like Raphael, Michelangelo, and DiVinci.

Medieval Party Ideas for Decorations

  • Hang swords and shields on the walls.

  • Accent walls or corners with large velvet bows. They also make for a great accent around chairs and vases of flowers.

  • Hang coat of arms banners and tapestries on the walls. For easy to make banners, cut large pieces of rich, textured fabric just shy of the length of a wall. Cut the bottom into a "V" shape. Fold over the top to create a casing and sew or glue in place. The opening should be sufficient to accommodate a decorative rod or curtain rod. Thread your banners onto the rods and hang them on your walls.

  • Serve food in wooden or pewter bowls and plates, along with pewter goblets.

  • Sprinkle gold coins or gold foil wrapped chocolate coins on tables.

Medieval Birthday Party Ideas for Decorations

  • Decorate your tables with large candelabras and tapered candles.

  • Use lots of lighted candles throughout the party room. On the dining table, use short candles so guests don't burn themselves while passing food. For added fun, use only candles as your lighting source.

  • Create a fun themed photo-op corner with a medieval stockade standee. As guests arrive, have them place their head in the stockade, then snap away.

  • Place stacks of old books throughout the room.
  • Create an artisan and craft market atmosphere by setting up tents and displaying crafts like jewelry, leather goods, candles, baskets, silks, swords, pottery, and period clothing.

Medieval Party Ideas For Decorations

  • If you have a large party area and are really wanting to do it up right, hire musical high school students dressed in appropriate attire to stroll among your guests and play medieval music.

  • Another great option which certainly proclaims your theme is a court jester. Once again, hire high school students, this time from the drama department, to dress accordingly and exhibit nothing but Tom Foolery! Juggling is a must, yo-yo tricks are another great option, and if you're having your party outside, or just happen to have extra-high ceilings, stilts are a welcome addition.


medieval knights image
Photo courtesy of: Gary Henderson

I've created this Medieval Games and Activities page that provides some great entertaining ideas for your medieval theme party. The following is a list of what you can expect to find on that page:
  • Arrivals
  • Musicians
  • Jugglers
  • Singers
  • Contortionists & Acrobatics
  • Storytelling
  • Games
  • Jester
  • Magicians
  • Renaissance Dancing


medieval party table
Photo courtesy of: Treasures And Tiaras Kids Parties

Remember, forks, knives, and spoons were a luxury, so keep your medieval birthday party theme going without utensils. Serve food and drink in pewter plates, trays, and goblets, or pewter colored party ware and goblets.

If you opt to serve medieval foods that aren't considered to be a part of a traditional medieval foods menu, then serve them up with a fun medieval name.

Medieval Party Ideas For Foods

SOUP - Create a soup that contains some or all of the medieval favorites of onions, cabbage, garlic, nuts, berries, leeks, spinach, and parsley.

MEAT & POULTRY - Turkey and chicken legs, chicken wings, and Cornish game hens, lamb, or beef were all available to the lord and his family. If you really want to go authentic and you're up to the challenge, dig a hole and roast a pig!

STEW - Serve a hearty stew in small, individual bread bowls.

VEGETABLES - Tradition dictates corn on the cob. It can easily be picked up with the hands. Also, baked potatoes are another great medieval food item suitable for handling, just in case you're refusing your guests silverware.

BREAD - Large rustic-looking loaves of bread that need to be ripped apart, not cut into slices.

Medieval Party Ideas For Foods

CHEESE & FRUIT - Assorted chunks of cheese and fruits. Okay, if you must, go ahead and put toothpicks in the pieces so everyone's hands don't have to touch the food.

FRUIT TARTS - Either make individual various fruit tarts or buy them pre-made.

NON-ALCOHOLIC GROG - Ginger ale and apple cider.

DRAGON SCALES - Bowl of triangle-shaped tortilla chips.


medieval birthday
Photo courtesy of: Arenamontanus

DIY CASTLE & TURRETS CAKE – Of course, you do not have to have a special castle pan to make your own castle cake with cool turrets. Make your own cake by starting with a double layer square cake. Bake two 9” square cakes in your flavor of choice. Stack the two cakes using some frosting to keep the layers from sliding. Use gray buttercream frosting to decorate the entire cake.

Then, take four ice cream cones and stick them upside down on the four corners of your “castle” to create the turrets. Use gray frosting to secure the cones and cover the cones with more gray frosting. Make mini flags by adding tiny flags to toothpicks and then add the toothpicks to the top of the cones.

Add some toy knight figures around the castle cake as well. In the middle of the cake, write a birthday message. On the sides, use black frosting to create castle doors, windows, etc.

Knight Birthday Party Cakes

FAMILY CREST BIRTHDAY CAKE – Bake a rectangle ¼ sheet cake in any flavor. When the cake cools, cut the cake into the shape of a crest. Decorate half of the crest in red icing and the other half in black icing. Use gray icing to make the gray trim around the crest. Using white icing, draw a cross on the middle of crest and fill it in using white icing. You can write the family last name on the top of the crest if you desire.

TRUE MEDIEVAL CAKES - They were like what we now call fruit breads and were filled with fruits, seeds, and nuts.

CASTLE CAKE - Get an "Enchanted Castle" cake pan and decorate your castle with various edible decorations.

Knight Birthday Party Cakes

MEDIEVAL BIRTHDAY CAKE - Airbrush a sheet cake with a light gray color and put an edible art image on top.

DRAGON CAKE - Start with a dragon-shaped pan and just follow the pan's directions for decorating.


If you would like to give your medieval guests a little gift to remember the party by, you might consider something like a medieval looking mug or metal goblet. For an added treat, fill them up with Hershey's chocolate kisses, Jelly Belly's, or any other yummy treat.

Medieval Birthday Party Ideas

Do you have some favorite Medieval birthday party ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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