Matching Easter Eggs - A Fun Easter Game Idea

by Kim

Random colored plastic eggs will be put in a basket where they are not visible. Players will pick an egg out of the basket when it is their turn. The first player to come up with three matching Easter eggs wins the game.

What a fun Easter game idea from Kim! This matching Easter eggs game got me thinking about some other cool Easter game ideas that you could use when throwing an Easter birthday party.

For a fun variation of this matching Easter eggs game, start with 20 plastic Easter eggs of all colors. Make sure the eggs open. Choose 20 different jelly beans or other Easter candies, such as peeps or foil covered chocolate eggs. Make sure you have two of each color, such as two orange jelly beans, two black jelly beans, etc. Place the jelly beans into the eggs before the party. To play the game, arrange the eggs into four rows of five eggs.

Have the first player come up to the eggs, picking two eggs and opening them up for everyone to see. If the eggs both contain the same color of jelly beans, the player gets to keep the match. If not, the eggs go back in the spaces where they came from. Then, the next player comes up to play and the game continues in the same way. It will test the memory of your guests.

When the eggs are all gone, the player with the most collected eggs will win the game. Make sure you have a fun prize to award the winner of the game as well. A chocolate bunny or a small Easter basket will make a perfect prize. Of course, if you have a larger group of guests, you may need to use more than 20 eggs to make the game more fun.

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