Masquerade Party Invitations for An Evening Of Magic And Mystery

Fun And Fabulous Masquerade Party Invitations
Where Extravagence And Flamboyance Is Expected!

Hosting a Masquerade Party is generally synonymous with hitting a home run. This theme is a favorite among teens and adults alike and a guaranteed hit with kids. After all, this is an opportunity for everyone to come dressed up in a costume of their choosing.

When it comes to invitations for a masquerade party, you will want to be sure to give your guests plenty of notice so they have ample time to buy, rent, or make their costumes. If possible, it is best to give everyone about four weeks notice.

If you're longing for your guests to get into the masquerade party frame of mind and get excited about coming to your party, then you must do your part to entice them to attend. Set the tone of your masquerade theme party with fun, colorful and intriguing invites. To help get you started, here are some invitation ideas with a masquerade party theme:


COLORFUL MASK INVITATIONS - Purchase some colorful, plastic eye masks and embellish them with brightly colored feathers, tulle, rhinestones, sequins, and glitter. Cut 8 1/2" X 11" piece of shiny card stock into 4 pieces. The color should coordinate with your masks' colors. Type or handwrite the party details in calligraphy onto textured white card stock. Cut the finished piece with decorative scissors to 3" x 4 1/2". Glue the white card stock to the colored piece of card stock. Hole-punch, run coordinating ribbons through the hole and tie to each of the masks. Hand-deliver invitations.

METALLIC MASK INVITATIONS - Mail or hand-deliver a silver, gold, or copper colored mask to each of your guests with instructions to decorate their mask and wear it to the party. You can award prizes for the most colorful, most creative, largest, etc. Be sure to either provide the party details with a ready-made invitation, like the one below, or enclose a card with the party info as noted in the instructions in the "Colorful Mask Invitations" above.
Masquerade Party Ideas For Masquerade Invitations

SCROLLED INVITATIONS - Use tea-dyed parchment paper or scroll-type scrapbook paper to create your invitations. Write out all of your party details in calligraphy or use an Old English font. Roll the invitations into scrolls, tie them off with a ribbon or seal with sealing wax, and mail in a paper towel tube.

VICTORIAN POSTCARDS - Find some Victorian style postcards that have pictures of couples dancing or ballroom settings. Put all of your party details on the back of the invites and mail them out.

VICTORIAN FAN INVITATIONS - Use Victorian printed scrapbook paper to create your invitations. Write out all of your party details in calligraphy or use an Old English font. Laminate, hole-punch, run a ribbon through and tie the invite to a colorful Victorian fan.

Bottom Line: To insure your masquerade theme party entices your guests to attend, create your masquerade party invitations with an aire of flamboyancy and mystery!

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