Masquerade Party Ideas

by Arun Mohan
(Trivandrum, Kerala, India)

Masquerade Decorations

Masquerade Decorations

I Need An Adult Birthday Party Idea ~ Question: What would be a good "clean" birthday party idea for a woman who likes to have fun? She's my best friend and somewhat shy or reserved. I'd like to get her to come out of her shell and have a good time.

Answer: A masquerade party instantly comes to mind.

It's a fun party that allows people to pretend to be someone else – how liberating for someone who is a bit reserved! It's the perfect marriage of someone who likes to have fun, but is a bit reserved or feels somewhat shy. When in costume, a person can portray the personality of their character and easily slip out of their shell and blossom into becoming someone else. For some reason, everyone seems to let go a bit more when they are able to stay (hide) behind a mask. This offers the perfect way for your friend to “let her hair down” and have some great fun on her birthday. This theme has so much to offer that you can go all out with the masquerade party decorations to really set the scene for a fabulous party that she is sure to love.

If you decide to opt for a traditional masquerade party that has the Victorian overtones, you’ll want to be sure to incorporate décor that exemplifies luxury and decadence. Black, gold, silver, purple would all be great colors to use for your streamers, balloons, flowers, party ware, etc.

Black And White Masquerade Party

You could also put a twist on things and do more of a black and white masquerade party. This would require everyone to come dressed in black and white, along with wearing a mask to conceal their identity. All of your masquerade decorations would follow suit. Things like black and white balloon bouquets, streamers, tulle, lighting will all give an air of elegance and keep you on theme. Also be sure to serve up food that lends itself to your party colors. Things like dark and white chocolate, black and white breads, turkey breast, would all be yummy options. Also be sure to have someone available to take photos of your grand event. If you want to stay on theme you can even opt for black & white photos, but I would personally use color so you can get the full effect of your extreme black and white color differences.

You're a great friend and may you have a fun and fabulous birthday party!

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