Masquerade Decorations Set The Tone For A Night Of Magic, Mystery And Opulence!

Fun And Fabulous Masquerade Decorations
Unmask the Night

If you enjoy extravagance, elegance, and promoting "masked" magic, then a masquerade party theme is the perfect choice. This theme works well for birthday party celebrations, Sweet 16 parties, anniversaries, and fundraisers, just to name a few of life's little events.

So whether you volunteered to host the Masquerade Party or were elected to do so, the bottom line is that you need some decorating ideas that will help you to create the masquerade bash of the century!


First of all, the best colors for a masquerade party are those that are more vibrant and rich. Save the pastels for the tea party. Purple, gold, green, and yellow are all great color options that would work well together. If you are looking for the greatest visual impact, then you might want to just use two or three colors. For example, you could create a black and silver atmosphere, which would be very striking.

  • Use masquerade masks all around the party area to help you decorate for the masquerade party. Get creative with the masks by hanging them from the ceiling, hanging them on the walls, placing masks on wreaths, adding them to food tables and using them with table centerpieces. You could use them to cover other items around the party area, which especially works if you’re holding the party at your home. Buy masquerade masks for decorations or try making your own.

  • Add instant color and masquerade appeal with a fun mask doorway metallic curtain.

  • Add a Custom Creation Masquerade Arch to your party room or entrance. It will double as the perfect party decoration while creating a great photo-op.

  • Hang glittery fabrics at doorways or cover your party room walls with these kinds of fabrics to transform the area into instant glitz and glam.

Masquerade Decorations

  • Another great option is to create a wall hanging using two or three colors of velvet. Cut the velvet into diamond shapes and glue to a piece of heavy fabric to add stability.

  • Among the best masquerade party ideas is the transformation of a room into a ballroom by draping fabrics down all the walls and creating swags of fabric on the ceiling.

  • For a dramatic look, cover your tables with gold tablecloths and a black lace overlay.

  • Sprinkle glitter, sequins, and mask-shaped confetti onto tabletops.

Masquerade Decorations

  • When you think about masquerade party ideas, you have to think about creating table centerpieces using square or round containers in silver, gold, or black. If you don't have containers in these colors, you could cover your containers with fabrics in these colors. Secure a piece of floral foam into the container. Decorate masks using sequins, rhinestones, jewels, glitter, feathers, tulle, etc. Secure each mask to 1/4" dowels, cut at various lengths. Fill containers with the decorated masks. As in floral arrangements, it is best to opt for an odd number like three or five masks per container. Cover the foam with floral moss.

  • Use special lighting to help you decorate for your masquerade party. Instead of using regular lights for your party, string white lights around the party area. You may want to intertwine them with deep purple tulle to give the lights a mysterious look. Add candles around the party area as well to add to the mood lighting. If you don’t want to have lit candles, you can always purchase battery powered candles, lamps and lanterns instead.

  • Attach some masquerade masks to wooden dowels. Place the dowels in a large glass jar and then use the jar of masks as a centerpiece. Then, let your guests enjoy posing with the different masks for photos.

  • Use some black and gold star gossamer to create backdrops, covering walls, windows, floors, table skirts, ceilings, etc. If you prefer, gossamer comes in a multitude of colors and other designs like a diamond-shape.

  • Spray-paint silver or gold (depending on which color you select) whatever you can to add additional glitz to your party room. For example, disposable serving dishes (just be sure to place a doily in the center of the dish so the food doesn't touch the paint), old chairs, candleholders, etc.

  • Hang strands of balloons across your ceiling, along with creating bouquets with trailing curling ribbons to place throughout the party room.

  • Twist streamers in your party colors throughout the party room. You could even cover your entire ceiling with colorful twisted streamers.

  • Cover chairs with either gossamer or fabrics and tie off with glitzy bows.

Masquerade Decorations

  • Place pillar groupings of three at various heights, around the party room. You can spray paint them in your party colors, or opt for silver or gold. Place fake trailing plant vines and trees among the pillars, along with floating candles in clear containers. Color the water in the containers using food coloring so they match your party colors and/or coordinate with them.

  • Place vases of fresh flowers throughout your party room for added romance and ambiance.

  • Place large colorful feathers into tall vases to create a centerpiece.

  • Strands of pearl garland will work very nicely to accent your tables, plants, spilling out of containers, etc. Pearl garland comes in a variety of colors, along with silver and gold.

  • Place strands of various colored beads on your tabletops or fill clear vases with the strands of beads, along with having some them spilling out.

Masquerade Decorations

  • Scatter gold and silver confetti on your tables, along with chocolates wrapped in silver or gold foil, and/or silver and gold Jordan Almonds.

  • Let floating candles and white Christmas lights be the source or the main source of all of your lighting.

  • Intertwine white Christmas lights into artificial trees, which always makes for creating great masquerade party ideas.

  • Create table centerpieces using black top hats filled with helium balloons, color-coordinated shred and curling ribbons, along with a great mask accent.

  • Hang lanterns to create soft lighting.

  • Floating candles are another way to instill instant elegance. Color the water with food coloring to match your color scheme. Fill interestingly shaped containers or glasses with the colored water, add the candles, and place on top of mirrors. Add a few gemstones on the mirrors and voila, instant elegance.

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