Mary The Sushi Roll

by Sally Pierce
(Chattanooga, TN)

The Best Little Sushi In Town!

The Best Little Sushi In Town!

This is my niece, Mary and her friend Kaitlyn last Halloween. My big sis is a huge sushi fan, but I never thought she'd go this far! :D

Mary's costume is made mostly from Styrofoam. The outside "seaweed" is made using Fun Foam spray-painted to be glossy, and the rice was dozens and dozens of cotton balls. It didn't last long after Halloween, but everyone thought it was adorable!

Reply: Great Costume Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Sally did a wonderful job in creating her niece’s costume and the concept is certainly not the run of the mill idea. Now if you’re thinking of hosting an Asian themed party, here are a few ideas that will help get you started transforming your humble abode into an Asian paradise.

Now that you have a fun idea for a costume, why not pair it with an Asian themed party. Red and black would be the perfect colors for this type of party, along with accents of gold. You could start by hanging large red and black lanterns from the ceiling in the party room.

Another ceiling option would be to hang gold, black and red dangling cutouts that have an Asian theme. If you can't find some that have the theme, you could still hang danglers consisting of the three colors from the ceiling.

Staying with the lantern idea, if you're able to find a string of small lanterns that would be great for accenting the perimeter of the room.

If you have a large wall, you might want to hang a large red Chinese dragon on the wall to break up the "nothing going on look" of the wall. Another idea would be large open fans that have ornate Asian themed designs.

If the dragon idea is one that seems impossible, then opt for covering the wall with gossamer or fabrics that have an Asian print or alternate the print with solid fabrics in the party colors.

Another great item to use for decorations would be gold brass elephants of various sizes.

Cover your table with a red or black tablecloth and accent with placemats, dinnerware and cutlery of the opposite color. You can also lay an open fan on top of each plate for an accent of color and to add a little something extra to the place setting.

If you serve cupcakes, adorn each one with a colorful Chinese paper umbrella.

Serve up your food in Chinese takeout food containers and provide everyone with chopsticks.

You could also fill a doorway with a hanging bamboo curtain or tie it back around the frame.

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