Marco Polo With A Twist!

Marco Polo With Water Bombs

Marco Polo With Water Bombs

Everyone will play the water version of tag known as Marco Polo. After you decide who will start the game as "It", that person will need to close her/his eyes while she/he tried to find the other players and tag them. To give "It" a hint as to where everyone is "hiding" in the pool, "It" will yell out, "Marco" and everyone else must respond by saying, "Polo." If you're dealing with a bunch of cheaters fool them all and require whoever is IT to wear a pair of goggles that has opaque tape on the inside. This will guarantee no peeking.

For an added challenge, give IT some water bombs to throw at everyone.

Turn the tables and have everyone be IT except for one person. You have to be sure to have enough room so that one person has a fighting chance to get away while everyone is after him.

Another variation of Marco Polo would be to take to the streets. Get outta the pool and let the kids play Marco Polo on land.

My Reply: Great Pool Ideas, But I've Got Two Bits

Marco Polo has long been a classic pool game that kids, tweens, and teens have enjoyed playing for decades. In fact, it is still a beloved game that everyone loves to play especially at a teen pool party. Have fun playing the classic game or add the challenge above for even more fun. This fun game made me come up with some others that you can play at your teen’s party.


One fun idea is to do a flipper relay race in the pool. Have two or three teams, depending on how wide your pool is. The teams line up at one end of the pool. When you start the race, the first person in each team has to pull on flippers and then swim to the end of the pool and back again. Then, they have to take off the flippers and give them to the next person. The next person has to get those flippers on and swim up and back, giving the flippers to the next person. The team that is able to finish first will hold the title of winners! This is funny and difficult, since it’s not easy to get those flippers off and on.


Relays usually consist of teams that are comprised of at least two people or multiple players. After you figure out your teams, give them each a donut-shaped floatie. Once "Go" is yelled, on person from each of your teams will need to jump into the water, mount the float, and proceed to get it to the end of the pool and return back to their respective teammates, dismount, and have their next teammate repeat the above. The first team to finish are the winners. The thing that makes this relay challenging is the fact that a round donut has a mind of its own and it's hard to control. If you want to make this even more challenging, you can add a twist of trying to knock an opponent off their donut. If successful, that person either has to return to start all over.

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