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Fun And Fabulous Mall Scavenger Hunt
A Fun Activity That will Both Entertain & Engage Your Teens!

Whether you are celebrating a birthday or just having a few friends over for the day, you might want to consider having a scavenger hunt at the mall. It's a great way to keep a group of tweens or teens occupied in a fun way for an extended period of time.

Scavenger Hunts at

In order to have a successful scavenger hunt at the mall, your participants will need to be a team player. They will also need to be quick--no time to look at those cute shoes for just a minute as that could cost that team the game! In addition, organization is key so the least amount of steps are used. In other words, if the mall is large darting from one end to another and back again is a foolish waste of time. Therefore, they must lasso their organizational skills and figure out the best route to use when collecting their items. Lastly, having a good eye for spotting what a team needs, from perhaps far way, will be a great asset to the team.

To start your hunt you will want to divide your group into teams and provide each of the teams with a list of the items that they need to secure.

Be sure to not only give everyone a drop dead time of when the hunt is over, but to also be sure everyone understands where they need to be at that particular time. To be on the safe side, check in with your teams periodically and be sure to have everyone's cell phone number before you send them out on the hunt; this way you will have several numbers that you can call. The team who is able to obtain the most items on the list, ultimately ends up with the most points, and returns within the hunt's time frame, will be the winning team.

Before you send everyone out on the hunt, be sure to lay down a few ground rules. Here are a few to get you started:
  • Select a date when the mall won't be too busy and avoid the Christmas season.
  • No shopping.
  • No eating.
  • No going to the mall movie theater.
  • No going to the mall arcade.
  • Remind everyone to be on their best behavior--no running, yelling, etc.


The following list of FREE items can be found at various stores located at a mall. Remember, if it costs money then you don't want it.
  • __________Bank deposit slip

  • __________Bank receipt of a transaction

  • __________Brochure

  • __________Business card - Black ink on white card only

  • __________Business card - Entire background is floral

  • __________Business card - any solid color except white

  • __________Calendar

  • __________Catsup packet

  • __________Coupon - Buy 1 and get 1 free

  • __________Credit card application

  • __________Employment application

  • __________Event calendar

  • __________Flyer advertising a store's sale

  • __________Hand lotion sample

  • __________Mall map

  • __________Movie ticket stub

  • __________Napkin with logo

  • __________Paper bag with store logo

  • __________Paper napkin with restaurant logo

  • __________Perfume sample

  • __________Plastic bag with store logo

  • __________Receipt from a store

  • __________Restaurant take-out menu

  • __________Salon menu

  • __________Soy sauce packet

  • __________Straw

  • __________Sugar packet

  • __________Take-out menu

  • __________Tissue paper

  • __________Toilet seat cover

  • __________Travel coupon

  • __________Wedding registry printout


  • __________Dog food sample

  • __________Food sample

  • __________Clearance sign

  • __________Employee safety sign

  • __________Sample CD

Mall Scavenger Hunt Conclusion

In closing, don't forget to remind everyone that a scavenger hunt at the mall is no different than a traditional scavenger hunt when it comes to what it takes to succeed. First and foremost, everyone must work together as a team. In addition, speed is a plus when it comes to spotting the necessary item from afar, or quickly knowing where to go to secure it. Lastly, staying organized is a must so time is not lost. For example, be sure someone is checking off the items as they are found so time is not lost in reviewing the list and trying to see what they still need when nothing has been checked off. Now send those teens and tweens on their way and go enjoy a special yummy for yourself!

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