Making Fairy Wings That
Will Take Flight!

Making Fairy Wings That Are Fun And Fabulous
All You Need Is A Little Embellishment & Creativity!

Apparently someone has decided to be a fairy and is now in search of her wings. If you are contemplating on making your own rather than buying a pair of ready-mades, then you will be happy to learn that the task at hand can be accomplished in a relatively short period of time.

So, whether you need the fairy wings or your child does, the following instructions will assist you in this regard and the best part is that they are easy-peasy. Also, you will readily see that the wings can be decorated simply or elaborately, the choice is yours and the project can still be an easy one to complete.


Learn how to make fun and fanciful fairy wings the easy no-sew way. They're perfect for little ones and adults alike.

SUPER SIMPLE - HOW TO MAKE FAIRY WINGS - This is a great no-sew option. Cut out wing shape from a piece of heavy cardboard. Cover with fabric and hot glue. Decorate wings with strands of pearls, flowers, feathers, sequins, glitter, etc.


Step 1 - Cut a 5-foot piece of heavy craft wire (like a 14-gauge) to create a child's wings and a 10-foot piece to create wings for an adult.

STEP 2 - Shape the wire into a circle and duct tape the ends together.

STEP 3 - Twist the wire into a figure 8 shape and duct tape the center to hold it together.

STEP 4 - Bend each side of the "wing" into the shape you want. For example rounded or pointy edges.

STEP 5 - Cut the legs off a pair of pantyhose and slip a leg over each side of the wing. The best pantyhose to use are the ones that are shiny or iridescent. Slide the ends towards the center and tie them into a knot. In the alternative, you could glue decorative sheet fabric over the wire wings.

STEP 6 - Decorate wings by airbrushing on paint spots. Add strands of pearls, sequins, feathers, ribbons, leaves, flowers, glitter, jewels, etc.

STEP 7 - Cut two strips of elastic that are long enough to loop around your arms. Either sew or use a glue gun to secure the loops onto the back of each wing.


Now that you have your fairy wing situation figured out, if your little sweetie is turning one and you have decided on a Fairy Party and are still in need of some great ideas for fairy-themed invitations, decor, food, etc. then click on over and check this page out. However, if you have a much older child--a toddler and are looking for some Fairy Party Ideas then you might want to click on over to this page for some great ideas for all your fairy party needs!

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