Magazine Scavenger Hunt Ideas
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Fun And Fabulous Magazine Scavenger Hunt Ideas
The Perfect Rainy Day Or Party Activity!

When it comes to creating a quick and easy scavenger hunt for kids, using a magazine as your springboard to fun is a great place to start. Also, if you need to keep your kids corralled without letting them know that is your goal, this type of hunt makes for a perfect cover. They'll never suspect your ulterior motive.

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This particular scavenger hunt is played individually, with everyone competing against one another. You start out by giving each person an old magazine, along with a list of various items for them to find within their magazines. when an item is found, they must cut it out and collect as many items on the list as possible within the allotted time.


This game is great for players of different ages and abilities as you can tailor your lists accordingly.

For example, very young players might just search for specific colors and tear out the pages rather than cutting anything.

Another alternative is to have youngsters turn down their corners rather than cutting or tearing out pages.

If you really don't want your magazines cut up, you can have the players write down the numbers of the pages on which the objects are found. However, the reality is that your magazines are still probably going to get a bit thrashed so why not hit the thrift shops and pick some up for the game. Then you won't need to concern yourself with any man-handling that is done in their quest to win.

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Ideas For The Hunt
  • Anything that is a specific color.

  • Anything that can be worn.

  • A picture starting with each letter of the alphabet.

  • Any items that start with a particular letter of the alphabet.

  • Pictures of animals.

  • Pictures of food.

  • Pictures of flowers.

  • Pictures of babies, kids, or both.


This game is played individually, competing against everyone else. Give each person an old magazine, along with a list of various words to find that are appropriate to their magazines. When a word or a letter in that word is found, they should cut it out and glue it on a sheet of paper. Whoever collects the most words within the allotted time is the winner.

Ideas For The Hunt In A Woman's Magazine
  • __________Lose weight

  • __________Gorgeous hair

  • __________Reverse aging

  • __________Hot trend

  • __________Ease stress

  • __________Cure insomnia

  • __________Staying motivated

  • __________Willpower

  • __________Supermarket

  • __________Bounce and shine

  • __________Hidden savings

  • __________Yo-Yo dieting

  • __________Stop snowing

  • __________Health breakthrough

  • __________Recipes


This game is played in teams of 2 or 3 people and give each person a magazine. Then give them a list of various items, photos, names, etc. which could be found in the magazines. As items are found, cut them out and collect as many as they can in the allotted time.

Ideas for The Hunt In A Money-Related Magazine
  • __________Money

  • __________Save

  • __________Retirement plan

  • __________Wall Street

  • __________Strong stocks

  • __________Bond market

  • __________Credit score

  • __________Economy

  • __________Junk bonds

  • __________Take control

  • __________Tax credit

  • __________Reverse mortgage

  • __________Black Berry

  • __________Cut your spending

  • __________529 Plan

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