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If you have decided to host a Luau Party, then you will want to be sure to plan some games for teens that will keep everyone occupied, raging hormones in check, and having a good time--not necessarily in this order.

Once you have made the party transformation of typical backyard to exotic tropical party atmosphere, then it will be time to focus on having fun in the sun. To assist you in this regard, I have put together this page of games, all of which would complement a luau theme party nicely. So hula on over and scroll your way down to see what's shakin'.


No luau is complete without some party games. Listed below are a few luau party ideas to help create some fun party activities:

Luau Party Games

LUAU FASHION SHOW – Why not let your guests have a fun fashion show to show off all their favorite Hawaiian flavored clothing. Make sure you note this activity in the invitations so everyone knows to dress in their best, colorful Hawaiian or luau themed costumes. Set up an area for your runway and have three people be judges for the content. Give them dry erase boards and a market so they can score each contestant between 1-10. You will also need a CD of fun Hawaiian music. Line up guests and have them walk the runway. As a guest walks the runway, have judges hold up their score. The guest who gets the highest score from the judges wins the fashion show game.

LUAU COCONUT BOWL – This game offers a fun, luau themed take on bowling. You’ll need some empty two-liter bottles that have some water or sand in them to give them a bit of weight. You’ll also need a couple coconuts to use as bowling balls. Make sure the coconuts you choose are as round as possible for the best results. Set up the bottles like bowling pins and then have guests take turns bowling with the coconuts. Score the game just like regular bowling. The person that ends up with the best coconut bowling score wins the game.

Luau Party Games

LUAU SEA SHELL GUESSING GAME – Before the party, fill up a large bucket or jar with sea shells, being sure to count the number of shells you place in the container. Have the container of shells on one of the main party tables with slips of paper and a small box. Have guests go by and guess how many shells are in the container, writing their name and their guess on a slip of paper, placing it in the box. Near the end of the party, go through the slips of paper to see who guessed closest to the actually number of sea shells in the container. Give a prize to the lucky winner.

HULA-HOOPS - Regardless of age or sex, you gotta have hula-hoop contests like who gets the most spins with one hoop, two hoops, etc. Use the hula-hoop like a rope and see who can do the most jumps through a hoop.

Luau Party Games

HULA DANCE - Play traditional Hawaiian music and have your guests do hula dance steps and movements with their hands.

LIMBO - If you do not wish to purchase a limbo kit, then you can use the traditional broomstick and decorate it with streamers and flowers. Then all you need to do is play some fun Hawaiian music and see who can go the limbo the lowest.

Luau Party Games

PASS THE COCONUT - This game is played like "Hot Potato." Have everyone sit in a circle, play Hawaiian music, and have them pass the coconut to the person on their right. When music stops, whoever is holding the coconut is out. Play continues until one person remains.

TOSSING WATER BALLOONS - Prior to the party fill up a bunch of balloons with water; be sure to have plenty on hand--at least 4 or 5 for each person, but the more the better. Have everyone line up into two lines and face one another. On "Go", have everyone start tossing a water balloon back and forth to the person across from them until someone out of each pair misses the catch and the balloon breaks. The people who miss the catch will be out of the game. Regroup everyone and repeat the tossing back and forth until only one person remains who shall be the declared winner.

Variation:To make things a little more interesting and challenging, you could have everyone put a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil on their hands and then proceed to try and toss and catch the water balloons.

Luau Party Games

LUAU RELAY RACE - Divide your teens into two teams and line them up on one side of the yard. At the opposite side, have a beach hat, swim cap Hawaiian shirt, grass skirt, big sunglasses, lei, fins and swim mask for each team. When you say "Go," the first player in each line races to the other side and puts on all their clothes, runs back to their teammates, tags the next person in their line, runs back to the other side, removes the clothes, and runs back to their teammates and tags the next teammate in their line. That person does the same as their previous teammate and play continues until 1 team completes the relay.

BEACH VOLLEYBALL - Set-up a volleyball net, divide players into two teams, and have them play volleyball but use a beach ball instead.


For the kid in us all, why not take a step back in time and enjoy a fun game or two of childhood favorites with a luau twist? If you're "game", then check out the next couple of games.

MUSICAL LUAU BEACH TOWELS – To play this game, you’ll need enough beach towels for each guest as well as some Hawaiian music to play. You play the game much like the game, Musical Chairs. Have guests place towels in a circle, sitting down on one towel. Start the music, having guests walk around the towels, taking one towel away. When the music stops, everyone has to sit down on one of the beach towels. The one who doesn’t have a towel to sit on is out. Keep removing another towel for each round until you end up with one person left in the game.

LUAU HULA SIMON SAYS – This is a cool twist on hula hoop contents, combining hula hooping with Simon Says. Make sure all guests have a hula hoop to use. Then, have a party helper be “Simon,” calling out the instructions for the contest. Have everyone begin by doing the traditional hula hoop around the waist. Then, “Simon” will start calling out instructions, such as “Simon Says do the blind hula,” which requires guests to continue hula hooping while covering their eyes. Another example, “Simon Says do the hula on your right arm,” which requires everyone to spin the hula hoop on the right arm. When someone drops the hoop or stops, they are out of the game. Keep going until only one person is left in the contest.


PRINTABLE GAMES - When you're ready to change the fast pace of the party and get those energetic teens to kick back a bit, you might want to consider incorporating any of the following fun Print & Play Party Games.

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