Lottery Party Ideas - Lottery Check Cake

by Mae-Lan Mejia
(Santa Clarita, CA)

The cake is fondant covered and the check is made from gum paste that is hand painted.

This cake would be a great idea if you know anyone who has won the lottery. If you're looking for an excuse to have cake and someone you know has just won $5.00--why not celebrate the winnings with cake. After all, any excuse is a good excuse to have a party and/or have cake!

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Doesn’t everyone dream of winning the lottery and all the cool things they will do with the money? This lottery check cake is so awesome and would be the perfect complement to any lottery party. Looking at this cake got my wheels turning and made me think of some cool ideas you could use to make your lottery party a great one.

One fun idea is to get fake lottery tickets and use them for your invitations. You can purchase them from joke shops. Just make sure you make it plain to your guests that the invitations are NOT real lottery tickets. You don’t want to get anyone too excited when they see the ticket.


Decorations for a lottery party are easy as well. Have fun with fake lottery banners and don’t be afraid to add dice, playing cards or even a fake wheel of fortune to the mix to add to the fun and excitement. For the games, you can actually hold your own little lottery game at the party. Hand out lottery cards at the beginning of the party and then near the end you can call out numbers and see who has the winning ticket for the night.


Surprise your guests when you send them home. Instead of traditional party favors, hand out lottery tickets to every guest. They’ll all get a chance to try their luck. Who knows? One of them could end up really winning the lottery!

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