Little Scarecrow Costume

by Seann Adams
(Eden, NC)

Cutest Little Straw Man On Earth!

Cutest Little Straw Man On Earth!

Obviously I got this idea from the Wizard of Oz. I love that movie and so does my son Tyler. He already had the shirt and coveralls. I took a few patches of fabric I had around the house and ironed them onto the coveralls. We then took some fake straw and sewed it into my garden hat and onto the sleeves of the shirt as well as the pant legs. Overall, this costume came out really well and my little Tyler was tickled to death to have such a great costume. It even won first place at my church's costume contest.


Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Seann's costume was not only easy, but it really came out great! Tyler makes an adorable little scarecrow. In fact, this costume inspired a few harvest party ideas to come to mind, so if you're creating a party atmosphere, perhaps these ideas might help you make the necessary room transformation:

Adorn your chairs with large raffia bows that are accented with fall flowers (sunflowers) and/or leaves.

Decorate tables with a fall-colored tablecloth and then create or buy a centerpiece made from gourds, pumpkins, Indian corn, greenery, and/or fall leaves. Be sure to toss a bit of fall confetti onto the table tops for an added accent.

Serve up food like chips in hollowed out pumpkins that are lined with cloth napkins.

Accent your drink ware by gluing a wide strip of burlap and a plaid ribbon over glass bottles or Mason jars for guests to enjoy their beverages in harvest party style. In fact, these can ultimately be a favor that everyone takes home.

Make a rag garland out of various colored fall fabrics and tie them onto a piece of jute. Then twist your garland around bannisters, accent fireplace mantels, the party room table, hang around doors and windows, or around any other area of the room that needs a splash of color.

Another garland idea would be to create leaf shapes out of felt or fabric and string them onto ribbon or jute and then use them as you would any piece of garland.

If you have a large wall that is crying out for color, hang strands of your leaf garland from floor to ceiling. This will instantly transform your room, along with providing you with a great backdrop for photos.

Stack up hay bales and accent the tops with scarecrows and other fall decor.

If weather permits and you're holding your party outside, you might want to use hay bales for everyone to sit on. If you want to "soften" them a bit, you can always cover them with a piece of plaid fabric or create little cushions to place on top of each one.

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