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by Abigail

How Low Can You Go?

How Low Can You Go?

Put on some popular music or Hawaiian themed tunes for the kids to just dance around!

When they've had enough of that set up the infamous limbo party game and see who can go so low. The guys will of course endeavor to outdo one another to impress the girls, but then it wouldn't be so much fun if they didn't.

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Limbo is one of the great games to use at a teen pool party. Instead of using it outside of the pool, which is always fun, you can also try the game inside the pool as well. With the buoyancy of the water, it’s harder to get under the limbo pole without floating up and touching it.


Water freeze tag is another of the fun teen pool party games to add to your list of games and activities. This game is tons of fun. Have a person be “IT.” All the guests get in the pool. When the person who is “IT” tags a player, they are frozen and must stay where they are in the pool. However, other people playing can unfreeze people if they swim underneath their legs without being tagged. If the person who is “IT” is able to freeze everyone, then another player will become the new “IT.”


Get Across the River is another of the cool teen pool party game. You’ll need two ropes and two inflatable rafts that are big enough for a single person. Take the two ropes and string them from one end of the pool to another. Split your guests into two teams. Each group gets a different side of the pool, standing next to a rope. The first person on the team will get on their team’s raft and use the rope to pull themselves to the other side of the pool without getting wet. If they fall in, they have to go back to the back of their team’s line. The team that finishes first wins the game.

When everyone has had enough "wet" activities, head for the land and enjoy a few of these fun games:


If you have an overhead lattice patio covering, tie red, blue, green, and yellow balloons to it. Break your teens down into four teams. (You can obviously use different colored balloons and have more or less teams as necessary.) Have each team line up and give the first person of each team a gunny sack. On "Go", the first person of each team will hop to the balloons, pick up one of the sturdy T-Pin's that is on a table near the balloons and proceed to pop one of their team colored balloons with one hand, put the T-Pin back down onto the table, hop back in the gunny sack to their teammates, climb out the sack, and the next person in line repeats the relay. Whichever team finishes first are the winners.

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