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Wrap Up The Fun T.P. Style!

Wrap Up The Fun T.P. Style!

You will need as many chairs as you have people playing the game.

First, you will need to have everyone sit in a chair. Next, the host/hostess will ask various questions that start out, "Have you ever..." If the person sitting in the chair can answer “yes” to whatever the question is, then that person or persons shall move one chair to the right. If he or she didn't do whatever is being asked, then that person or persons stay sitting where they are.

Like the title says, this game will involve lap-sitting. As you can see, as people can't move they will begin to pile up on one another's laps. If someone yells "Uncle" that person shall be out, along with the chair that person was sitting on. Then the round starts over and it keeps repeating until only one person remains, who is obviously the winner.

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When coming up with teen games, you have to keep them entertaining and fun or the teens will quickly become bored – that’s the last thing you want! If you need some more exciting games for teens, I have a couple you can use for any teen birthday party.


This game starts by having everyone stand in a tight circle facing towards their right. Then everyone starts to sit down simultaneously on the lap of the person behind them, which creates a chain of lap sitting. If all goes well, everyone will be sitting on someone's lap; if something goes awry, the chain will be broke and the kids will "bottom" out.


Creating the Mummy is one of the teen games that will keep your guests laughing and having a great time. You’ll want to break up your party guests into teams of 3-5 people. Make sure you have lots of cheap toilet paper on hand. Every team will get their own roll of TP. Have teams wrap up one person in the group as a mummy. The person who is able to completely cover their “mummy” using the entire roll of TP will win the game. You can also give a prize to the team that gets the most creative with their mummy.


A doughnut eating contest is another game of fun that teens will appreciate. Thread a bunch of plain glazed donuts on a string and hang them up between a couple of yard stakes or trees. Make sure they can easily be reached by all your guests. Then, see who can get a donut eaten the fastest off the string without using their arms or their hands. If their donut falls on the ground, they are disqualified.


One thing that teens usually enjoy is a scavenger hunt. Here's a great option to check out. With a few clicks you can have your gang on the hunt and you have the option of adding a theme to the hunt and making it one that is inside or outside.

Treasure Hunts at
Fun Scavenger Hunt Clues

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