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Fun And Fabulous Ladybug Party Themes
The Perfect Choice For Your Little Love Bug!

Red and black are my favorite colors and I personally think that a ladybug birthday party is one of the best party themes for a toddler. It has great potential for being a truly adorable party. I've happily created this page of ladybug party ideas that will have you seeing spots. So fly on over and check out these buggy little party ideas.

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As you scroll through this page, be sure to imagine your party room being transformed into a garden paradise fit for your little bug and her friends. To help you create a party that is just too cute, I have put together the following ideas that are sure to hit the spot! You will soon discover they are the perfect choice for your nature-lovin' kid. So you better get to scrolling so you can start planning your buggy little party.


LADYBUG AND FLOWER STICKER INVITATIONS – Cut a piece of green cardstock in half and then you can fold each half in half to make an invitation. On the front of the green invitation, create a border by alternating flower and ladybug stickers all the way around the invite. In the middle of the front write, “Lady (name) Invites You to a Ladybug Birthday Party.” Inside, write “Join the Buzz at (address) on (date) and fly on over at (time). Let us know if your ladybug is coming: (RSVP info). The best part is that this invitation is so simple to make, yet it looks adorable when you are done. Slip invites in envelopes and secure with another ladybug sticker. Mail or hand out to guests when you see them next.

LADYBUG INVITES #1 - Cut out enough large red circles and black ladybug antennae from poster board to make the number of ladybug invites that you need. Glue small black dots to one side. Black adhesive circles, construction paper, or cardstock work best as they all come in black. Create a little bug face on this side using green or yellow circles for eyes and add the black antennae. On the front write "Come & Be spotted..." On the reverse side say, "At (Name's) Ladybug Birthday Party!" Then add the party details.

LADYBUG INVITES #2 - Cut out two large circles from cardstock; one should be white and the other red. Cut out a small black circle for the head and glue tiny goggle eyes and black cardstock antennae to your bug. Glue the head to the top of the white cardstock, which is the ladybug's belly. Cut the red circle in half to form the wings and glue them to the white circle so they are in a wide-open position, which will reveal the white belly. Be sure you can see your ladybug's face. Write the party info on the belly. Add some black spots on the wings and you're done!

LADYBUG PARTY THEMES - PHOTO INVITES - Cut shiny red cardstock into 2 pieces and fold in half. Using decorative scissors, trim edges of a photo of your child dressed in a ladybug costume, so photo is slightly smaller than the cardstock. Glue the photo to the invite's front side. Put "Buzz On Over To My Ladybug Birthday Party" above the photo.

Using scrapbook paper with a light decorative background that ties into ladybugs (finished size will be 4 1/2" x 7 1/2"), type or handwrite in calligraphy the party details. Using decorative scissors cut the scrapbook paper inserts and glue them to the inside of the cardstock. Decorate with ladybug stickers. Add the party details.

Here's some fun ladybug wording for your invitations that would be perfect for your ladybug party themes.

Buzz on over for (Name's) Ladybug Party
Come hungry, and have a spot of lunch.
If you don't show up, I'll be bugged.
We've got some high flying fun prepared.


Invite all of your guests to come dressed as ladybugs or garden flowers.

Here's a few ideas for costume alternatives that would be perfect for your ladybug party themes. You could turn everyone into little ladybugs as they arrive by handing out Ladybug antennae. Start with a black plastic headband and attach antennae made from black pipe cleaners and pom poms. Twist the pipe cleaners onto the headband and hot glue the pom poms in place. Then give them their ladybug bodies, which will be a red cape with black dots. All you have to do is make a simple cape out of red fabric, glue black fabric dots to it, and add a ribbon tie for the neck.

You can also set-up a face painting area and have someone paint a little ladybug on one of the kids' cheeks as they arrive.


The dominant colors for your ladybug party themes should be black and red, with perhaps a little green to set the tone and help create your ladybug/garden atmosphere. If you want to create a full-on garden, then you will want to add lots of colorful flowers. Select from the following ideas for your ladybug party themes and adapt your color selection accordingly:
  • Use black ladybug “spots” all around the party area to add to the décor. Make them yourself by cutting out 12-inch in diameter circles from some black construction paper or cardstock. Using tape, place the spots all over the party area, such as under furniture, on the walls, on furniture, on party tables, etc. Later you can always use some of those ladybug “spots” to help you with some of your ladybug games.

  • To add to the decorations on your party tables, take some small clay flowerpots and place them on the table. Line them using some green plastic wrap and then fill with chips, candies or other food items that you want to serve your guests. Once you fill the pot with food, stand up a lollipop in the middle to make it look like it is the flower growing in the pot.

  • Make your own cool ladybug rocks by taking small rocks from around your home or by buying some stones at a craft store and then painting them with red paint. After the red paint dries, add black spots with small dabs of black paint. Add two googly eyes to the rocks as well to create the ladybug faces. Place your rock “ladybugs” all around your party area to add to the décor.

  • Buy or make your own tissue paper flowers in both red and black. Then, hang them from the ceiling using some clear fishing line. Make sure to hang them from different heights, adding a nice flower background to your party area.

  • Using red and black sidewalk chalk, draw red and black polka dots on your sidewalk before party guests arrive. Then, they can follow the red and black polka dots up the walkway to the party area. It is a cool way to lead guests right to the party.

  • You can make your own ladybug balloons. You will need some red balloons and a black magic marker. Blow up the red balloons and then use the marker to add black spots to the balloons. Then, you can hang the balloons all around the party area in balloon bouquets of 3-7 balloons.

  • Line your walkway with large colorful flowers made from poster board and accented with ladybugs. Affix them to yard stakes.

  • To give the garden feel, make a "cobblestone" walkway to your front door using various shades of gray or brown construction paper. You can glue everything to a piece of butcher paper that is the length of the sidewalk. Just be sure to cover all the white with some kind of "stone."

  • Create a balloon arch. If you have a wire arch cover it in red and black balloons.

  • Put black and red balloons outside to alert guests of party location. Put them on mailbox, hang from tree, or tie to car antenna.

  • Make a sign for your front door. It could say something like, "Welcome to ____'s Ladybug Birthday Party."

Ladybug Party Themes Decoration Ideas

Select from the following ideas for some more decoration ideas for your ladybug party themes:

  • Decorate ceilings with black and red streamers that have been twisted either together so each streamer is half black and half red, or twist them separately to maintain the colors in a separate formation. then add some small balloon clusters to the corners and accent them with curling ribbons.

  • Create a "canopy" at entryway by loosely attaching black and red streamers to the center of the ceiling and loop it to the wall joints to create a canopy effect. Allow each streamer to go to the floor.

  • Decorate archways or doorways with black and red streamers for your little ladybugs to pass through.

  • Decorate wider walkways with black sheets tied back with red bows or vice versa.

  • Make ladybugs from black and red cardstock and hang them from black and red curling ribbons on the party room ceiling.

  • Hang garden posters on walls that feature ladybugs.

  • To give your room an instant garden feeling, hang lots of floral garlands and greenery from your ceiling, down your walls, around doorways, etc.

  • Add lots of plants and trees (artificial or real) around the party room and cluster them in out-of-the-way corners. To add a little glitz, you might consider stringing white Christmas lights in your trees.

  • Create a garden on your wall using various colored paper or you could go all out and use fabrics. Make grass, flowers, sun, trees, bushes, etc. and add lots of ladybugs lurking in amongst it all.

  • Put clay pots of flowers around the party room with ladybug picks. You can paint your pots black, red, or a combination of red with black dots.

  • Hang big flowers on the walls made from construction paper, colored paper, or colored cardstock. Add some ladybug stickers throughout.

  • Tie fabric bows on all the chairs that is red with black dots.

  • Cover tables with red tablecloths with black dots. You can make the dots with construction paper, cardstock, or poster board. Tie corners with black and red ribbons and ladybug and flower confetti on top. You can also add some plastic ladybugs to the tabletop.

  • You could also opt to use a green tablecloth to represent grass and then use leaf-shaped placemats with black and red party ware.

  • Make green leaf-shaped placemats from construction paper or colored paper, laminate, and place your ladybug party ware upon it for a striking look. You can also use black and red party ware to keep the ladybug theme alive. Tie the napkins with black and red satin or curling ribbons.

  • Make edible flower centerpieces. Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe and shape your dough into flower petals. Then insert a stick into each of the cookies and bake. After your cookies have cooled, decorate them with colored icings, sprinkles, colored sugar, etc. to make your flowers come alive. Lastly, insert the sticks into flower pots filled with florist foam or Styrofoam. Add floral moss to conceal the foam.

  • Make ladybugs to place on tables, affix to walls, hang from ceiling, etc. Start by cutting Styrofoam balls in half and painting them red. Then paint on some black dots. Add black pipe cleaners for the antennae and glue some googly eyes on them.


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To keep your little bugs hopping, I decided to make a Ladybug Game Ideas and Activities page that is separate from all the other party ideas. To gain access to all the info about the following games, all you need to do is click the above link:
  • Find Ladybug Antennae Activity
  • Make A Ladybug T-Shirt
  • Ladybug Rescue Relay
  • Ladybug Balloon Fun
  • Ladybug Theme Bean Bag Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Pin The Ladybug On The Flower
  • Musical Ladybugs
  • Ladybug Relay Race
  • Ladybug Freeze Dance
  • Find The Ladybugs
  • Find The Winner
  • Guess How Many Ladybugs Are In The Jar
  • Bug Toss


Here's a few food ideas that would be perfect for your ladybug party themes.

LADYBUG WATERMELON FRUIT SALAD – Make a fruit salad using a variety of tasty fruits that kids love. Using a melon baller, scoop out balls of watermelon to add to the salad. However, before you put the watermelon balls into the fruit salad, poke a few raisins into each watermelon ball to make it look like it has black spots. Then, add the watermelon to the salad. Tell the kids that ladybugs somehow got into the fruit salad. They will enjoy getting the chance to actually eat the “ladybugs.”

LADYBUG MAC & CHEESE - Turn your favorite mac and cheese recipe into a ladybug themed food by adding a tint to it using red food coloring. Garnish with a few black olives (spots).

SPIDER CRACKERS - Spread peanut butter on Ritz crackers and sandwich them together. Add pretzel sticks for legs and raisins for eyes. use a little dab of peanut butter to hold them on.

ANTS ON A LOG - Fill celery with cream cheese or peanut butter and top with raisins.

LADYBUG BREAD - Cut your bread into circles. spread with peanut butter. Add raspberry or strawberry jelly or jam. Then top with raisins to create your spots.

LADYBUG FRUIT POTS - Paint small clay pots red with black spots. Fill with various fruits and give each child their own pot of fruit.

LADYBUG SALAD - Place a large lettuce leaf on each child's plate. Put a canned pear half in the center of each leaf. Place a canned apricot on either side of the pear to form the wings. Push raisins into the pear to form the spots. Make antennae from black shoestring licorice. Line up raisins to form legs.

LADYBUG SUGAR COOKIES – Another great food idea that goes along with ladybug party themes is tasty ladybug sugar cookies. Make a batch of sugar cookie dough and then cut the cookies into circles. After the cookies cool, ice the cookies using some bright red icing. After the red icing sets, pipe on some black dots or you can add brown M&Ms to the cookies to make the spots on the ladybugs. Of course, you could always make the cookies and then let your party guests decorate their cookies to look like ladybugs, which will make this a food idea and a fun activity for guests to engage in at your ladybug party.

CHOCOLATE LADYBUGS - Melt chocolate chips and dip strawberries into them and place on wax paper to cool.

LADYBUG LEMONADE - The day before the party freeze fresh blackberries on a cookie sheet. When frozen, transfer to a plastic bag and store in the freezer. On the day of the party, make your lemonade and add some red food coloring to it. Just before serving add your frozen berries.

PARTY FOOD STAND-BYS - Hotdogs, hamburgers, chips and dip, and make-your-own sandwiches.


Here are a few cake ideas that would be perfect for your ladybug party themes:

ladybug cake images
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Here's a few cake ideas that would be perfect for your ladybug party themes.

LADYBUG CUPCAKES - Start with some chocolate cupcakes and then cover them with red frosting. Make a face on one side of the frosting. Use green or yellow mini M&M's for the eyes and shoestring black licorice for the antennae and create a smile. Then add brown M&M's all over the remainder of the cupcake's frosting to create the ladybug spots.

LADYBUG COOKIES - The base of your ladybug cookies is a round chocolate cookie. To create the wings, cut red fondant the size of the cookie and then cut it into two pieces. Place a little frosting on the cookie to "glue" the wings on at an angle, which will make them appear open. Use tubes of decorator frosting to create your ladybug's spots, eyes, and a smiling mouth. Add black shoestring licorice for the antennae.

LADYBUG CAKE - Bake a cake in a round Pyrex bowl and turn it over so the "hump" is on top. Also make one cupcake for the head. Frost them both red and add black dots using black frosting, brown M&M's, or Junior Mints. Use black shoestring licorice to create the legs and antennae. Use green M&M's for the eyes. Place your bug on a plate of tinted green coconut to create the grass.

LADYBUG BIRTHDAY CAKE - Bake two round cakes. Frost one layer red. Cut the other layer in half and angle them on top of the first layer to form open wings. Frost the wings red. Add black spots using a tube of black decorator frosting. Finish up your bug with black shoestring licorice for the smile and antennae, and M&M's for the eyes.


Select from any of the following ladybug party themes ideas for creating memorable party favors:

Fill cellophane bags with party favors and tie with black and red curling ribbons. You could also use a red paper bag with black dots. Ideas for favors: ladybug Beanie, stickers, ladybug-shaped soap, ladybug coloring book and crayons, bookmarker, ladybug hair bow or barrette, and anything else you can find with ladybugs on it.

For an added fun favor, you might consider buying live ladybugs off of the Internet. Decorate baby food jars to look like ladybugs and punch holes in the lids. Place a few ladybugs in each of the jars and give each of the kids a jar.

Ladybug Party Themes, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite ladybug party themes ideas, cakes or costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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