Ladybug Party Ideas That Won't Bug Ya -- Fly On Over And Check Them Out

Fun And Fabulous Ladybug Party Ideas
To Help You Create A Great 1st Birthday!

If your daughter is as cute as a bug, what better party for her first birthday than a ladybug birthday party. I'll help you to create a party that is one of a kind and no garden variety--just like your special child.

A ladybug birthday party is a wonderful theme for a child's first birthday party. I've gathered together some of the cutest little ladybug party ideas that are sure to make your lil' bug's birthday a delight. These ideas will have you seeing spots in no time at all!


If you'd like to make it easy on yourself, select one of the above invitations and jazz them up a bit with some coordinating glitters. You can also give the envelopes a touch of pizzazz by adding some cute ladybug and flower stickers to the outside of the envelopes. Another fun idea would be to add "Fly on over..." on the back of the envelope where it seals.


If you're thinking about dressing your little one up in a ladybug costume, the above are some darling options to consider. As you can see, you can go all out with a full-on costume or just opt for a cute theme t-shirt and antennae, or perhaps a bib and wings.

If you're leaning towards a dress and can't find one that actually has a ladybug print, then you could create your own. Start by buying a red or pink dress and sewing some black spots out of fabric or felt to the dress. Be sure to have your daughter wear black tights and top her little head off with a cute ladybug antenna when it's time for pictures.


The following are some great options to consider for decorating your party room in ladybug splendor.

  • As you can see, there are several options for a keepsake banner from which to choose. They come in various sizes and styles to suit your color scheme and theme.

  • One of my favorite decorating options is the giant decals. They are the kind of decor that keeps on giving after the party is over. Little eyes will enjoy feasting upon all the buggy decor and they can later be transferred to your child's bedroom wall.

  • I also like the cute Mylar balloons that will certainly add to the atmosphere and are perfect for jazzing up a barren corner.

  • Another fun option is the decorative garden party streamers that have little ladybug decorations. These are a perfect add-on when you want specialized streamers to do your bidding.

  • Last, but far from least are the cute little pinata options. Of course a pull-string is best for a first birthday, but if you want one to be a centerpiece or additional bug decor, the other two are also adorable.


PIN THE SPOTS ON THE LADYBUG - This game is played like Pin The Tail On The Donkey except you put a large poster of a ladybug on the wall. If you can't find a ladybug poster, then you'll have to create one yourself. If you aren't comfortable with your drawing skills, perhaps a teen art student could be of assistance. Give each of the kids a black spot made out of construction paper to pin onto the ladybug using double-stick tape. You can put a little flower sticker on the ladybug to designate the location the kids are trying to "pin" their spots.

VARIATION: Pin the ladybug on the flower. Hang a large poster of a flower and have the little ones try to pin the ladybug on the flower. Make the ladybugs out of black and red or pink and black construction papers.

For additional game options, click on the link at the end of this page where you'll find several theme games from which to select.


When it comes time to serve up the ladybug grub, you'll want to be sure to use from fun ladybug themed party ware. The following are some great options to consider for sprucing up that all-important party table and/or cake table.

Now that you've got some ideas to help you create a table filled with ladybug eye appeal, here are some food options to consider serving.

  • Mini sandwiches cut into fourths are a great option. Grilled cheese, cashew butter and jelly, or cream cheese and jelly would all work very nicely.

  • Speaking of mini sandwiches, another fun choice would be sliced ham and cheese, turkey and cheese, or chicken and cheese sandwiches made on mini croissants.

  • Macaroni and cheese is usually a favorite of little tykes. It's also easy to make and serve up.

  • Be sure to offer milk in some fashion, perhaps adding just a touch of chocolate to make it extra yummy.


If you've decided to take the plunge and make your own ladybug cake, here's an adorable pan that will get you started. You can easily make it pink and black or red and black to coordinate with your party colors.

Another great option is to use an edible icing cake topper like the one above. It's an easy way to give your homemade cake the look of having been created by a professional. All you have to do is make the cake, frost it or cover it with fondant for an extra smooth finish, pipe out an edge around the cake, and add the topper. Voila, you're good to go!

If you want to send your guests home with a special ladybug cupcake, here's a cute little cupcake box that is specially designed with your theme in mind. Too cute and way yummy all rolled up into one.


Send your little guests home with some fun ladybug reminders that parents can enjoy with their children. Start with a cute theme favor box or basket like the ones noted above and fill it up with some fun theme items.

  • My absolute favorite is the little ladybug beanbag which would be fun to play with or use as a decoration in their room.

  • Bubbles are always fun for little tots and when you add the theme of the party, it doubles the pleasure.

  • A zipper pull would be a lovely favor and friendly reminder of the fun little ones had at the ladybug party. Mom and Dad could point to the zipper pull and ask their child if they remember going to the fun ladybug party.

  • Other cute options are the pop up or wind up lady bugs. Little ones are sure to enjoy trying to catch the bugs as they hop around the room.


If you're interested in crafting your own invites, seeking ideas for creating fun and fabulous ladybug decor, wanting additional options for flavorful food and cute cakes, and in need of some fun game ideas, then click on over to my Ladybug Party Themes page where you will find loads of ideas that are sure to please and ignite your creative juices.

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