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Fun And Fabulous Ladybug Game Ideas
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A ladybug theme party is sure to be tons of fun. You’ve probably turned your party area into a ladybug paradise with lots of black and red ladybugs adorning the walls, floors, tables, and whatever else you can find to add a splash of ladybug color. If however you are still in need of some Ladybug Birthday Party ideas, then check this page out where you will soon discover that black and red never looked so good. This darling theme offers the opportunity to create an adorable party room.

To insure your little critters don't want to bug out early, be sure to plan lots of fun ladybug game and activities for your young guests to play. After all, they are sure to show up with plenty of energy and I'm sure you'll want to be prepared to channel that energy constructively. Choose a ladybug game or activity as an icebreaker for the party and have a couple more games to play later to keep the party moving along.

If you’re having a tough time finding great games that go along with your ladybug theme, you’ve arrived at the right place. Here you’ll find some wonderful games and activities that kids are sure to enjoy, so pick a few so you can ultimately create a fun-filled ladybug theme party that your little guests are sure to go buggy over. Here are a few ladybug game and activity ideas that would be perfect for your little bug's party.


FIND LADYBUG ANTENNAE ACTIVITY – This fun ladybug activity makes a great activity to start at the beginning of the party, since guests can join at any time as they arrive. You’ll need to purchase enough red plastic headbands for each guest to have one. You’ll also need some red Styrofoam balls, hot glue and black pipe cleaners. Make sure an adult helps with the hot glue gun. To make the ladybug antennae, have kids take two pipe cleaners and two Styrofoam balls. Let them poke the pipe cleaner into the ball so it stays attach, twisting the pipe cleaner into a curly shape that looks like an antennae. Then, have an adult help glue the other end of the pipe cleaners to the headbands. Once they dry, kids can wear them during the party.

MAKE A LADYBUG T-SHIRT – Another fun activity is to let kids make their own cool ladybug t-shirts. You’ll need toddler-sized t-shirts for this project, as well as some fabric paints. Let kids have fun drawing ladybugs on their t-shirts, decorating them with red paint and then adding black spots on the ladybugs. Once the paint dries, kids can have fun dressing up in their ladybug shirts for the party and then you can let them take home their t-shirts at the end of the party.

LADYBUG RESCUE RELAY – This relay race is a ladybug game that’s easy enough for toddlers. You’ll need two bowls of red buttons that you have painted with black dots before the party. You’ll also need two empty bowls and two spoons. Split kids into two teams. Have a start line and finish line that are about 10 feet apart. The relay starts with the first person on each team taking their spoon and scooping up a ladybug from the bowl, rushing it to the finish line and placing it in the other bowl. Then they race back and give the spoon to the next person and they do the same thing. The team that rescues all the ladybugs first is declared the winner.

Ladybug Game Ideas

LADYBUG BALLOON FUN – Balloon games are always fun and you’ll need black and red balloons for this exciting game. Blow up the balloons before the party, but put fun little challenges in the balloons that say things like “do 5 jumping jacks” or “do a ladybug dance.” Play fun music and have guests keep all the balloons up in the air by tapping them. Once you stop the music, each person grabs a balloon. Then, choose a name and that person has to pop the balloon and do what the paper says. Each person gets a little prize for completing the fun challenge.

LADYBUG THEME BEAN BAG TIC-TAC-TOE – Draw a tic-tac-toe board on your driveway or sidewalk using some sidewalk chalk, or you could use some rope to make the board in the back yard. Let kids take turns playing the game two at a time. You’ll need 12 beanbags, making sure that 6 are red and 6 are black. Two kids play the game by tossing the beanbags at the board, working to get tic-tac-toe first. Make sure that all the kids get a chance to play the game and consider having some small prizes to give out to the winners. You could even the winner keep playing until you have a final challenger.

PIN THE LADYBUG ON THE FLOWER - Hang a large poster of a flower on the wall and give each of the kids a ladybug to pin onto the flower. Place a ladybug sticker on the flower to designate the location that the kids are trying to "pin" their ladybugs upon. Use double-stick tape on the ladybugs. You can make them out of construction paper.

Variation: Hang a huge picture of a ladybug on the wall and have the kids pin the spot on the ladybug. Make the spots out of black construction paper.


MUSICAL LADYBUGS - Instead of using chairs create large green leaves and put them onto the floor into a circle pattern. You can make the leaves from felt or various green floral-colored fabrics. All of your little "ladybugs" will fly around the leaves while the music plays. When it stops, everyone tries to get onto one leaf. Whoever fails to do so is eliminated. Game continues until only 1 ladybug remains, who is the winner.

LADYBUG RELAY RACE - Split your guests into teams and give each team 2 large black ladybug spots, which are made from black poster board. They start by standing on both spots. When you say, "Go!" they lift 1 foot and move 1 spot forward and step on it. Then they lift their back foot and pick-up the spot, move it forward, and step on it. They repeat this process until they arrive at the finish line and they pick-up their spots, and run back to their next teammate, give the next person in line the spots who then continues in this fashion. The team who is able to get through their teammates first are the winners.

LADYBUG FREEZE DANCE - While you play some fun music all your ladybugs "fly" around the garden. Occasionally stop the music at which time all the bugs must freeze. Whoever fails to do so is out. Play continues until only one ladybug remains.

Ladybug Game Ideas

FIND THE LADYBUGS - Prior to the party, make a bunch of ladybugs using flat rocks. Paint all the rocks red and then paint a various number of black spots on each of them. Hide the "ladybugs" prior to the party. When it's time to find the ladybugs, have your little ones try to find as many of them as possible. Whoever finds the most is the #1 winner. If you want to also allow for another winner, give that tile to whoever has the most spots.

FIND THE WINNER - Prior to the party, cut out a bunch of black spots out of construction paper. One some of them write "WINNER" with a silver or white gel pen. Tape all the spots on a particular wall at an age-appropriate height so "WINNER" is concealed. Have the kids take down the spots and whoever has a spot with "WINNER" written on it, receives a prize.

GUESS HOW MANY "LADYBUGS ARE IN THE JAR - Fill a jar with black and red jellybeans (the ladybugs) and have each of the kids try to guess how many "bugs" are filling up the jar.

BUG TOSS - Line up various sized clay pots and assign a point value to each pot according to size. Give the kids each 3-5 plastic ladybugs to try to throw into the clay pots. Whoever gets the most points is the winner.

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