Lady Gaga Teen Party Ideas

by Jessica

Create Party Pizazz & Go Gaga For Lady Gaga

Create Party Pizazz & Go Gaga For Lady Gaga

Have everyone come dressed up as Lady Gaga all wearing different outfits and have them act like her for the entire party. It's totally fun!!

Hang lots of bright colored fabrics on the walls to add instant color. Hang some mirrors and mirrored disco balls in the party space. Also, add a bubble machine to continually blow bubbles throughout the night, which will add to the Gaga atmosphere.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Lady Gaga is definitely a big hit among teens today, so if you need some cool teen party ideas for your Gaga themed soiree, this submission by Jessica got my brain going and I came up with a few more great ideas that you can use.


One fun thing to do is create a dance mix full of Lady Gaga tunes. After all, it’s a Lady Gaga party, so you definitely want to feature some of her great hits. Make a CD or create an iTunes playlist of all Lady Gaga songs, such as Paparazzi, Poker Face, Edge of Glory, Born This Way, etc. Everyone can have a great time dancing to these songs.


Another great idea for a Lady Gaga party is to have some cool blond wigs, shades and other accessories so the teens can dress up and look like Lady Gaga themselves. Let them deck themselves out and then have their picture taken in their hilarious attire. Make sure everyone gets copies of the pictures once you have them printed out.

You could also have a fashion show of everyone in their Gaga best. Another thing you could do to capitalize on their attire is to have them each lip-sync one of Gaga's songs. Have a panel of judges to determine which one has got the best Gaga going on!


If you need an idea for a game for your Lady Gaga party, consider doing a Lady Gaga trivia game. Do some research to find out some of the best facts about her before the party. Then, print out some questions about her on sheets of paper. See which teen can answer the most questions correctly. The one that wins gets a Lady Gaga CD as a prize.


Anything glittery is probably a great choice for this type of party. You could create stars of all sizes out of poster board and then cover the surface with glue and sprinkle glitter onto it. Fairly fast, cheap and easy. You can then hang the stars on the walls, from the ceiling, off the back of chairs, around the perimeter of the room, create garland, etc. the possibilities are almost endless.

Another thing you can do is hang posters of Lady Gaga all over the walls or create your own wall art by covering a wall with butcher paper and then cut off pictures of Lady Gaga and create a collage of her on top of the butcher paper.

Add bouquets of balloons that are star shaped or perhaps say Hollywood, or have a glittery look to them--anything that will help make your decor look glitzy!

Hanging disco balls from the ceiling and having lots of mirrors around will also add to the party atmosphere.

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