Kung Fu Panda Birthday Party Ideas That Will Give You High Kicks!

Fun And Fabulous Kung Fu Panda Birthday Party
For A Kickin' Good Time For Your Karate Lovin' Kid!

If you are interested in creating a party that is kickin' then you might want to consider a party that features not only America's favorite panda, but also has a focus on martial arts. So if your child is a karate enthusiast, he or she is certain to enjoy a party that has this as a part of the focus.

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To help you turn your home into the perfect party atmosphere, here are some great party ideas with a Kung Fu flavor, that will get your little panda kicking. Below you will find ideas to help you host a memorable kids birthday party using our little black and white friend as your theme.

kung fu panda party ideas


RAMEN NOODLE KUNG FU INVITATIONS – Po, the famous Kung Fu Panda, happened to start out working at a noodle restaurant with his family. Have fun playing on this by using packages of Ramen noodles for your invitations. They are very cheap, so you can easily buy enough to send to each of your guests. Get some wooden chopsticks to go with the ramen noodles as well. Attack the chopsticks to the back of the Ramen with some tape. Then, write out party info on some cardstock and use double sided tape to attach the cards to the front of the pack of Ramen. Hand deliver these Ramen noodle invites to all your guests.

PARCHMENT PAPER SCROLL INVITATION – For some cool looking scroll invitations, start by writing all the party details on some parchment paper using calligraphy. Once you are done, carefully roll up the invitation. Place the invitation into a tube (you can use a covered and decorated toilet paper tube). Add a red bow around the tube that contains the invitations. You can mail out these invites using small mailing tubes, or you can always delivery them by hand as well.

KUNG FU SHIRT INVITATIONS - Cut a piece of white card stock into two 4 1/4" x 11" pieces. Fold in half to 4 1/4" x 5 1/2". Cut 1" "V" out of top middle and 1/2" "V" out of each side middle. Tie 15" long, 1/4" wide black ribbon around card at "V" indents and knot in front. On front write "Help Us Kick-Off (Name)'s Birthday. On reverse side write party details.

PANDA INVITATIONS - Cut a piece of shiny black or red card stock into 4 pieces. Type or hand write party details in calligraphy on textured white card stock. Cut finished piece with decorative scissors to measure 3" x 4 1/2" and glue to card stock. Decorate bottom corners with martial arts and/or Panda stickers. If you need some Panda-themed invite wording, here is an option to consider:

Master Po requests your presence.
Don't let anything "block" your attendance.
"Spin" on over for some kung fu fun.
"Kick" up your heels and start to run.
Panda-monium awaits for all those who come.

EMBELLISH READY-MADE THEME INVITATIONS - Buy Kung Fu invites that have a Panda picture in kicking action and then embellish picture. For example, black glitter on panda's arms and legs and white glitter on panda face and stomach.


Either invite your guests to wear a Kung Fu Panda theme costume or give your little pandas a bit of a transformation upon their arrival. Have them wear large white adult undershirts, tie with a black sash, and give each a Panda mask and tattoo.


Create a festive atmosphere for your Panda Party using some of the following ideas:
  • Decorate the party area by hanging up paper Japanese lanterns in different colors all around the room. Add some flowers made out of tissue paper as well to add to the overall Kung Fu Panda party décor.

  • On pieces of poster board, draw some very simple Chinese characters in black or red. Hang up the posters around the room to add some Chinese flair to your party area.

  • Try to find a bamboo screen that you can put up at your Panda birthday party. If you can’t find one, make your own out of a big cardboard box, decorating it to look like bamboo. It will look great in the party area. Drape a Chinese flag over it to really add some ambiance to the room.

  • Add some stuffed animals from the Kung Fu Panda movie to the room, including stuffed tigers, stuffed panda bears or stuffed birds. You can also add some posters of the Kung Fu Panda characters around the room to go with the stuffed animals.

  • Decorate your doorways with black sheets tied back with red fabric sashes or vice versa.

  • Cover your tables with red tablecloth and black topper or vice versa. Then tie off the corners with black and red ribbons and scatter gold star confetti, or confetti, and/or fortune cookies on top.

  • Use Panda cups, plates, napkins, centerpiece, or use solid red and/or black place settings.

  • Hang some Panda posters on your party walls.

  • Put black and red balloons outside to alert guests of party location. Tie to mailbox, hang them from a tree, or opt to tie them to your car antenna.

  • Put Mylar balloons on birthday panda's chair and black and red helium balloons on other chairs.

  • Hang Chinese paper lanterns from ceiling.

  • Add a banner to your wall that has the infamous panda on it, along with a birthday message.

  • Create red and black weighted balloon centerpiece in large Chinese take-out box. Use red and black tissue paper to fill box.


If you are in need of some Kung Fu Panda Party Games and Activities, just click the above link and you'll be taken to my page that has the following games:
  • Kung Fu Panda Painting Mural
  • Kumg Fu Training
  • Feed Po Tossing Game
  • Kung Fu Fighting Balloon Game
  • Kung Fu Panda Staring Contest
  • Kung Fu Warrior Obstacle Course
  • Kung Fu Boards
  • Chopsticks Relay
  • Panda Balloon Relay
  • Pin The Sword On Po
  • Bean Bag Block
  • Master Shifu Says
  • Musical Chair Balloons
  • Kung Fu Panda Game Pinata

PRINTABLE GAMES - If you need to quiet down your little kickers, you might want to incorporate some Printable Birthday Games. This site has lots of options that will assist you in this regard.


MR. PING'S KUNG FU NOODLE SOUP – Make up a batch of chicken noodle soup from the box or make it from scratch. Serve it up in bowls, but call it “Mr. Ping’s Kung Fu Noodle Soup” to make it go along with your Kung Fu Panda party theme.

TASTY MONKEY MASTER MEAL – Don’t forget about the monkey in the Panda movie. To celebrate Master Monkey, make a monkey meal that includes a peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich. Kids are sure to enjoy the sandwiches. Make sure you add a label with the sandwiches that says, “Tasty Monkey Master Meal.”

CHINESE - Obviously, Chinese food is the perfect compliment to a Kung Fu Panda party. Fried rice, chow mein, and orange chicken are kids' favorites.

PANDA MAC & CHEESE - Prepare a big bowl of your favorite Macaroi & Cheese, add some red food coloring to it and stir until it is the desired "red" color.

PANDA FRUIT & CHEESE PLATTER - Cut up various cheeses and fruits so they are bite-size pieces. Be sure to soak your cut-up apples in lemon juice so they don't oxidize and turn brown. Put identical Kung Fu and/or Panda stickers back to back with a toothpick in between the stickers and insert into food.

PO'S PIZZA - Pepperoni pizza.

MASTER BURGERS & DOGS - Barbecue hamburgers and hot dogs for pandas.

PANDA PUNCH - Day before party fill ice trays with red fruit punch. Serve punch cubes in clear cups with Sprite. Pressed for time, just serve red punch.


YIN/YANG CUPCAKES – Make up a batch of tasty cupcakes, choosing chocolate for the flavor. Ice the cupcakes in red so the design really will stand out. After frosting the cupcakes in red, use white and black icing to frost the cupcakes with a yin/yang design on the top. They will look elegant, and of course, they’ll taste amazing too.

BOWL OF NOODLES CAKE – Bake up a butter or yellow cake, but bake it in a baking bowl instead of in a regular pan. Set the “bowl” cake on a serving dish and frost it in red icing. On top of the cake, use icing to create “noodles” make of icing, making sure that a few of them hang over the side of the “bowl.”

PANDA CAKE #1 - Bake sheet cake and frost with white frosting. Using a picture of Po as a guide, outline face on cake with a toothpick. Frost face in appropriate colors and decorate them with sprinkles, sparkling sugar, edible glitter, and/or gel icing.

PANDA CAKE #2 - Bake sheet cake and frost with white frosting and decorate top with Panda figurines or cake topper.

PANDA PHOTO CAKE - Take a picture of your child in their Kung Fu costume and have a bakery put it on the cake.

kung fu panda
Photo courtesy of:
Kusina Habana
KARATE SHIRT CAKE - Bake sheet cake and cut a "V" out of the top of one short end. Frost cake with white frosting. Put strip of black frosting across middle with 2 ends hanging down for the belt.

KUNG FU PANDA CUPCAKES #1 - Make white cupcakes, frost with red and yellow frosting, and add plastic Kung Fu Panda party pics.

KUNG FU PANDA CUPCAKES #2 - Make white cupcakes and frost with white frosting. Pipe out 2 balls of black frosting for eyes and ears. Pipe out small ball of white frosting on top of black eyes. Add upside down chocolate chip on top of white eyeballs. Pipe out a red smile.


Either fill small Chinese food take-out boxes or Kung Fu Panda favor box with any combination of Kung Fu Panda stickers and tattoos, fortune cookies, chopsticks, Kung Fu Panda sword, notepad or pencils.

Kung Fu Panda Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite Kung Fu Panda party ideas, cakes or costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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