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Fun And Fabulous Kung Fu Panda Game Ideas
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If you are throwing a Kung Fu Panda Party and are in need of some ideas to keep the kiddos actively having a good time, you will need to set aside some time for some games that tie into your theme. To help you kick off your party, I have created this page of Kung Fu Panda party games.

After your home has undergone a transformation and it now looks like the Valley of Peace, it will be time to invite everyone over to your dojo and have your guests start earning their black belts. To keep your party interesting, you will need some fun Kung Fu Panda game ideas that will get your little pandas kicking. To help you plan your game and activity time, I have developed several options that will surely bring a smile to even Master Po's mug.


KUNG FU PANDA PAINTING MURAL – Place some butcher paper sheets on a fence outdoors or on a wall indoors before your guests show up at the party. When kids arrive for the Kung Fu Panda party, give them paints to use so they can create their own mural. Have them focus on painting their favorite Kung Fu Panda character. With all the kids working on this mural, it will be a fun keepsake for the birthday child to have after the party.

KUNG FU TRAINING – Be sure to save some time for Kung Fu training, training all your warriors with some physical exercises. Tell kids that they have to go through the training to get warrior status. Take about 10 minutes and have kids do different physical exercises, such as pushups, squats, jumping jacks and any other exercises you can think of for the training time.

FEED PO TOSSING GAME – Take a large poster of Po from Kung Fu Panda and attack it to a thick pieces of cardboard. Then, use cardboard pieces on the sides and bottom to make a base for the poster. Cut a hole where Po’s mouth is, making sure that the hole goes all the way through the cardboard. Give kids several beanbags and have them stand several feet away from Po. Their goal is to feed Po by getting the beanbags through Po’s mouth. Give a point for each beanbag they get through the mouth. See who can rack up the most points. You may even want to set up three different lines, giving a single point for making it from the closest line, two points for making it from the middle line and three points for making it from the line furthest from Po.

Kung Fu Panda Game Ideas

KUNG FU FIGHTING BALLOON GAME – Before the birthday party, take the time to blow up balloons in different colors. Use markers to draw the faces of some of the villains from the Kung Fu Panda movies on the balloons. Place the balloons in garbage bags until the party. When it’s time to play the game, release all of the balloons and let the kids know that they are to fight the villains by stomping or kicking the balloons. Your warriors win when they have popped the last balloon.

KUNG FU PANDA STARING CONTEST – This contest is sure to be lots of fun and it will definitely bring some laughter to your Kung Fu Panda party. Start out by having two guests begin the game. The first two contestants have to have a staring contest, sitting facing each other for as long as possible without laughing. If someone laughs, they are out. The winner gets to pick another guest to take their place. Continue to play the staring contest game until all guests have had a chance and you have a final winner. To make this faster, you could put guests into two groups and then have the winner of each group go against each other to decide on the final winner.

KUNG FU WARRIOR OBSTACLE COURSE – Warriors in training need to be able to go through a warrior obstacle course, and kids are sure to enjoy proving how tough they are by getting through the obstacle course. Create an obstacle course using items you already have on hand. For example, set up a board on the ground like a balance beam and have kids go across without falling off. Have kids crawl under some string strung low to the ground. Come up with fun ideas for your obstacle course and make it interesting. Time kids as they go through the course to see who has the fastest time. Name the kid with the fastest time the “Warrior of the Day!”

Kung Fu Panda Game Ideas

KUNG FU BOARDS - Get plenty of thin balsa wood boards for your little pandas to break. Have two adults hold boards steady as pandas break them in half by kicking or hitting them with the side of their hand.

CHOPSTICKS RELAY - Divide your little pandas into two teams, create a circle, give each team a set of chopsticks, and a plate of various foods, e.g., Chinese noodles (soft and hard), crackers, fruits, etc. Have each panda pass a piece of food to their teammate's plate and give them the chopsticks. That teammate then picks up that piece of food with the chopsticks and passes it to the next teammate's plate along with the chopsticks. This continues until all the food is transferred from the first plate to the last plate in team circle. The first team to get all their food to the last plate wins.

PANDA BALLOON RELAY - Divide pandas into teams and give the first panda of each team a sword and an inflated balloon. On "Go" they try to move the balloon to the finish line while hitting it with the sword and making kung fu moves and yells. Then they must return to the start line and give their next teammate the sword and balloon and the relay continues until one team finishes.

Kung Fu Panda Game Ideas

PIN THE SWORD ON PO - Hang a large poster of Po and draw a sword outline with heavy black marker on side of Po's body. Make enough swords out of construction paper as you have guests. As a "panda" takes a turn, blindfold them, turn them around, and let them pin a sword on Po using double-stick tape. Whoever gets their sword closest to your outline wins.

BEAN BAG BLOCK - Make black and red bean bags of various sizes from fabric and fill with beans. Adult tosses them toward pandas who block them with chops and kicks.

MASTER SHIFU SAYS - Play this game like Simon Says but give it a kung fu twist. The birthday panda starts out as Master Shifu (Simon) and tells everyone else what they must do. If "Master Shifu says kick" the pandas must kick. If Master Shifu just says "kick" without first saying "Master Shifu says", the pandas do not kick. If they kick, they are out. Master Shifu will work quickly to try and get everyone out while everyone else tries to stay in the game and not make a mistake. The last panda to stay in the game wins.

Kung Fu Panda Game Ideas

MUSICAL CHAIR BALLOONS - Set chairs back to back using same number of chairs as pandas. Give each panda an inflated balloon, then turn on some music and have everyone walk and kung fu kick their way around the chairs. When you stop playing the music, the pandas must sit down and quickly try to break their balloon. The last panda to break their balloon shall be out of the game. The game continues until only one little panda remains and he/she will be the winner.

KUNG FU PANDA GAME PINATA - Blindfold pandas with piece of black or red fabric. Wrap bat with red and black streamers and curling ribbons. Or let pandas break open the pinata with their kung fu moves.

PRINTABLE GAMES - If you want to tone down the high kicks and karate chops, then you might want to set aside the Kung Fu Panda game portion of the party and incorporate a quieter game that can be done at a table or while sitting/laying down on the floor. Here is a site that has some Printable Party Games that are sure to quiet your Kung fu crew

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