Kung Fu Panda Cake

by Mae-Lan Mejia
(Santa Clarita, CA)

Don't Fight It; Host It--A Kung Fu Panda Birthday Party That Is

Don't Fight It; Host It--A Kung Fu Panda Birthday Party That Is

This cake is fondant covered then painted. The bamboo stalks are cookie sticks that have also been covered in fondant. The characters are store bought. The cupcakes have also been covered with fondant and then the detail was hand painted.

Every Kung Fu Panda birthday party needs a fabulous cake and this cake is definitely awesome. Trying to find a Kung Fu Panda cake can be difficult, but it is pretty easy to make one of your own. Here are a few more fun cake ideas you can try out.

Instead of a big cake, consider doing cupcakes. Bake cupcakes, using both chocolate and white cake so you have a nice variety of cupcakes. Then you can ice them in colors that go along with your Kung Fu Panda birthday party theme. It’s easy to find cupcake toppers online or at party stores, so simply add the Kung Fu Panda themed toppers to your cupcakes and you have adorable cupcakes without spending a lot of time making them.

Another fun idea for a Kung Fu Panda cake is to bake a two tiered cake. Start with a large double layer round cake on the bottom and then do a smaller single layer cake for the top tier. You can create a nice panda out of fondant or gum paste to set on top of the cake. For the icing, you can use marshmallow fondant or buttercream icing. Just make sure that you secure the panda at the top of the cake so he won’t fall off.

If you want a cake that has a panda and some bamboo, start out with a nice double layer round cake. Ice the cake in white icing. Then, take Pirouette cookies and use some diluted green coloring gel to turn all the Pirouette cookies green. Place the cookies around the sides of the cake so they look like stalks of bamboo. Then, on top of the cake, add a Panda cake topper or a Panda made out of gum paste or fondant.

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