Kung Fu Class

by Alejandra Guillen
(Mexico City, Mexico)

Join Me On A Quest & We'll Do Battle Kung Fu Panda Style!

Join Me On A Quest & We'll Do Battle Kung Fu Panda Style!

Hire a Kung Fu teacher for half an hour and the children will have a blast learning the Po`s tigress` mantis` etc. moves so they can become a real Kung-Fu master!!

If you’re throwing a Kung Fu Panda birthday party, Alejandra’s idea of hiring a Kung Fu teacher is such a cool idea to try. Kids are definitely going to be excited about this activity. Just make sure everything is done safely and choose a Kung Fu teacher that is experienced at working with children.

"Meditation" aka Try To Be Quiet As A Church Mouse

Looking for some more Kung Fu Panda game ideas? This activity made me think of a few more fun activities/games that you could use at this type of party. One cool game idea for the Kung Fu Panda birthday party is to play the “Meditation” game. Part of learning Kung Fu includes learning to meditate in quietness, which Po learns to do in the movie. For the game, have the kids sit on the floor cross legged. Give them five minutes to “meditate.” See who can actually make it the entire five minutes without making a noise. More than likely, your young guests will find this pretty difficult. After all, kids always seem to get the giggles when they are trying to be quiet.

Dress Up Panda Style

Another fun idea you can use for your Kung Fu Panda birthday party is to let the kids dress up. Kids love dressing up, so consider having white karate gi uniforms for the kids to wear. These uniforms are simple and similar uniforms are usually used to practice different types of martial arts. You don’t have to buy them. They could be easily made out of lightweight white fabric or you could simply let kids where the top of the gi, which could be done by letting them wear long white men’s shirts with a belt around their waist. Once you get them dressed up, take a picture of all your little guests together. You could get copies of the picture and give them out at the end of the party.

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