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If you have decided to throw a Knight Birthday Party, then you will want to add some games that are suitable for your knights at the round table to enjoy. Be sure to invite your guests to suit up, get ready to slay a dragon and perhaps rescue a fair maiden in distress.

I have put together this page of medieval party games that are sure to entertain your gallant guests. As you begin to scroll through your options, you might have your handy dandy sword at the ready in case you come across anything that you want to cut out of your plans. So get ready to blow the trumpets, partake of the royal celebration, and knight your guests accordingly!


DECORATE THE CHALICE - As kids arrive to the party, give them each a plastic stemmed "champagne" glass to decorate with stick-on jewels and ribbons around the stems.

COAT OF ARMS COOKIES - Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe and shape the dough into knight shields and bake. Put various colored frostings and toppings like sprinkles, colored sugars, non-pareils, raisins, shredded coconut, chopped nuts, M&Ms, etc. in bowls. Give each child a cookie or two to decorate and create their own personal Coat of Arms.

DECORATE YOUR SHIELD #1 - Make paper shields out of cardstock and give each child a shield to decorate. Provide crayons, markers, glitter, sequins, ribbons, etc.

DECORATE YOUR SHIELD #2 - Make cardboard shields and cover them with foil. Cut pieces of paper or cardstock in the shape of the shield, but and inch or two smaller and glue to the top of the foil shield. As kids arrive, give them a shield to decorate. Provide markers, crayons, ribbons, glitter, sequins, etc. When it comes time to sword fight, they will all have a shield to use.

FIND THE CHALICE - Create as many chalices as there are guests, using plastic stemmed "champagne" glasses. Decorate them with jewels and ribbons. Prior to the party, hide them. At game time, as kids find a chalice, they ge they cease to participate in the game. They can later use it when it is time to eat.

KNIGHTING CEREMONY - A knight party wouldn't be complete without the queen or king "knighting" all of the guests. Use a plastic sword for the boys and a wand for the girls. Announce each guest as Knight "Name" or Princess "Name".

KNIGHTS GAMES - PIN THE HEART ON THE DRAGON - Put a poster of a dragon on the wall. Glue a big red heart on its chest, which will serve as the target for the kids to aim. Give each child a heart cut out of cardstock or construction paper with double-stick tape on one side. One by one, blindfold a child, spin them around, and have them try to pin their heart on top of the heart on the poster. Whoever pins their heart the closest to the dragon's heart is the winner.

SWORD FIGHTS - Give everyone a sword, helmet and their shields that they made earlier. Station some adults and teenagers to supervise the sword fights to be sure no one gets to rambunctious. Be sure to tell everyone ahead of time to fight "nice" and not hit above the chest.

KNIGHTS GAMES - STICK HORSE RELAY - Divide the kids into two teams. Give the first child of each team a stick horse and have them "saddle up." On "Go," the knights ride their steed to the finish line and back to their teammates, hand off their "horse", and the next teammate repeats the process. whichever team gets through all of their knights first are the winners.

KNIGHTS GAMES - KNIGHT TRAINING - Divide the kids into teams and have them compete in various activities like:
  • Wheelbarrow Race - The first two kids on a team form a wheelbarrow with one child holding the other's ankles while the other player walks on his hands. They proceed to the finish line, switch positions, and return to their teammates. The next two teammates repeat the process. This relay continues until everyone has had a turn.

  • 3-Legged Race - The first two kids on a team start side by side, with a right leg tied to a partner's left leg. The pair race to the finish line and back to their teammates. The next two teammates repeat the process. Play continues until everyone has had a turn.

  • Balance Beam - Place a long board on the grass for each team. One by one, each child walks/runs across the beam to the finish line and back to their teammates. The relay continues until everyone has had an opportunity to go across the beam.

  • Ice Cube Melt - Give each child a small ice cube and tell them to hold it in their hands to "warm" it up and melt it as quickly as possible. whoever melts their cube first wins.

  • Balloon Pop - Give everyone a small balloon. On "Go," the first child of each team runs to the finish line, sits on their balloon until it pops, and then runs back to their teammates. The next person in line repeats the process. Whichever teams finishes first is the winner.

KNIGHTS GAMES - HOT DRAGON - This game is played like Hot Potato. Have all your knights sit in a circle. Give the birthday knight a beanie type of dragon. Play music in the background and have the kids pass the dragon to the child on their right. When the music stops, the person left holding the dragon is out. Whoever is the last knight to remain is the winner.

KNIGHTS GAMES - DRAGON TAG - Have everyone line up and hold hands. The birthday child will be at the front of the line and represent the head. The last child in line will be the tail. The "head" will try to catch the "tail" without causing the kids to let go of hands, thus breaking the line. Once the "head" catches the "tail", the "tail" moves to the front of the line and becomes the "head." The games continues until everyone has been the "head" and the "tail."

SLAY THE DRAGON - Hang an empty pinata on a tree branch. Blindfold a knight and give them three tries to "slay" the dragon with their plastic sword. Relay continues after everyone has had a turn and the dragon is ultimately massacred.

PRINTABLE GAMES - Here's a great site for some fun print and play toddler party games that would be a perfect party game add-on!

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