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Fun And Fabulous Knight Birthday Party Ideas
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A knight theme party is perfect for your little dragon slayers. If your son loves, as my son did, dressing up in his shiny armor with his breastplate, helmet, and sword, then a knight theme party is a must! If your party will include a few young damsels, then be sure to check out my Princess party ideas for toddlers for some "damsel" appropriate ideas!

So if you have decided that a knights and dragon birthday party is in order, I have put together this page of ideas that will help you plan one terrific medieval themed birthday party that your little knights and damsels are sure to enjoy. No need to worry about having to battle a ferocious dragon to come up with some party ideas for this theme, just scroll on down and to snag a few ideas. After all they aren't being held captive.

knight birthday
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To get the excitement started for your upcoming knight party, you will of course want to send out a great invitation. To get you started with this endeavor, I created these invite ideas:

FAVORITE KNIGHT INVITES – If your child has a favorite knight, such as King Arthur, Merlin or Sir Lancelot, these knight birthday party invitations will be perfect. You can make knight themed invitations by printing off a picture of your child’s favorite knight. Print them directly onto invitations on the computer, or print out the knight pictures and then cut and paste them to the front of a cardstock invitation. Make sure the knight is perfectly centered in the middle of your invitation. Then, on the top of the invitation you can write, “You’re Invited to Join the Noble Nights for a Round Table Birthday Celebration.” Inside keep the wording formal, inviting the knights to your party and providing them with all the important details for the party.

DRAGON INVITATIONS - Download a dragon and print off on cardstock. On the back, put all of your party details.

CASTLE INVITATIONS - Download a castle and print off on cardstock. On the back, put all of your party details.

Suggested Invitation Wording:

The King Requests The Honor Of Your Presence At The Royal Celebration Of _________'s Birthday!


Our Knight In Shining Armour Is Turning (Age)

Then Add:

Come Celebrate With Food, Fun & Frivolity

KNIGHT PHOTO INVITATIONS – Using 8.5x11 inch cardstock, cut it in half. Fold each piece in half once again. Take a photo of your little one wearing a fun knight costume, then trim down the photo to fit on the front of the invite, using decorating scissors if you desire. Glue it securely to the invitation. Put "Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Noble Knights & Fair Damsels!" above your photo. Add above invite wording:

EMBELLISHED READY-MADE KNIGHT BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITATIONS - Buy ready-made knight theme invitations and embellish picture with glitter, ribbons, jewels, etc.


Invite everyone to wear their knight and princess best or supply your guests with a few items to turn them into little knights and princesses. You could give the boys a helmet and sword and the girls a tiara and wand. You could also mix in a few crowns if you would like, but most of the boys will probably want to wear a knight's helmet.

If you're not feeling inclined to make your child a costume, here's some adorable options to consider for your perusal.

For some more knight costume ideas, check out our KNIGHTS COSTUME photos and how-to tips. They are nothing less than fun and fabulous!

For your fair ladies, be sure to check out our HOMEMADE PRINCESS COSTUME


The best colors for your knight birthday party are purple, red, blue, green, yellow, and silver. Create a memorable party by turning your party room into a castle.
  • Create some crowns out of cardstock and decorate them with glitter and stick-on jewels. Staple them to yard stakes and line your walkway with your "crown" stakes.

  • Create various colored flags out of poster board, cardstock, or construction paper. Staple them to yard stakes and line your walkway with your "flag" stakes.

  • Welcome guests with a sign that says something like, "Welcome to Sir Phillip's Castle."

  • Create a castle-looking entrance at your front door. You can either use refrigerator box cardboard or go all out and make it from plywood.

  • Hang metallic foil curtains at your front door to create a dazzling castle entrance.

  • Hang fabric on your walls that has a stone print design to create that castle-renaissance look.

  • One of my favorite decorating mediums is gossamer because of its versatility. You can use it to create walls, walkways, cover ceilings, furniture, etc. to instantly turn your ordinary room into a party spectacular. For a knight party you might want to use a flagstone printed gossamer.

  • Create a throne to honor the birthday knight by covering a high-back chair with purple velvet fabric. Place the throne on a large wood box, painted black or brown, to raise the birthday knight higher than his royal subjects.

  • Chocolate coins that are covered with gold foil can be sprinkled onto the tables.

  • Create a treasure chest using an old trunk and fill it with birthday presents.

  • Hang play swords on the walls.
  • Decorate your walls with shields made out of poster board and decorated with large crosses, coat of arms, and accented with medieval stickers.

  • Hang tapestry fabrics on the walls.

  • Hang posters of castles on the walls.

  • Hang streamers in your doorways or tie them back to create a curtain style appearance.

  • You can even decorate your ceilings, using some balloons and streamers in party themed colors.

  • Display knight, princess, and medieval type of toys in the party room for decoration.

  • Put knight Mylar balloons on the birthday knight's chair and helium balloons on the other chairs.

  • Put a sign on the bathroom door that says "Knights & Princesses" or "Knights & Damsels".

  • Hang strings of white Christmas lights around the perimeter of the party room and doorways to give it a low-lighting castle appearance.

  • Create a table centerpiece with a toy castle as the base. Attach some balloons to it, along with adding a sprinkling of gold confetti.

  • Laminate pictures of castles. Use a medieval themed calendar and create placemats.

  • Speaking of medieval calendar photos, they work great for creating medieval-themed placemats. If the photos are large enough to stand on their own, just laminate the picture and they are ready for you to serve up your grub. If the photos are too small, then glue them to construction paper or poster board and then laminate.


PRINTABLE GAMES - Check out this site. It offers some amazing games that will go wonderfully with your party.

When you're ready to entertain all your little knights and princesses, I have put together a page of fun Knights Games and Activities. Click over and learn how to play these games. You'll be able to entertain everyone and keep the giggles flowing by incorporating a few of the following game ideas:

  • Decorate The Chalice
  • Big Castle Coloring
  • Coat of Arms Cookies
  • Decorate Your Shield #1
  • Decorate Your Shield #2
  • Find the Chalice
  • Knighting Ceremony
  • Pin the Heart on the Dragon
  • Sword Fights
  • Stick Horse Relay
  • Knight Training
  • Hot Dragon
  • Dragon Tag
  • Slay the Dragon


Remember, back in the day, forks, knives, and spoons were just about nonexistent, so keep utensils to a minimum. Serve a medieval buffet and be sure to label everything with fun medieval names. Here's some knight birthday party ideas for theme food:

DRAGON DOGS - Slice hotdogs lengthwise, but do not cut completely through them. Fill with a strip of cheese. Unroll refrigerated crescent rolls and separate the triangles. Roll a hotdog up into each triangle and bake as directed in the crescent roll package.

MINI DRAGON DOGS - Cut each crescent roll dough square into 4 pieces, wrap around mini sausage or hot dog, and cook according to crescent roll directions. Serve with ketchup and mustard.

MEDIEVAL CHICKEN - The perfect finger food and lends itself to an authentic fare. Serve wings and legs.

SWORD SKEWERS - Fill skewers with cut up fruits like pineapple, apples, and grapes.

STEW - Create bread bowls using small round loaves of French bread. Cut the top off, hollow it out, and fill with your favorite stew. Serve with the extra bread for easy dipping.

Knight Birthday Party Food Ideas

VEGIES - Mini corn cobbettes and mini baked potatoes.

DRAGON NAILS - Bugles. Kids love to put them on their fingers.

DRAGON SCALES - Dorito chips or any other chip that is in a triangular shape.

ROYAL BERRIES - Strawberries dipped in chocolate.

NUGGETS - Hershey Kisses with the nuts. They have royal wrappings of gold and silver foils.


KNIGHT'S GROG #1 - The day before freeze apple juice in ice cube trays. Mix two liters of ginger ale, sprite, or 7-Up with 1 liter of apple juice. Serve in mugs with apple juice ice cubes.

KNIGHT'S GROG #2 - Serve Sparkling Apple Cider in decorated plastic goblets with stick-on jewels, glitter, sequins, and anything else you can find that dazzles.


castle cake
Photo courtesy of: Zurin2008

KNIGHT HELM AND SHIELD BIRTHDAY CAKE – For this cake you’ll want to start with a double layer square cake. Make it in any flavor, using icing to attach your layers. Then, ice the cake in royal blue icing, use red to draw trim around the bottom and all the edges. Add a bit of gold icing for trip as well. Using some fondant, create a knight helm in silver, adding some silver embellishments. Then, create a shield out of fondant as well, adding gold trim around the edges of the shield. Place the fondant helm on the very top of the cake and add the shield to the side of the cake.

SHIELD AND CROSSED SWORDS CAKE – Bake a double layer round cake, using a flavor the guest of honor will enjoy. Stack the layers, using a bit of icing to keep your layers from sliding. Ice the entire cake in white icing. Then, using red icing, draw the shape of a knight’s shield on the cake. Then, add two crossed swords, making them appear to go under the shield. Add black, red and gold trim to the shield and swords. Add a bit of red trim around the bottom of the cake.

CASTLE CAKE - Cut a sheet cake into the shape of a castle and decorate it accordingly. You can download a picture of a castle to use as a guide.

CROWN CAKE - Use a crown-shaped cake pan to whip up your favorite cake flavor. Once again, you could download a picture of a crown to use as a guide for decorating the cake or just follow the pan's directions.

KNIGHT CAKE #1 - Use some plastic knights and horses on top of a sheet cake to create a medieval scene.

KNIGHT CAKE #2 - An edible sugar image that has a knight theme will turn a basic sheet cake into a theme cake.

KNIGHT CUPCAKES - Make or buy cupcakes and top them off with a plastic knight, horse, or medieval pick.

If you are in the mood to look at some CASTLE CAKE photos or CROWN CAKES, these two pages contain lots of great ideas that would be great for your Knight Party.


If you're a little pressed for time and want any easy way to create a fun knight favor box, you might want to consider one of the above all-in-one options.

If you want to put together your own favor kit, some of the knight themed favors you might include are knight figurines, stickers, tattoos, bag of chocolate gold coins, knight coloring book and crayons, knight blowouts, toy horse or dragon, beanie-type dragon, bubbles, wands for the girls and swords for the boys, etc.

Knight Birthday Party

Do you have some favorite knight birthday party ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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