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Pucker Up & Get Ready To Have Some Fun...

Pucker Up & Get Ready To Have Some Fun...

This is a fun twist on an old favorite. Get a poster of your favorite celebrity and have everyone put on a different color of lipstick. Once everyone has put a decent amount on, you take turns kissing the poster while blindfolded and the closest one to kiss the celeb's lips wins!!!!!!

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Girls are sure to love this game, and the idea of kissing slumber party games made me think of another game you can play using lipstick to keep the party going. For this game, you’ll want everyone to use the same color of lipstick. Along with the lipstick you’ll also need a notecard for each party guest. Have each guest apply lipstick and kiss their notecard. Have them bring the notecard to you. Write a number on the card and record the name of the guest you gave that number to. Make sure no one sees what number is given to a guest. After everyone has submitted their notecard and you’ve given each girl a number (which only you know), place the notecards out on a table in numerical order.

Give each guest a piece of paper. Have them write the numbers on the paper using as many numbers as you have notecards. Then, guests have to guess which “kiss” belongs to which person. Have them write down their answers (the names of their friends) by the respective numbers. Compare their answers to your numbers to see who had the most correct guesses.


Another of the slumber party ideas to try is the game Sleeping Beauty. Have one guest leave the room for a few minutes. Have another guest hide in a sleeping bag and then the rest of the guests should hide. When the first person comes back into the room, they have to go to the sleeping bag and feel the face of the person in the sleeping bag to figure out who they are. Make sure teens only feel the face of the person hiding – that way you avoid accidental groping.


If you have an active bunch, a scavenger hunt would be perfect to burn up some of that teen energy that seems to never run low. This hunt can be done either inside or outside; all you need to do is make a few decisions, a few mouse clicks, and you'll have your teens on the prowl in no time at all. Check out your options with a click below.

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