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Fun And Fabulous Kids Valentine Party Games
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So what's up Valentine? Are you thinking of throwing a Valentine Birthday Party for the benefit of the kiddos? If so, click on over to snag some ideas for all the Valentine party essentials like invites, decor, food, etc. If you are in need of some "hearty" type of games, then you are on the right page.

When creating a fun-filled Valentine theme party, you will of course want to factor in game time and plan out some great activities to keep everyone busy and having fun. Here are a few games to get you started on your quest for V-Day games:

Kids Valentine Party Games

HOW MANY CANDIES - Place a bunch of conversational hearts into a glass container and as the kids arrive, have them write down on a piece of paper how many hearts they think are in the container. Be sure they put their name on their paper. Whoever gets the closest to the correct number is the winner.

STACK 'EM UP - You can of course use the hearts for this game that were originally in your glass container for guessing how many hearts it contained. Set out bowls of conversational hearts and have everyone compete to stack the most hearts within an allotted time like 30 seconds to 1 minute. If someone's stack falls over, they are free to start again and keep trying within the allotted time frame. Whoever stacks the most wins.

Kids Valentine Party Games

VALENTINE CHARADES - Prior to the party, write down on separate pieces of paper various Valentine-related words like red roses, love, hugs and kisses, chocolate, flowers, etc. Then place the folded slips of paper into a cardboard box that is wrapped and decorated in Valentine paper and trims and have everyone take turns drawing one out and acting it out for their teammates.

HEART BALLOON WADDLE - Divide the kids into teams and give the first child in teach team a large heart-shaped balloon. On "Go" the first team member puts the balloon between their legs and proceeds to try to waddle to the finish line and back to their teammates. That person then passes off the balloon to their next teammate in line and the relay proceeds in the same fashion. Whichever team completes the relay first by having all their teammates waddle to the finish line and back shall be the winners.

Kids Valentine Party Games

CUPID'S GIFT - Before the party place a gift in a box and wrap it up with Valentine themed paper. Then place that box into another box and wrap it again in another piece of paper and so on until you have at least as many layers of paper and boxes as you do kids. Then have everyone sit around a circle while music plays and pass the box from one child to the next in a continuous circle. When the music stops, whoever is left holding the box shall remove one layer of paper and open the box which will reveal another wrapped box. That box should be removed and the kids shall proceed to pass the new box around until the music stops again. The game continues in this fashion until the last box is unwrapped and whoever opens that box up gets to keep the gift.

Variation: - If you want to give everyone a gift, then just places all the gifts in the final box and have whoever opens the last box distribute the gifts to all the guests or have the Valentine birthday child make the distributions.

MATCH 'EM UP - Prior to the party cut out red or pink hearts from cardstock. Write on each heart a Valentine-related word. Then cut each heart in half in a jagged fashion. Place all the hearts in a cardboard box. Perhaps the one that was used for the Valentine Charades game noted above. Then have each child draw out one piece of the heart. On "Go", all the kids will then try to find their other heart half by working with one another and matching half hearts to one another. Whoever finds their match first shall be the winners.

Kids Valentine Party Games

CANDY & MITTENS - Divide the kids into teams. On "Go", the first person of each team will put on a pair of mittens and then pick up a piece of wrapped candy from a bowl, proceed to unwrap the candy, and eat it. Once the candy goes into their mouth, they may remove the mittens and give them to the next person in line who then repeats the process. Whichever teams gets through all of their teammates first shall be the winners.

PRINT & PLAY VALENTINE GAMES - When the time comes to quiet your crew down a bit, but you still want them to have fun playing some games, you might want to consider some of the following options. You'll find Valentine games that require filling in the blanks, word finds and scrambles, matching, picture puzzle, and much more from which to select.

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