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If you are searching for some ideas for kids party favors, I'm here to help. When planning a birthday party for a child, once you have determined what the theme will be, figured out all of your party decor, decided to either make the cake or hand it off to a professional, as well as figuring out your party games and activities that all the little kiddos will enjoy, you will want to turn your attention to party favors.

Kids Party Favor Ideas

Of course you will want to ensure that your selections not only provides variety, but will be hit with your little gang. Each and every child in attendance will be anxiously looking forward to receiving a few fun and entertaining party favors that they may leave with once the birthday party is over.

In this brief guide, you will learn a few simple techniques on how to come up with kids party favor ideas, along with several batches of favor ideas depicted in pics.

Kids Party Favor Ideas - Favor Party Packs

If you're running short on time, feeling a little stressed out from pulling together all of your party festivities, make it easy on yourself with a pre-made favor pack. I've pulled together a great collection of favor kits, all of which are broken down alphabetically by theme. All you need to do is click on the images below to explore some of the most popular and best favor kits out there!

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Age-Specific Items

When shopping for party favors for kids, if you will have only one general age group, you could opt to select items that match the interests and ages of that age group or select something that compliments the theme. If you are going to have various age groups attending the party, an easy way to separate the age-specific party favors for your different age groups would be to use a different colored favor bag for each age group.

For example, you could place items such as blocks and bubbles for the younger children and cups, candy, and self-care items in the bags that are for the older kids or perhaps your teenage helpers. Here's one batch of ideas if you are interested in selecting your items individually and putting together your own favor selections.

The Theme

If you decide to opt with trying to coordinate your favors with your theme, the easiest thing to do is to just start thinking about your theme, the characteristics of that theme, and start writing down whatever comes to mind--in other words get your brainstorm on!

For example, if you are throwing a birthday party for a child that loves pirates, you might want to select party favors like chocolate gold coins, bandanas that display pirates, treats and toys that include the skull and crossbones image, toy swords, eye patches, treasure maps, and even necklaces that include a message within a small bottle. If you are hosting a birthday party with a Barbie Doll theme, you could integrate favors like Barbie sunglasses, Barbie Doll clothing pieces and accessories, Barbie coloring books, Barbie stickers, and even Barbie makeup! You may also want to choose small candy pieces and other delicious treats to throw in the party favor bags.

Kids Party Favor Ideas - Conclusion

Remember, a birthday bash carries more memories when the right party favors are incorporated into the celebration!

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