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Fun And Fabulous Kids Birthday Party Supplies
To Make Planning A Piece Of Cake!

Shopping for party supplies for a kids birthday party may be a challenging endeavor for many. This is especially true if you are new to planning a birthday bash for a child.

Discount Party Supplies For Kids – The Essential Birthday Bash Planning Guide

We all know about acquiring the basics, such as the birthday cake, the decorations, and the gifts; however, in order to create a truly memorable experience for a child, there are other kids party supplies that must be obtained, as well. In this essential birthday bash planning guide, we will highlight the most basic kids birthday party supplies that are required to ensure that the child that is celebrating their birthday and those that elect to attend the party are entertained and are able to create long-lasting memories.

The Theme

The first and most important consideration that is required when planning a birthday party for a child is the theme. You may choose to use a theme that is based on the child’s favorite television shows and/or movies, a theme that is based on the child’s interests, such as a sports theme, a theme that displays a child’s favorite video game, a theme on the child’s favorite animals, or a theme that is based on a specific color – the choice is yours. Once you have determined the theme of the party, you may then narrow down the kids birthday party supplies that you will need in order to uphold that theme.

If you're trying to figure out the perfect theme for your child's birthday party, we've put together a convenient list of the most popular kids party themes from A to Z. You will find many party packages, along with individual partyware products for you to mix and match.

The Invitations

When shopping for kids party supplies, it is critical that you purchase party invitations that are directly related to the theme that you have chosen for the party. The invitations not only allow you to control who is going to attend the party, but they are also used to provide guests with a first impression of what the birthday party will be like. You may choose from standard card stock invitations, or, you may get a little creative. For example, if you are going to throw a sports-themed birthday party, you could send out inflatable soccer balls with the information regarding the party written directly on the ball, or, you may print out invitations that display the child playing their favorite sport.


When shopping for kids party supplies, it is very important to choose decorations that are directly associated with the theme of the party. The most common decorations include balloons, streamers, hats, birthday banners, napkins, plates, and cups. While you are purchasing kids birthday party supplies, you will often find that there are birthday box sets, or similar types of sets that display a common theme. Be sure to check out our links and images on this page to view these types of sets when it comes time for you to purchase kids party supplies.

The Extras

In addition to determining the theme, choosing the invitations, and purchasing the decorations, it is also imperative to determine what type of cake that you will create for the party and if you will require a special cake pan. You should also determine the types of party favors that you will want to provide to guests. All of these choices are highly essential when shopping for kids birthday party supplies. By following the steps outlined in this birthday planning guide, you are sure to find all of the party supplies that are needed to throw an exciting and entertaining party for the special child in your life!

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