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Fun And Fabulous Kids Birthday Party Locations
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Throwing a memorable birthday party for your child without destroying your home is probably high on your hit parade. So if you are at all concerned that your child's party could be destructive to your home, you will probably want to seek out other party location alternatives.

You might want to start by checking out what is available in your community or nearby areas in order to not only preserve your sanity, but to also protect the home front. Obviously, if you live in a larger city you will most likely have several options from which to select. If you call a small rural area home, then you might have your work cut out for you to come up with potential party locations. To help get your creative juices flowing in that direction, I've put together a list of possible options that you might want to consider.

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AMUSEMENT AND THEME PARKS – Theme parks and amusement parks make a great party location if you have one nearby. Whether you live near one of the big parks, such as Six Flags, Disney World, Universal Studios or Sea World, or one of the smaller theme parks, they are sure to be a great place where everyone can have a great time celebrating.

APPLE ORCHARD – Apple orchards are beautiful and they make a great party location when apples are ready to be harvested. Along with holding your party at the orchard, you could allow kids to help pick apples. Check with a local orchard to find out if they allow parties and what their fees will be.


AQUARIUM - A place like the Monterey Bay Aquarium would be a great choice for the younger kids and tweens. There are many packages to select from and here are three options to give you an idea:

They have an opportunity to touch some of the "fish", along with having a great learning experience.

For kids 8-13, surface SCUBA diving in the Great Tide Pool is offered where the kids get a fish's-eye view of all the creatures living there.

Have a sleepover with the sharks where you have an opportunity to sleep in an underwater viewing area with the sharks sleeping close by.

ARCADES - If your child has decided that he/she would like nothing more than to have an arcade party, then you better put your ears on notice and prepare them to tolerate sirens, whistles, music blaring, bells, and whatever lovely noises the game equipment elects to make. As you know, arcades tend to be one of the loudest places that you can go to; however, they are also something that kids tend to thoroughly enjoy. So, if an arcade party is what your child wants for their birthday, I guess we as parents can withstand just about anything for a short time in order to collect yet another cherished memory.


BALLET STUDIO - If you have little ballerina enthusiasts, you might consider having them all dress in their ballet best and be given a dance lesson.

BEACHSIDE PARTY – Sand, sun and surf – what more do you need for a fabulous birthday party? Make sure you have some covered areas to keep guests from getting too much sun, as well as plenty of sunscreen. Fix food that you can easily transport, bring some beach balls and towels, and then add some cool tunes and this is a party that every guest will enjoy.

BOWLING - Bowling alleys have become a "staple" for parties. They usually have a party room and offer various party bowling packages to select from, depending upon the age of the guests. Examples:

Young guests have hot dogs or pizza, bumpers on the alleys, and balloons.

Pizza, cake and ice cream, glow jewelry, t-shirts to decorate, and the facility decorates according to the birthday child's favorite character, e.g., Spongebob, Dinosaurs, Action Heroes, etc., along with lots of bowling.


BUILD A BEAR WORKSHOP - Everyone leaves with a teddy bear they built themselves. They also offer various birthday party packages and options to customize a package just for your child.

CERAMICS STUDIO - If you've got young, budding artists who love to get their hands a little dirty to create an object of beauty, then you might consider opting for an afternoon of ceramics. They can either create their piece or paint one that is already fired.

CHILDREN'S MUSEUM - These type of facilities are just naturally geared toward birthday parties. the only problem you will have is trying to get your kiddles to leave. They will love the numerous options available for play. These museums offer various "stations" where the kids can do things like find their way through massive mazes, play giant checkers, pet animals, construction building, light shows, astronaut activities, a kids stage, just to name a few.


CHUCK E. CHEESE - Everything for a party is built-in. You have pizza, a room, video games, and large play equipment for the kids to climb and romp upon.

CIRCUS - If the circus happens to be in town, this would be a great option for the youngsters as they are sure to enjoy all of the wild animal acts, the flying trapeze, clowns, and oodles of fun food!

CRAFT STORE – Craft stores often have craft rooms that they will rent for birthday parties. You can hold the entire party in the room and you can have someone teach a fun craft class so teens can enjoy making something interesting as a party activity.


DANCE STUDIO – Many dance studios will rent out the studio for a birthday party, which can be an exciting location for your teen’s next birthday party. See if you can hire an instructor to teach them some hip hop or other dance moves, which will make you cool with your guests.

FARM - Young kids all enjoy going to the farm. They like to see the farm animals, along with running free. Add a few games and you've got a day of fun adventure!

FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS - A lot of these places offer birthday party packages, especially if they have an on-site playground, jungle-gym, or the like.


FIRE DEPARTMENT – If you head to a fire department for the birthday party, you’ll be giving the kids an educational experience and helping out your local department as well. Most fire departments will allow you to hold your party at the station if you give a donation to the local fire department. Kids will be able to enjoy checking out all the equipment and talking to firefighters, which is sure to be fun for everyone. Be sure to make some extra cupcakes and other party food to share with the brave firefighters.

GARDENS – For a party in the great outdoors, head to local gardens, such as a botanical garden. These gardens are so beautiful that you’ll barely need to worry about decorations for the party. Rental fees are usually pretty reasonable and the gorgeous venue will wow your guests.


GYM (LOCAL) – Small local gyms may allow you to rent the gym, or a party of the gym, for a fun party. Kids can enjoy trying out gym equipment and you could even have an instructor teach a fun Zumba class to get everyone moving.

GYMNASTICS - Most kids enjoy gymnastics, so you might want to check with your local gymnastic facilities and see what party options they offer. Usually it is a lesson, followed by some time to implement their new skills, along with pizza and cream!

HORSE STABLES – Many teens and kids enjoy riding horses, so consider heading to the horse stables for a fun birthday party. Find out how much it will cost and if you can host the entire party at the stables. Everyone will enjoy having the time to ride horses and you’ll need little in the way of decorations, since you’ll be at an actual stable.


ICE CREAM SHOPPE – Ice cream is a kid and teen favorite, so an ice cream shoppe is a great party location. Find out if you can rent the entire shoppe for the party and ask if you can bring other foods into the shoppe as well as long as you’re ordering plenty of ice cream for everyone.

ICE SKATING RINK – Why not let the kids have some fun on the ice. Make sure you have everyone dress up in warm clothing for the party so they stay warm while they enjoy having fun skating. Many kids love ice skating more than roller skating, so it’s sure to be a fun party. Find out if you are able to rent the entire ice skating rink so you have the entire thing for your birthday party. Keep the food simple if you’ll be eating at the rink.

JUMP ZONE - This is Party Central for 1-12 year olds. A perfect choice for a kid's birthday party. They offer moon walks, inflatables, bouncers, obstacle courses, giant slides, interactive games, toddler activities, and more! They have great party packages.


KARATE STUDIO – A local karate or martial arts studio makes a great place for kids to party. Not only will they enjoy the ambiance, but they are sure to enjoy learning a few simple karate or martial arts moves. Your local studio probably offers some party packages from which to choose. They generally have a party room that you can decorate to coincide with your theme. In addition to the lesson they will provide to the kids, they usually offer some kind of a pizza package.

LASER TAG – Teens love laser tag and it’s great for teens and kids of all ages. In most cases, laser tag facilities will provide discounts to a group that is renting the area for a birthday party, resulting in an affordable location for your party. Instead of planning games, the guests can enjoy playing laser tag all through the party. Just make sure you make reservations well in advance, since these are popular party locations.

MAGICIAN - Most kids enjoy seeing a magician perform their slight of hand tricks. If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where there are magic shows, you might consider opting for this as your theme party.


MINIATURE GOLF - If your youngster enjoys a round of golf or a visit to the miniature version of a golf course, then you might want to opt for mini golf party. Local courses usually provide various party packages from which to select. Alot of them also have a glow in the dark or cosmic night in which they light up the course using black lights. This alone will make the party truly cool!

MOTOR SPORTS - Bumper cars or bumper boats on water, Kiddie Go-Carts, slot car racing are all great car-related options for kids.


MOVIE THEATER – Local movie theaters may allow you to rent one of their movie theaters for a birthday party. Choose a favorite movie that you think all your guests will enjoy and enjoy partying with plenty of popcorn and other favorite movie snacks.

NATURE CENTERS - For your nature-loving kid, you might consider venturing into the great outdoors. Nature Centers usually offer age-appropriate programs that take about 1 1/2 to 2 hours to complete, with interactive stations. There are also opportunities for bird-watching and nature hikes.


PARKS - Hosting a party at a park opens up lots of fun options from which to select. You're only limited by what toys you bring and your brain can conjure up. For example, you can erect a badminton net and also let it double for volleyball. Playing a round of croquet or perhaps tossing a Frisbee would be of interest to the kids. Bocce ball or pickleball are other fun games to consider. You can even lighten the party load a bit and have everyone chip in and bring their favorite dish; then all you need to do is add the cake and you're ready to rock n' roll.

PIZZA PARLOR – Most kids love pizza, so a pizza parlor is a great place to hold a fabulous birthday party. Most pizza parlors have rooms that you can rent for a reasonable price, giving you some privacy for the party. Talk to the parlor about how much it will cost to feed all of your guests. In the mind of your guests, the more pizza the better!

PLANETARIUM - Plan a party at night so you can watch the stars.

PONY RIDES - Take the kids for pony rides.


POOLSIDE PARTY – For a summer party, a poolside party is just perfect. You can head to a community pool, a hotel pool or the pool of a friend or family member. With some light foods and some fun pool games, this party will be a big hit.

ROLLER SKATING RINK - Although there are many things to divert a kids' attention these day, youngsters still tend to enjoy roller skating and the rinks have come a long way Baby to make them more enticing and conducive to parties. They usually have a party room that you can decorate to your heart's content, along with providing pizza and drinks. They also generally have a disc jockey available to take music requests, along with helping you to keep the party flowing with fun games and activities that all have a skating twist.

SPORTING EVENT (LOCAL) – A local sporting event, such as a local baseball game, is a great location for a birthday party. Instead of making all the food yourself, you can buy kids tasty food like nachos and hotdogs from the vendors on site. Bring along cupcakes instead of a big cake for easy eating. Your guests will enjoy the game and you won’t have to worry about planning a lot of activities to keep them busy.


TRAIN RIDE - Take a short train trip. If possible, upon arrival go to a park and have a picnic.

WATERPARKS - If you live near or are willing to make a trek to a waterpark, then you are well on your way to planning a party that everyone is sure to enjoy. These parks generally provide everything you need and all you'll probably need to decide is which party package floats your boat so to speak! Although children love waterparks, especially the wave pool, one thing you will need to be sure to line up well in advance is to have a sufficient number of helpers to keep their eyes on everyone so all are safe.

ZOOS - A zoo party is best left for the younger kids. They enjoy seeing all the wild animals and watching the various animal shows. By the time you've got a tween on your hand, you best be looking at other options.


Obviously, every potential party location has their own set of rules for hosting parties and you'll have to check them out so you can determine if the facility will work for your little crew. Once the answer is a resounding "yes" then you'll be in a position to say yeah or nay and start to plan accordingly.

Rather than repeating myself, you can click back to my Birthday Party Places page which sets forth some of the areas that you may need or want to address with each facility. Things like availability, clean-up, entertainment, food, parking, the party room itself, set-up, party supplies, and restrooms.


First and foremost, start early so you can avoid putting yourself under unnecessary stress. If the party is already a week away, I guess you'll be disregarding this little ditty. To cut to the chase--start by determining what you might like to do for the party and then work backwards to determine if it is doable given the time-constraints, budget, location, and your guests' personalities. Whatever you choose, may you have a wonderful party and create a great memory for you and your child to enjoy in years to come.

Kids Birthday Party Locations

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