Kid Birthday Party Invitation Ideas To Help Make B-Days Special!

Fun And Fabulous Kid Birthday Party Invitation Ideas
A Must Have If You're Hosting A Birthday Party!

An invite will not only set the tone of your party and get the kids all excited to starting counting down the day, but they also let everyone know what the theme of your upcoming party will be. They provide all of the necessary party details so your child's guests, friends and/or family may reference to them easily without having to contact you for a quick reminder of the where's and when's.

Starting early will allow you time to create your own invites, which is a great way to save a little bit of money, make them a bit more personal, and perhaps create a family project. If you go this route, be sure to make an extra one that you can put into your photo/scrapbook album, as they will certainly be a great memory-keeper.

If you decide to create your own and turn it into a family project, you could print them out in black and white and then have everyone color them with crayons, markers, or colored pencils. In the alternative, you could also opt for glitzing up a pre-made invite by adding ribbons, bows, feather boa, glitter, stick-on jewels, sequins, etc. If you need the look of dirt, use brown sugar on top of Mod Podge.

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However, if you are a little pressed for time and must choose your "hand-made" projects wisely, you might want to consider opting for a cute preprinted invite instead. To help you get you started in making that all-important invitation selection, we've pulled together a convenient list of the most popular kids' party themes from A to Z.

1st Birthday Party Invitations

If you're in the market for a First Birthday Party Invitation for that first milestone birthday, then you might want to check out these little cuties to see if you like any of the invite options. Also keep in mind that you can easily turn most of these invites into a photo version, which is quite popular for a 1st birthday.

2nd Birthday Party Invitations

If you have already celebrated that all-important 1st birthday party, and are now looking forward to baby's #2 b-day, then you might want to click on over to these 2nd Birthday Invites, and check out these little beauties.

Kids Birthday Party Invitations

Last, but far from least, if you are looking for some Kids Invitations, then you might want to click on over and check out this batch, as it contains lots of invites with numerous themes.


Remember, if you go with a preprinted invitation, that they will include all the basic party info, but you still must add any special instructions like, Costumes Required, Parent Must Stay At Party, etc. So, just be sure to add the necessary extras before sending them on their way or you will find yourself scrambling the get the additional info to your guests before party time!

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