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Why not take a walk on the wild side and throw a Safari Birthday Party. To help you get started in creating a wild adventure full of fun, I decided to create this page of safari game ideas.

As you start to scroll down the page, pick and choose those games that will help you to create a fun-filled safari birthday party that will have your little explorers roaring with delight. When it's time to tame the herd, you can opt for some of the quieter activities that will keep everyone wrangled in. So swing on over, beat your chest, belt out your best Tarzan yell, and start planning your safari games.


JUNGLE ANIMAL IF I’M WRONG GAME – This game doesn’t require any preparation, so it’s one of the easier jungle games to use at your jungle birthday party. Start by having your young guests sit down in a circle. Have an adult sit in the middle to be the leader of the game. The leader lets the kids know that he will be naming some jungle animals, but if he makes a mistake, the kids have to let him know by saying “No.” Then, the leader begins listing several jungle animals, then adding an unrelated word to the mix, such as “apple.” Once the kids hear this word, they will shout out, “Noooo!” Of course, as the mistakes become even funnier, this game is sure to get louder. Some ideas that the leader can use include “Lizard, Snake, Spider, Football…,” and “Giraffe, Salamander, Hippo, Lion, Peter Pan. Kids will get a laugh out of this silly game.

DON’T GET STUCK WITH A HIPPO IN THE MUD – This game is played a bit like musical chairs, but you won’t need any chairs. Before the party, use some masking tape to create a very big circle in the center of the party area. Then, take some brown butcher paper and cut it into the shape of a mud puddle. Add a picture of a hippo in the middle of the “mud.” Then, place the mud down on one part of the masking tape, securing it with some more masking tape. Have some party music ready for this game. Have kids get down on their knees and hands. When the music starts, they crawl along following the masking tape circle. However, when the music stops, they have to stop where they are. The child that is stuck in the “mud” with a hippo will win a prize. You can continue playing until everyone has a chance to win a prize.

JUNGLE ANIMAL TRANSFORMATIONS - This can be accomplished with face paint. Here's a great step-by-step guide that makes Face Painting so easy, that even us non-creative types can paint like the pros!

DECORATE YOUR SNAKE - Prior to the party, make as many snakes as there are guests. You can make them either out of fabric or felt. Just make a long tube and fill it with polyester stuffing. Or, you can use long socks or stockings filled with stuffing. At party time, have available various goggly eyes, buttons, small pieces of felt in different shapes, glitter, pom poms, sequins, jewels, etc., along with glue. Have your little ones decorate their snakes.

ANIMAL CRACKER GUESSING GAME - Fill a jar full of animal crackers and decorate it with safari stickers. Have everyone try to guess how many wild animals have been captured. Whoever is the closest to the actual number of Animal Crackers in the jar shall win the jar of Animal Crackers.

More Fun Jungle Games

WILD ANIMAL SOUNDS - Have a contest of various animal sounds. Everyone will participate by making sounds and motions of various animals like a lion, monkey, elephant, gorilla, etc. For example the child who roars the best wins that round. Another could be the scariest roar wins a prize. The best monkey or gorilla sounds could be another prize. Ultimately, you want to give every child a prize for their display and rendition of a wild animal.

JUNGLE GAMES - WILD ANIMAL SAFARI - Hide some plastic wild animals around the party room or yard. Have enough of each animal as there are teams. Separate all of your big game hunters into teams of 2, 3, or 4, along with a teenager or adult to help guide them along their safari. Give each team a stack of cards that has pictures of various wild animals on them. Instruct them to find one of each of the animals on their cards. The first team to find all of the animals are the winners.

SNAKE JUMP - Make a snake as noted above in the "Decorate Your Snake" activity. Line everyone up and lay the snake down on the ground in front of the first child. Everyone steps or jumps over the snake. After everyone has jumped over the snake, move it a little further away. If someone lands on the snake, they have been "bitten" and they're out. Repeat the process until one snake-jumping champion remains.

JUNGLE GAMES - WILD ANIMAL CHARADES - Prior to the party, glue pictures of wild animals to index cards. Place the cards all in a face down position. When it's time to play the game, have a child select a card and act out the animal with sounds and movements. All of the other kids will try to guess which animal they are portraying.

JUNGLE GAMES - CATCH THE LION BY THE TAIL - This game is played like Duck, Duck Goose with a twist. Everyone sits on the floor in a circle except for the birthday child, who will initially be the Lion. The lion will tuck its tail, which is a yellow piece of fabric with a knot in one end, into his or her waistband. The Lion will then go around the circle touching each person's head saying, "Lion." When he or she touches someone's head and says, "Hyena," the lion will run around the circle and try to get back to the Hyena's spot and sit down before the Hyena grabs the Lion's tail. If the Lion's tail is pulled off, the Lion will remain the Lion. If the Hyena is unsuccessful in grabbing the tail, then the Hyena will become the Lion and the Lion will sit down in the circle.

JUNGLE GAMES - ELEPHANT RACE - Divide guests into teams. The child who is first in each line should bend over and put one arm in front of their face to create the elephant's trunk and put their other hand through their legs to create a tail. The next child in line will bend over, grab the first child's "tail" with their "trunk," and place their other hand ("tail") through their legs. The process continues until all your "elephants" on linked together. Then have your two lines of elephants run races.

PIN THE TAIL ON THE ZEBRA - Put a poster of a zebra on a large wall that has easy access to it. Make as many zebra tails as there are guests. Have kids try to place their tail onto the zebra; you can blindfold older children and spin them a bit to give them a little disorientation. Wee ones need not be blindfolded. Use some double-stick type of tape on the tails for easy placement. Whichever tail is the closest to the Zebra's actual tail is the winner.

JUNGLE GAMES - THE GREAT PEANUT HUNT - Before your guests arrive, hide unshelled peanuts around the yard or house. When game time arrives, explain to the kids that they are all going to be elephants that must go out into the wild in search of their grub. Give each child a lunch-size paper bag to put all their peanuts in. Whoever "harvests" the most peanuts, shall be the winner.

JUNGLE PARADE - Prior to the party, create the "Wild Animal Paw Print Trail." Cut out various paw prints from construction paper or cardstock and secure them to your floor with tape. Make your trail go through various rooms, to the yard, and wind it around various obstacles, e.g., trees, picnic table, etc. Have the birthday child lead the parade and play jungle music in the background.

Options: If everyone came dressed as a wild animal, then you can just have your guests imitate the animal they came dressed as through sound and movement.

If your guests came dressed like little explorers, have them each pick-up an animal from the "Petting Zoo" and imitate the sounds and movements of that animal.

Have teenagers dress like various wild animals that will appear on the Wild Animal Paw Print Trail as the kids parade down the trail.

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