John Deere 1st Birthday Fun!

by Amanda

First I made custom invitations at using the "Lemon-Lime" card, putting a photo of my son and a John Deere Logo on the card. I worded the invitation, "Plow on over for some birthday fun, our little "deere" Dalton is turning 1!"

For decor I have gone to the Dollar Tree and purchased green and yellow faux galvanized buckets that will be placed on green and yellow placemats that I also found at the Dollar Tree. The buckets will be filled with tractor shaped lollipops. You can buy the mold for the lolli's online at for 2 bucks! Also, at the Dollar Tree they had balloon weights that mimicked grass with spring type flowers, I bought enough for one on each table.

From I purchased green and yellow John Deere logo'd balloons as well as white balloons with black tractors on them, enough to trio a set on each table.

At I ordered the Johnny Tractor 1st Birthday banner, I received it today and it is stunning! Dalton's birthday is not until May so I'm planning ahead a bit.

Since some of our family is far away, I am making a birthday board with pictures of him from birth until the first birthday. I ordered the John Deere cake kit and am ordering a plain sheet cake and decorating it with the kit.

I am having BBQ style food hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie tray and so on. In lieu of a pinata, since he wouldn't be able to participate. Each child will receive a treat bag and also candy tractors that are made like this:

1. Take 2 packs of .25 sized gum like juice fruit and paste them together.
2. Use 2 circular large candies (still wrapped) like peppermint patties as the rear wheels and attach them to 1 end of the gum.
3. Use 2 smaller round candies such as life savers or mints to attach 2 front wheels.
4. You can use a tootsie roll for the smoke stack.
5. For the engine compartment take 2 hershey mini bars and past them back to back and paste them to the middle of the packs of gum.
6. For the steering wheel attach another mint or life saver to the candy bars.
7. For the seat use 2 starburst candies.

These are absolutely adorable, and if you have a couple of friends you can make an assembly line.

I am only planning on one game and will be using pin the wheel on the tractor. I think this party is coming together great and it's so easy! I'm definitely excited for this party and can't wait for the pictures and video to share with Dalton for a lifetime. Best Wishes "Deeres"!

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