Jetson Costume

by Christina
(Northern California)

The Female Version Of Elroy Jetson

The Female Version Of Elroy Jetson

My friend Amy has loved the Jetsons cartoon since she was young, and adored Elroy's outfit (mostly, she was crazy about his beanie!). It was easy to put together a costume for her for Halloween. I just looked up the cartoon online to find what design was needed.

I found green overalls at a local outlet store that had the same cut as Elroy's jumpsuit, and she wore them over a white t-shirt she already owned. I had made a large red felt candle-skirt for a Christmas centerpiece, and we just turned it upside down (to hide the tinsel on it) to put over her shoulders. My husband donated one of his many baseball caps (black) and we threaded a large white pipe-cleaner "antenna" through a convenient hole in the top. It was anchored under the cap with duct tape. Making the antenna was the only real work I needed to do.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

If you've created an astronomical costume, you'll want to be sure to wear it at an out of this world party. If you're hosting the party, here are a few Jetsons party ideas to help you bring these retro cartoon characters to life.

To make things have an out of this world look, you can incorporate a black light party atmosphere. Start by adding to the fun of the costume and spray glow in the dark glitter onto your Jane Jetson hair.

Swap out your regular light bulbs for black light bulbs. Hang lots of white streamers so they will give the room a great glow. If you decide not to go with a black light party, then for your party colors, you can take a cue from your Jetson costumes and use pink and purple streamers.

Assuming you're going with the glow party idea, another fun thing you can do to bring this space age family's home to life is to hang some glow in the dark decorations like stars and moons from the ceiling or toss some glow in the dark confetti onto the table tops. Also, using balloons that have glow in the dark stars on them to decorate the room will add to the not of this world atmosphere.

If you're planning on doing some space-age dancing, then you might want to consider renting some LED dance floor tiles to really solidify the glowing atmosphere and add to the futuristic look of the party room.

Aside from adorning your guests with glow in the dark jewelry, you can also use the necklaces and bracelets for decorations. For example, you could easily toss a few of these items onto tabletops for an instant transformation. Another fun idea would be to string some of these items from fishing line and hang from the ceiling or perhaps create a garland and twist it around doorways, window frames, etc.

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