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Fun And Fabulous Jamaican Party Ideas
To Help You Celebrate In Island Style!

If you want to throw an adult birthday party that has a nice relaxed, island feel to it, why not go with a Jamaican theme party. It'll be the easiest trip to the tropics; and everyone can definitely enjoy and kick back without having to worry about anything stiff and formal.

Of course, you want to treat guests to a special party, so take time to get all the details right. If you need some great tips and ideas for planning a Jamaican party, here is some terrific inspiration to help you decide on invitations, games, foods, cakes, favors and decorations that will go along with your chosen Jamaican theme.


Set the tone of the Jamaican party with some great invitations. Consider the overall feel you want for the party when deciding on the invites. For example, if you’ll be emphasizing the amazing Reggae music that comes from Jamaica, then you might want your invitations to contain a picture of Bob Marley--the infamous Reggae musician. If possible, try to locate scrapbook paper that has the fade from one color to the next consisting of red, yellow and green.

If you want to make everything feel like an island, choose invitations that use images of delightful water, sand and palm trees. It’s easy to find great premade options that will fit with your theme, or you can make your own invites. If you plan to make your invitations by hand, here are some great ideas that are easy to make.

INVITE IN A BOTTLE - One idea is to send out your party invitations as a message in a bottle. Use a piece of scrapbooking paper that has an aged look to it or a piece that includes a nice tropical theme. Write the party information on the paper and then roll it up and insert it into a bottle. You can use plastic or glass bottles, depending on your preference. Just make sure you hand deliver these invitations. To add something special, attach a bit of sand and shells to the bottle with a hot glue gun.

SUNGLASSES INVITATION - Another fun idea is to purchase a lot of cheap sunglasses. Print out or write out your party information on a piece of paper. Then, attach that paper to a pair of sunglasses with some string or ribbon. These invitations can be mailed out in padded envelopes and guests will love the special invitation and a pair of sunglasses.

TRAVEL BROCHURE INVITES - Download pictures of Jamaica and create the look of a brochure except add your party info on the back flap instead of travel info.

Of course, when making your own invitations, make sure you include all the essential information. This should include the location, date, and time of the birthday party. You should also include your email address or phone number, the host’s name and a RSVP date.


As guests arrive, make guests think they’ve just landed in Jamaica by passing out shell necklaces for everyone to enjoy.

Add to the fun of a Jamaican theme party by having guests dress up in costumes. Since Jamaica brings about thoughts of the beach, consider having guests dress up in clothing fit for the beach. Brightly colored shorts and light shirts are great for both the guys and gals.

Swimsuits can be encouraged as well if you plan on having swimming as an activity at your party. Everything about Jamaica is low key, so tell guests to come in low key, relaxed costumes for the party.


You can really have some fun decorating for a Jamaican party. Start with the colors of the Jamaican flag, which are green, yellow and black. You can use these colors throughout your party décor in a variety of ways.

  • These colors can be used for tableware, such as napkins, dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, eating utensils and more.

  • Balloons and streamers can be used for decorating in these colors throughout the party area as well.

  • It’s a nice idea to add the Jamaican flag to the entrance to the party area. This will help your guests feel like they are entering another country.

  • Of course, it’s nice to play up the island, tropical feel with your décor as well. The island feel is easy to add to your party area with the presence of tiki torches, beach balls, seashells, palm trees and other island décor.

  • Instantly transform your home into a tropical atmosphere by covering walls with scene setters and murals of beach scenes.

  • Check with travel agents to see if you might be able to snag a few posters of Jamaica to also hang on some of your walls or fence.

  • Another option to bring the tropics to life would be to hang some fish nets on the walls or perhaps the ceiling.

  • Arrangements of tropical fruits like pineapples and coconuts can add to the décor of your tables. Don't forget to sprinkle a few tiny seashells on the tabletop or perhaps some confetti.

  • Island flowers also look great in vases around the area.

  • For party seating, use umbrellas and beach chairs in vibrant colors around the area so your guests can relax during the party.

  • To add to the island feel, add raffia table skirting to tables.

  • It’s nice to add beach signs to the walls and if you’ll be having the party in the evening, add paper lanterns or holiday lights to offer a festive feel to the party.

  • You can also add an aquarium full of tropical fish which can be given out to guests as prizes during game time.


Make sure you have some great games and activities for everyone to enjoy at your Jamaican theme party. Also have some great music playing in the background for guests to enjoy. Reggae music is the most popular music from this area, although you can play other options like ska or calypso. Let guests enjoy dancing to the great music as one of the activities.

DOMINOES - This is a popular pastime for many Jamaicans. Depending on how many guests you have, set up one to several card tables with a box of Dominoes on each table.

CRICKET - If you have sufficient room and enough people, then you might consider a friendly game of cricket. It is similar to baseball and is the most popular sport of Jamaica.

LIMBO - It’s fun to have a limbo contest as well. Let them play this game to the great music, seeing who can go the lowest.

VOLLEYBALL - Beach volleyball is another great game idea that guests will enjoy. It will get guests moving and everyone can enjoy getting involved and mingling together. Even if you don’t have a sandy area, you can still set up a volleyball net in a flat area so everyone can enjoy playing.

JAM SESSION - Hire your local high school's talented teens who might be able to play a little live Reggae music.

HULA HOOP - Shake your booty and see who can get those colorful hoops going the longest. If you have really good hoopers, make them use two or three hoops at time to help eliminate the competition.


It’s nice to have great foods that complement your Jamaican party theme. Some of the typical Jamaican foods that you may want to serve up include jerk pork or chicken, grilled pineapple wrapped in bacon, rice with peas and fried plantains. For some sweet dishes, consider serving up platters of tropical fruits, bread pudding, the infamous Key Lime pie, or delightful coconut cookies.

You can serve up some great drinks that go with the theme as well, such as fruit punch, pineapple juice or other tasty juices. Lemonade filled with lemons and limes will make a delicious and refreshing drink that everyone will enjoy as well.


JAMAICAN FLAG CAKE - Since it’s a Jamaican theme party, why not go with a birthday cake that goes with this theme as well. An easy idea is to simply decorate a cake to look like the Jamaican flag, which will definitely add to the look of your food tables.

PINEAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN CAKE - Pineapple upside down cake is an untraditional cake idea, but it’s a tasty option that everyone will love.

TROPICAL SCENE SHEET CAKE - Consider a nice cake with a coconut buttercream frosting, decorated with various tropical fruits. A sheet cake that includes a nice tropical scene will be a great cake option too.


To thank guests for attending your Jamaican party, send them off with great party favors once the party is over. One fun idea is to send them home with a nice pair of sunglasses or a great new pair of flip flops to relax in. If you handed out shell necklaces when guests arrived, allow them to take those necklaces home as a party favor. Seashell-shaped cookies or chocolates make tasty, edible favors that guest will appreciate. Other great favor ideas include seashell-shaped candles, CDs of Reggae music, island themed picture frames, or bags of dried tropical fruit.

YOUR Favorite Jamaican Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite Jamaican party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your Jamaican party cakes and costumes.

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